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Welcome to the community pages of the YWAM Knowledge Base. On this page you can find out how to connect with us and know what we work on together as a team. So let's interact and share more of what we learned. Your knowledge is valuable and worth to be shared.


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December 2017

Break down

Due to the break down of the skin we used for the YWAM KB there is a fall out of quite some functions. First of all the look of the mainpage is different. The topbar isn't functioning. The headings have a line. The open/close function for certain tables aren't functioning. Even the statistics aren't complete. No popular page function. In general most things are working, so that is a relief. We hope to find a good solution this situation at some point. We can maybe restore the old skin and its functions or we have to adapt to another skin and do without some of the favorite options we had.

The YWAM KB team

April 2016
Articles Statistics.jpg

Prediction YWAM Knowledge Base 2016.

Things changed quite a bit since last year. A huge amount of articles were added to the KB. Such a growth will not happen again, unless someone will be really be inspired to do so. Those projects are finished and will need to be updated once in a while. So for 2016, no big changes. Except for one thing. Views are really steady, average about 80.000 a month. Myself would already have been happy with 40.000. My own plan is to focus on promoting the YWAM KB. To do some updates and help people out by creating new pages or adding more information. Responses have been really good, which is very encouraging after a period that everything sucked. For my team, we are loved and appreciated for what we build here. Your guys are awesome! And the gals too (we have a few)!

Statistics and predictions 2016

- Arnoud

April 2015
Views Statistics.jpg

Prediction YWAM Knowledge Base 2015.

Last predictions went really well and most of them beyond what was expected. The start of this year was much better than the first 3 months of 2014. In that way the amount of growth is expected to be bigger too. At least twice we hit the 100000 views mark in the last two months, that would mean we can have 1 million views or more at the end of 2015. It is crazy, but it is very well possible. For more graphics on the statistics check out our histograms

February 2015

Country and School pages are created

About 300 pages made in a single month is a lot. But what satisfaction comes when a job gets done and is moving even further. Although a lot more details can be added to every single page, the basics are there. And to not have a nice looking page with no content, each page has some useful information, like a link, specific information and/or video. This makes it possible to stand out from what can already be found online. In this way the YWAM KB has a certain uniqueness and even ahead in presenting some of the information. Of course, much of these new pages are still in development and will need to be expanded to become even more useful.

Click here for the YWAM Countries, about 225 pages.
Click here for List of Schools, about 150 pages.
July 2014

School pages are ready

It took a lot of work but finally we can easily add more schools. We just had a couple, now we can add about a 100 more. Challenge is to get schoolleaders involved. We are trying to figure that out.

Also we have a new navigation template for the UofN. So it will be easier to browse to other schools and know in which faculty they belong. Click here for Template UofN

April 2014
Articles Total Statistics.jpg

Prediction YWAM Knowledge Base 2014.

Where will the YWAM Knowledge Base be at the end of this year? With the new update on the statistics we can have a bit of an idea about that. The averages say that we have so far grown each year with 100 pages, 60 new users, about 300.000 views, and more than 2000 edits. Will we hit those numbers and even go beyond that?

This year we had a slow start so far. But it is not really necessary to focus on the numbers too much. The website needs improvement. So far that has paid of in better numbers and great response. For more graphics on the statistics check out our histograms

March 2014

Clean up in the YWAM KB Library.

The books were getting dusty and some editing was needed. With satisfaction it can be said that they look nicer now. Of course the library is never dust free and more books will be added to the shelves. So keep reading, keep writing and add them on our shelves. For more see our library...


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Next Sprint: un-scheduled
Last Sprint was: KnowledgeBase Sprint 2012

KB meeting via skype with AfriCom: YWAMKnowledgeBase:Meeting-12-10-2012

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A workspace for collaboration flowing out of WELC 2012 in London, February

General Messages

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General Community Life
New Teams conversations (21 may - 3 June?)
New Teams Fundraising (end june? 11-15? June? September (later) )
Meetings - this is where we try to have monthly meetings to improve the KB. All are welcome. There is no hierarchy - this is your KB, please join in helping improve it!
Check out our Monthly Newsletter.
Mailing list info for: ywamkb@groups.ywamnetworks.com
Creating a functional online community around this KnowledgeBase
YWAMKnowledgeBase:Sprint 2010 Report and category page: Category:Sprint 2010
Tell your story! Why do you use or contribute to YWAM KB? Join the Community Faces.
Ian Matchett
Thanks for all the amazing resources you guys have continued to facilitate for us, the kb is very very useful!
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The project, strategy and current status
YWAMKnowledgeBase:Philosophy philosophy page
YWAMKnowledgeBase:Building the KnowledgeBase Community (1 joining tribe 2 moving closer to the fire)
YWAMKnowledgeBase:How to help What can people do to help (moving closer to the fire!)
YWAMKnowledgeBase:Policy Policy making for such issues as copyright, editorial policy, style guide and policy, dispute resolution
YWAMKnowledgeBase:Copyright (not new but massively updated)
All about the project
What its current status is: Statistics
Gap analysis: Suggestions for what items to have in the base and who we could seek to add to it.
User survey
The knowledgebase is similar to Wikipedia, see Jimmy Wales comments about purpose and funding of Wikipedia
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Promo business cards
The history of the KB and how it fits with our values essay
Chris's Promotional Article
Press releases
Who should we welcome to contribute?
Presentation and some Presentation ideas
Letter of Welcome
Link to a list of registered contributors
Hall of fame - a ranking of the top contributors on the YWAM KB if I can work out how to get a listing!
Endorsements and Thanks - Expressions of appreciation and thanks from users and site visitors.
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Strategy and Other Things
YWAM KB Sprint conference (May 11 - 15 2009) Accomplished! Sprint pages are HERE
Vision for Multiple Languages on the KB
New Teams Network
Log of bugs and other problems
Organising the Wiki (outdated)
Conversion tools to help add material to the KB
Report for International Communications Review Autumn 2010
ISBN List to online bookshops from the KB: YWAMKnowledgeBase:Book sources

Sister project: Planet YWAM

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1,443 articles and 713 registered users and counting.
To get a graphic overview look at the Histograms