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Discipleship Training School

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is the entry point for all wishing to serve in the mission and is hence a vitally important course to run well. This page is intended to be a good point to start exploring the many articles covering the DTS programme.

The DTS is typically six months long and split into two phases:

  1. Lecture Phase.
  2. Practical Phase.

Students live and learn in a community setting and during the second part of the school have an intensive cross-cultural experience, hands on the mission field.

The Discipleship Training School

The Purpose, Vision and History.

  1. Purpose of a DTS (formalised as The Stated Purpose of a DTS).
  2. History -- It's all about the Map!!!
  3. Knowing God.
  4. Purpose of the Outreach.
  5. Being Live/learn community is a key concept in our Discipleship.
  6. DTS Curriculum.

Interesting Variants on a standard six month school.

The Planning Stage

  1. Category:DTS Planning - Useful documents when planning schools.
  2. Registering Courses Online with the University of the Nations.
  3. Category:DTS Leadership - What every DTS leader needs to know.
  4. Category:DTS Leader Training - Articles that help equip all staff working on DTS'.
  5. The Basic Leadership School is a proven training programme for training DTS leaders "on the job".

The Lecture Phase

  1. Category:DTS Administration - Articles that outline what needs to be done and how to do it well.
  2. Category:DTS Teaching Resources - Valuable resources and articles useful for DTS leaders to use.
  3. Category:DTS Lecture Notes - Articles produced from notes of DTS Lectures.
  4. Category:DTS Discipleship Subject - General documents to do with subjects to teach.

The Practical Phase

The Practical Phase is often referred to as the Outreach Phase.

  1. Outreach - Best Practice.
  2. Where am I going on outreach? - Selecting an Outreach Location.
  3. Category:DTS Outreach - Lots of help to prepare and lead excellent DTS Practical Phases.

After DTS

Who Could Help You Further?

  • International DTS centre.
  • Any National training director, if one is appointed!
  • U of N DTS Workshops and other International DTS training event.
  • People here on the KnowledgeBase - just ask a question!
  • The Training category and Teaching resources category hold helpful articles general to teaching.

Need more help planning your school?

The First DTS in Europe

Barry Austin led the First DTS in Europe. Can see the principles involved.

The First DTS in India

Steve Cochrane led the First DTS in India.