Overview of Fundraising in YWAM

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"Living by faith is an adventure.. it’s stretching, it’s stressful.. but I have never once been in any serious debt or gone without what I need. YWAM has really taught me what it means to trust that God will not only provide you with your daily needs, but also the things your heart desires."[1]

Overview of Fundraising in YWAM

We in YWAM have chosen to rely on Relational Faith and an interdependence on others in finance. We detail this in our values. We also value it as important that, though finances can come from many different sources, we trust God alone for provision and listen attentively for his direction.

See new BOOKLET Personal Support Raising for YWAMers

Living by faith, as it is more commonly known, is the way in which God has called the YWAMer to live. This means having a base of support on which to live. As YWAM values working in teams, fundraising also extends to those beyond the individual and into the corporate. The skills developed in personal fundraising can be used also, in part, for ministry fundraising. The style of fundraising God has guided us to through our values is more broadly known as relational fundraising.

This section of the YWAM KnowledgeBase is dedicated to helping you work on and improve these two areas of personal and ministry support.

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  2. Ministry Fundraising
  3. Fundraising and Friendraising Seminar (check for the latest dates!)
Sources, notes and/or references
  1. Faith for my finances from 10 things I learnt in YWAM by Susanna Smith.