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About the YWAM Knowledge Base

Why have a YWAM KnowledgeBase?

This site is primarily designed for members and associates of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) to find help and advice globally. We want to solve the following problem.

If you are a YWAMer then where do you go to get knowledge and helpful advice? When a weird and wonderful problem presents itself to you how do you solve it? Ask around? Perhaps nobody knows how to help you? Anyway you muddle your way through and a couple of months later you chat about it with a senior YWAM leader or a colleague working in an obscure corner of the work who say "Well, when that happened to me, I did it like this..."

At times like this it becomes clear that collectively we have a lot of knowledge, but it is not all centrally tied together in one easily accessible place. This website is a chance for us to attempt to pool our knowledge, review our areas of ignorance and stem the leak of expertise from our rapidly changing organisation.

It is not just us who need critical help at times. In a recent news story, a man found help on how to deliver a baby, as the midwife had not arrived, by Googling with his Blackberry! [1] He used a similar site to this one (WikiHOW) and was able to safely deliver his baby daughter from the advice he found there!

So, if you have created papers, written documents or simply have a burning thought to jot down, register then log in and down-load your brain! We will try to organise it all as best we can. If you see spelling or grammar errors or country-specific solutions please edit and change it. If you plain disagree with what is written then let's start some robust and helpful discussion about it, and see if we can shed some new light!

So, roll up your sleeves and dive in!

The YWAM Knowledge Base Team,

Steve and Arnoud

Steve (and hotdog)
Arnoud (on the grass)

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