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‎As one of our three core activities, Training has become one of the largest. Yet how much do we know and how do we stop the leak of knowledge as people with skills and insight move on to other locations or even leave YWAM?

In this section we hope to capture everything we all have ever known and understood about training. We hope it will become a resource accessible to everyone of us. Imagine having access to everything anyone has ever known.

Training (UofN)

Training School Leaders

If we can't train school leaders then we can't run training programs!

Training DTS School leaders and staff

First Level

Discipleship Training School (DTS)
Operation Year

Second Level

UofN, Second Level Training
List of 2nd level schools

U of N Administration

Registering Courses Online
UofN Reference Guide
Principles Made Practical

Staff Training

Staff Training and Development

General Training and Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources for learning to teach, or lecture, or public speaking or classroom learning.

Church-Based Training

Church Based DTS