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YWAM Websites

Here is a list of useful YWAM websites that we need to reference from time to time. Please add and edit websites here to make this list current and useful. (Please do not add sites at Base/Location level - just National and upwards.)

International Ministry Sites

PR or Primarily for the General Public

YWAM.org www.ywam.org Facebook
University of the Nations www.uofn.edu Facebook
YWAM Podcast
Lots of foundational and historic teaching
YWAM Organic
News and videos
www.ywamorganic.org Facebook
YWAM Publishing www.ywampublishing.com Facebook
Marine Reach International www.marinereach.com Facebook
YWAM's Mercy Ministries International www.ywam-mercy.org
City ministries
www.ywamcity.org Facebook
YWAM Campaigns
Impact World Tour
www.ywamcampaigns.com Facebook
YWAM King's Kids international
service team
www.kkint.org Facebook
Family Ministries International www.ywam-fmi.org
Business as Mission www.businessasmission.com Facebook
International Mission Adventures www.missionadventures.net
YWAM One Story
Oral Bible Translation Project
YWAM Church Planting Coaches www.cpcoaches.com
Paradigm Shift
YWAM Faith Training for Emerging Churches

Internal - Primarily for YWAM's Use (Although Public)

U of N Student Mobilization Centre (SMC) www.studentmobilizationcentre.com
International DTS Centre www.ywamdtscentre.com
Genesis Centre www.go-genesis.com Facebook
YWAM-base-announce mailing list page
(You can join here) - Please use the ywam-base-announce yahoo group
until we have our list server back up.
YWAM 4K Project
(Also useful is an Interactive 4k Map)
A resource website for missions and a ministry of Create International
Create International
A frontier mission media ministry of YWAM based in Perth, Western Australia
www.createinternational.com Facebook
Create International in India www.ywamjaipurcii.wordpress.com
Create International in Taiwan www.createtaiwan.com Facebook
Create International in Thailand www.createthailand.com
YWAM Frontier Missions www.ywamfm.com Facebook
Incarnational Graffiti
An inspirational blog for YWAMers (and others) working in cities and reaching Europe (and beyond)
www.incarnationalgraffiti.com Facebook
YWAM Cities
A resource site for YWAMers working in cities
www.ywamcity.org Facebook
YWAM Tribe
New breed of missions work and communities
www.ywamtribe.com [dead link]

The COM Teams

YWAM AfriCom
Com Team for Africa
www.ywamafricom.org [dead link]
YWAM EuroCom
Com Team for Europe
www.ywameurocom.org [dead link]
YWAM LatinCom
Com Team for Latin America
LatinCom (VIRUS WARNING: Infected Website)
YWAM SpiceCom
Com Team for Asia
www.lifelineplus.spicecom.org [dead link]


YWAM Connect
YWAM Family and Friends News, Discussion and Blog Site (free site)
www.ywamconnectkona.net Facebook
YWAM Associates
Encouragement for Former YWAMers
YWAM 360
Community for creative communicators and developers
www.y360.org Facebook
YWAM Memorial
Memorial Website to YWAMer's who have died in the mission

International Partnership Sites

The YWAM Knowledge Base
Share experience and find knowledge
www.ywamkb.net Facebook
New 1,000,000,000 Evangelism Thrust
www.call2all.org Facebook

National Portals

Below is an overview of the different National and International websites of YWAM. If your national website is missing or the details are not right please make the changes yourself - no need to wait.

YWAM in Africa

Regional and communication websites of YWAM in Africa:
YWAM Africa www.ywamafrica.org Facebook
YWAM AfriCom www.ywamafricom.org Facebook
Go Sahara
YWAM North Africa

National websites of YWAM in Africa:
YWAM Angola No National Website [1] Facebook
YWAM Cameroon www.geocities.ws/jem_cameroun
YWAM D.R. Congo www.ywam-drc.org Facebook
YWAM Ethiopia www.ywamethiopia.com Facebook
YWAM Gambia www.ywamgambia.org [dead link] Facebook
YWAM Ghana No National Website [1]
YWAM Ivory Coast www.jemci.org (French) Facebook
YWAM Kenya No National Website [1]
YWAM Liberia www.ywamlib.org Facebook
YWAM Madagascar www.jem-madagascar.org
YWAM Malawi No National Website [1]
YWAM Mali No National Website [1]
YWAM Mauritius www.ywammauritius.com Facebook
YWAM Mozambique www.ywamz.org [dead link]
YWAM Namibia www.ywamnamibia.com Facebook
YWAM Nigeria www.ywam-nigeria.org [dead link]
YWAM Rwanda www.ywamrwanda.com Facebook
YWAM Senegal No National Website [1]
YWAM Sierra Leone www.ywamsierraleone.org Facebook
YWAM South Africa www.ywamsa.org
YWAM South Sudan No National Website [1] Facebook
YWAM Swaziland www.ywamswaziland.com Facebook
YWAM Tanzania No National Website [1] Facebook
YWAM Uganda www.ywamuganda.org
YWAM Zambia www.ywamzambia.yolasite.com

For more info about these locations:
Algeria, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Gabon, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Lesotho, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Reunion Island, São Tomé and Príncipe, Seychelles, Somalia, Sudan, Togo, Tunisia, Western Sahara, Zimbabwe.
Also check out: www.ywamafrica.org for more information.

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 More than one YWAM location, see ywamafrica.org

YWAM in Asia

Regional and communication websites of YWAM in Asia:
YWAM Asia www.ywam.asia
YWAM SpiceCom www.lifelineplus.spicecom.org
Create International in India www.ywamjaipurcii.wordpress.com
Create International in Taiwan www.createtaiwan.com Facebook
Create International in Thailand www.createthailand.com

National websites of YWAM in Asia:
YWAM Cambodia www.ywamcambodia.com
YWAM China www.ywamchina.org [dead link]
YWAM Cyprus www.ywamcyprus.org Facebook
YWAM Hong Kong www.ywamhongkong.org
YWAM India www.ywamindia.org
YWAM Indonesia www.ywamindo.org
YWAM Japan www.ywamjapan.com
YWAM Jordan www.ywamjordan.org
YWAM Korea www.ywamkorea.org (Korean)
YWAM Lebanon www.ywamlebanon.net
YWAM Malaysia No National Website [1]
YWAM Mongolia No National Website [1]
YWAM Nepal No National Website [1]
YWAM Pakistan www.ywampakistan.com
YWAM Philippines www.ywam.org.ph
YWAM Russia www.ywamrussia.org Facebook
YWAM Singapore www.ywam.org.sg Facebook
YWAM South Korea www.ywamkorea.org (Korean)
YWAM Sri Lanka www.ywamsrilanka.org [dead link] Facebook
YWAM Taiwan www.ywamtaiwan.org [dead link]
YWAM Thailand www.ywamthai.org Facebook
YWAM Vietnam www.ywamvietnam.org Facebook

For more info about these locations:
Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Burma, East Timor, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Macau, Maldives, Myanmar, North Korea, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Yemen.
Also check out www.ywam.org for more information.

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 More than one YWAM location, see YWAM.org

YWAM in Europe

Regional and communication websites of YWAM in Europe:
YWAM Europe www.ywam.eu Facebook
YWAM Northern Europe www.ywamne.eu
YWAM Central Europe www.ywamce.com Facebook
YWAM EuroCom www.ywameurocom.org [dead link] Facebook
YWAM Europe YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/ywameu

National websites of YWAM in Europe:
YWAM Albania www.ywamalbania.com Facebook
YWAM Armenia www.ywamarmenia.org Facebook
YWAM Austria www.ywam.at Facebook
YWAM Belarus www.ywam.by (Russian)
YWAM Belgium www.ywam.be
YWAM Bosnia and Herzegovina No National Website [1] Facebook
YWAM Bulgaria www.ywambulgaria.org [dead link] Facebook
YWAM Croatia www.ywamcyprus.org Facebook
YWAM Cyprus www.ywamcroatia.com Facebook
YWAM Czech Republic No National Website [1]
YWAM Denmark www.ywam.dk
YWAM England www.ywamengland.co.uk Facebook
YWAM Estonia www.ywamestonia.com Facebook
YWAM Faroe Islands www.ywamfo.com (Faroer) Facebook
YWAM Finland www.ywam.fi
YWAM France www.jem-france.com
YWAM Germany www.ywam.de
YWAM Iceland www.ywamiceland.org Facebook
YWAM Italy www.ywamitaly.org
YWAM Ireland (Northern Ireland and the Republic Of Ireland) www.ywamireland.org Facebook
YWAM Latvia www.ywamlatvia.com Facebook
YWAM Netherlands www.ywam.nl
YWAM Norway www.ywam.no Facebook
YWAM Poland www.ywam.pl [dead link]
YWAM Portugal www.jocumportugal.com [dead link] Facebook
YWAM Romania www.ywam.ro (Romanian) Facebook
YWAM Russia www.ywamrussia.org Facebook
YWAM Scotland www.ywamscotland.org Facebook
YWAM Serbia www.ywamserbia.com Facebook
YWAM Slovakia www.ywam.sk Facebook
YWAM Spain www.jcum.com (Spanish) Facebook
YWAM Sweden www.ywam.se
YWAM Switzerland www.ywam.ch
YWAM Ukraine No National Website [1] Facebook
YWAM Wales www.ywamwales.org Facebook

For more info about these locations:
Andorra, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, San Marino, Slovenia, Turkey, Vatican City
Also check out www.ywam.eu
for more information.

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 More than one YWAM location, see YWAM Europe

YWAM in the Pacific

Regional website of YWAM for the Pacific:
YWAM Pacific www.ywampacific.com [dead link]

National websites for YWAM in the Pacific:
YWAM Australia www.ywam.org.au
YWAM Cook Islands www.ywamcooks.org Facebook
YWAM Fiji www.ywamfiji.com Facebook
YWAM Guam www.ywaminguam.wordpress.com
YWAM New Caledonia www.jemcaledonie.unblog.fr (French)
YWAM New Zealand www.ywam.org.nz
YWAM Palau www.ywampalau.wordpress.com
YWAM Papua New Guinea No National Website [1] Facebook
YWAM Saipan www.ywamsaipan.org [dead link] Facebook
YWAM Samoa www.ywamsamoa.org
YWAM Solomon Islands www.ywamguam.wordpress.com
YWAM Tonga www.ywamtonga.blogspot.com
YWAM Vanuatu www.ywamvanuatu.com

For more info about these locations:
East Timor, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Tuvalu
Also check out www.ywam.org for more information.

  1. More than one YWAM location, see YWAM.org

The Americas

Communication website of YWAM in Latin America:
YWAM LatinCom LatinCom

YWAM in North America

North America.png
National websites of YWAM in North America:
YWAM Canada www.ywamcanada.org Facebook
YWAM Greenland www.ywamgreenland.com
YWAM USA No National Website [1]
  1. Many different YWAM locations, see YWAM.org

YWAM in the Caribbean

National websites of YWAM in the Caribbean:
YWAM Caribbean www.ywamcaribbean.org Facebook
YWAM Barbados www.ywambarbados.org Facebook
YWAM Dominican Republic www.ywamdr.org
YWAM Guadeloupe www.jem-guadeloupe.com [dead link] Facebook
YWAM Grenada www.ywamgrenada.org Facebook
YWAM Haiti www.ywamhaiti.org Facebook
YWAM Jamaica www.ywamjamaica.org
YWAM Puerto Rico www.jucumpr.org [dead link] Facebook
YWAM Saint Lucia www.ywamsl.org Facebook
YWAM Saint Vincent and the Grenadines www.ywamsvg.org Facebook
YWAM St Croix www.ywamstcroix.org Facebook
YWAM Trinidad and Tobago www.ywamtt.com Facebook

For more info about these locations:
Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Cuba, Curaçao, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Also check out www.ywamcaribbean.org for more information

YWAM in Central America

National websites of YWAM in the Central America:
YWAM Belize www.ywambelize.com [dead link]
YWAM Costa Rica No National Website [1]
YWAM El Salvador www.jucumes.org Facebook
YWAM Guatemala www.ywamguatemala.com (Spanish)
YWAM Honduras www.jucumhonduras.com (Spanish)
YWAM Mexico No National Website [1] Facebook
YWAM Nicaragua www.ywamnicaragua.org
YWAM Panama www.ywampanama.org
  1. 1.0 1.1 More than one YWAM location, see YWAM.org

YWAM in South America

South America.png
National websites of YWAM in South America:
YWAM Argentina www.jucum.com.ar (Spanish)
YWAM Bolivia www.ywambolivia.com (Spanish)
YWAM Brazil www.jocum.org.br (Portuguese) Facebook
YWAM Chile www.jucumchile.cl (Spanish)
YWAM Colombia www.ywamcolombia.com [dead link]
YWAM French Guiana www.jeunesse-en-mission-guyane.com (French) Facebook
YWAM Guyana www.ywamguyana.com Facebook
YWAM Paraguay www.ywampy.wordpress.com
YWAM Peru www.ywamperu.com
YWAM Suriname www.surinews.wix.com/ywam-suriname
YWAM Uruguay www.jucumuruguay.org (Spanish/Portuguese)
YWAM Venezuela www.jucumero.com (Spanish)

For more info about these locations:
Also check out www.ywam.org for more information

YWAM Bases and Centres

YWAM.org (www.ywam.org) maintains a list of Operating Location(base) profiles and web sites. You can go here to update your profile: update.ywam.org.

Who's Who in YWAM?

YWAM is very large and changing constantly. You might find this page useful in understanding who is directing these various offices and position in the Mission.

Other Interesting Papers and Sites

Create International's Podcast www.createit.podomatic.com [dead link]
GNN - God Network News
A podcast about what God is doing around the world
Useful non-YWAM External Links