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YWAM in the United States of America

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Looking for information about a specific location of YWAM in the United States of America? This is the information we found on the internet. Last updated: September 2017. Check for more on ywam.org.

General information about YWAM in the USA

Location Country Website Contact Facebook
YWAM USA United States of America Not found Not found

Locations of YWAM in the USA

By State (including DC)

Base/Centre/Ministry City/Area State Website E-mail Phone Facebook
No centre yet
YWAM Arctic Mercy Homer Alaska www.ywamalaska.com ywamakam@yahoo.com (001)-(0)-907-235-9339 YWAM Artic Mercy
YWAM Fairbanks Fairbanks Alaska www.ywamfairbanks.org ywam@alaska.net [dead link] (001)-(0)-907-488-2088 YWAM Fairbanks
YWAM Ketchikan Ketchikan Alaska www.ywamketchikan.org ywamketchikan@kpunet.net (001)-(0)-907-247-7890 YWAM Ketchikan
YWAM Flagstaff Flagstaff Arizona www.tribalwinds.org ywamtribalwinds@gmail.com (001)-(0)-928-527-0104 YWAM Tribal Winds
YWAM Phoenix Phoenix Arizona www.ywamphoenix.com info@ywamphoenix.com 001)-(0)-602-490-8314 YWAM Phoenix
YWAM Ozarks Ozarks Arkansas www.ywamozarks.org info@ywamozarks.org (001)-(0)-479-667-1152 YWAM Ozarks
YWAM Bishop Bishop California www.seaandsummit.com ywam@seaandsummit.com (001)-(0)–760-872-6548
YWAM Chico Chico California www.ywamchico.com info@ywamchico.com (001)-(0)-530-893-6750 YWAM Chico
YWAM Cupertino San Jose California ryantgray@gmail.com (001)-(0)-925-548-6034
YWAM Emberink San Jose California www.emberink.com emberink@gmail.com (001)-(0)-408-753-6237 YWAM Ember Ink
YWAM Los Angelos Los Angelos California www.ywamla.org info@ywamla.org (001)-(0)-818-896-2755 YWAM Los Angelos
YWAM Mendocino Coast Albion California www.ywammendocino.org ywam@lordsland.org (001)-(0)-707-937-5700 YWAM Mendocino Coast
YWAM Modesto Modesto California www.ywam-modesto.blogspot.nl ywammodesto@gmail.com (001)-(0)-209-404-4027 YWAM Modesto (Group)
YWAM Pismo Beach Pismo Beach California www.ywampismobeach.org ywampismobeach@yahoo.com (001)-(0)-805-773-9926 YWAM Pismo Beach
YWAM Redding Redding California www.ywamredding.com ywamreddingcomm@gmail.com (001)-(0)-530-736-YWAM YWAM Redding
YWAM San Diego/Baja[1] Chula Vista California www.ywamsdb.org info@ywamsdb.org (001)-(0)-619-420-1900 YWAM San Diego Baja
YWAM San Francisco San Francisco California www.ywamsanfrancisco.org info@ywamsanfrancisco.org (001)-(0)-415-885-6543 YWAM San Francisco
End Loneliness
San Francisco California www.end-loneliness.org (Log in) endlonelieness@gmail.com (001)-(0)-424-249-6634
Because Justice Matters
San Francisco California www.becausejusticematters.org info@becausejusticematters.org Because Justice Matters
YWAM San Ramon San Ramon California juanjuae@hotmail.com (001)-(0)-925-833-7674
YWAM Yosemite Oakhurst California www.ywamyosemite.org ywamyosemite@gmail.com (001)-(0)-503-983-3498 YWAM Yosemite
Gleanings for the Hungry
Sultana California www.gleanings.org info@gleanings.org (001)-(0)-559-591-5009 Gleanings for the Hungry
YWAM Colorado Colorado www.ywamcolorado.com YWAM Colorado
YWAM Cimarron Cimarron Colorado www.ywamcimarron.org info@ywamcimarron.org (001)-(0)-970-249-7004 YWAM Cimarron
YWAM Colorado Springs Colorado Springs Colorado www.ywamsf.org info@ywamsf.org (001)-(0)-800-367-9926 YWAM Colorado Springs
YWAM Emerge Colorado Springs Colorado www.ywamemerge.org info@ywamemerge.org (001)-(0)-719-695-0330
YWAM Denver Denver Colorado www.ywamdenver.org info@ywamdenver.org (001)-(0)-303-424-1144 YWAM Denver
Colorado Springs Colorado www.y360.org info@y360.org Y360
YWAM Axiom New Haven Connecticut www.christouraxiom.com jprattmail@gmail.com (001)-(0)-203-777-8833
No centre yet
YWAM Washington DC Washington DC District of Columbia www.ywamdc.com ywamdc@gmail.com (001)-(0)-202-709-2697 YWAM Washington DC
YWAM Jacksonville Jacksonville Florida www.ywamjax.org ywamjax@yahoo.com (001)-(0)-866-376-1435 YWAM Jacksonville
YWAM Miami Miami Florida www.ywammiami.com [dead link] wavesministries@bellsouth.net (001)-(0)-305-252-8483
YWAM Orlando Montverde Florida www.ywamorlando.org info@ywamorlando.com (001)-(0)-407-273-1667 YWAM Orlando
YWAM Tampa Bay Webster Florida www.ywamtampa.com ywamtampabay@gmail.com (001)-(0)-352-583-5516 YWAM Tampa
Frontiers Missions North America
Orlando Florida www.ywamfrontiers.com ywamfm@gmail.com
YWAM Atlanta Grayson Georgia www.ywamatlanta.org info@ywamatlanta.org (001)-(0)-678-344-7983 YWAM Atlanta
YWAM Honolulu Honolulu Hawaii www.ywamhonolulu.com On Website (001)-(0)-808-988-7015 YWAM Honolulu
YWAM Kaua'i Kilauea Hawaii www.ywamkauai.com ywamkauai@gmail.com (001)-(0)-831-331-7376 YWAM Kaua'i
YWAM Kona Kailua-Kona Hawaii www.uofnkona.edu info@uofnkona.edu (001)-(0)-808-326-4400 YWAM Kona
YWAM Maui Paia Hawaii www.ywammaui.com info@ywammaui.com (001)-(0)-808-575-9460 YWAM Maui
YWAM Idaho Cascade Idaho www.ywamidaho.org info@ywamidaho.org (001)-(0)-208-382-0050 YWAM Idaho
YWAM First Nations Kamiah Idaho www.ywamfirstnations.org ywam@ywamfirstnations.org (001)-(0)-208-935-6405
YWAM Chicago Chicago Illinois www.ywamchicago.org info@ywamchicago.org (001)-(0)-773-765-4589 YWAM Chicago
No centre yet
No centre yet
Past location YWAM Waterloo
YWAM Kansas City Kansas City Kansas www.ywamkansascity.com training@ywamkansascity.com (001)-(0)-816-527-8915 YWAM Kansas City
New Jerusalem Missions
Connection to YWAM
Newton Kansas www.newjerusalemmissions.com newjerusalemmissions@gmail.com (001)-(0)-316.282.2101
YWAM Louisville Louisville Kentucky www.ywamlouisville.org info@ywamlouisville.org (001)-(0)-502-423-0339 YWAM Louisville
YWAM Riverboats Riverboat Kentucky www.ywamriverboats.com [dead link] Mike@YWAMRiverboats.com
YWAM New Orleans New Orleans Louisiana www.ywamneworleans.org bronwen@ywamneworleans.org (001)-(0)-504-367-6000 YWAM New Orleans
360 Maine
Biddeford Maine www.360maine.org info@360maine.org (001)-(0)-207-284-4840 360 Maine
YWAM Brandywine Brandywine Maryland www.ywammd.org [dead link] ywammd@gmail.com (001)-(0)-202-594-2488
YWAM Boston Somerville Massachusetts www.ywamboston.org connect@ywamboston.org (001)-(0)-412–780-1920 YWAM Boston
No centre yet
YWAM Minneapolis Rockford Minnesota www.ywam-mn.org info@ywam-mn.org (001)-(0)-763-477-6777 YWAM Minneapolis
Kings Kids North America
Cambridge Minnesota www.kingskids.net jeffandkathyboyum@gmail.com (001)-(0)-763-689-5267
No centre yet
YWAM Campaigns
Grandview Missouri www.ywamcampaigns.com info@impactworldtour.com (001)-(0)-816-795-1500
YWAM Flathead Montana Ronan Montana www.ywamflatheadreservationmt.com/ info@ywamflatheadmontana.org (001)-(0)-406-675-0642 YWAM Flathead Montana
YWAM Lakeside Montana Lakeside Montana www.ywammontana.org Connect on website (001)-(0)-406-844-2221 YWAM Lakeside Montana
Mission Builders
Lakeside Montana www.missionbuilders.org mbi@missionbuilders.net (001)-(0)-406-844-2683
No centre yet
YWAM Las Vegas Las Vegas Nevada www.ywamlasvegas.org info@ywamlasvegas.org (001)-(0)-702-658-5450 YWAM Las Vegas
No centre yet
New Hampshire
YWAM DTC New York New Jersey www.ywamdtc.org [dead link] contact@ywamdtc.org YWAM DTC
YWAM Acts New Jersey New York New Jersey www.ywamactsnj.org Connect on website YWAM Acts NJ
Musicians for Missions
Santa Fe New Mexico www.musiciansformissions.com Connect on website (001)-(0)-505-471-5872 Musicians for Missions
YWAM Manhattan Manhattan New York www.ywam-manhattan.org [dead link] info@ywam-manhattan.org
YWAM Metro New York New York New York www.ywamny.org info@ywamny.org (001)-(0)-631-366-1000
YWAM New York City New York New York www.ywamnyc.org info@ywamnyc.org (001)-(0)-646-389-9261 YWAM Metro New York
YWAM Asheville Asheville North Carolina www.ywamasheville.org admin@ywamasheville.org (001)-(0)-828-418-3171 YWAM Asheville
YWAM Charlotte Charlotte North Carolina www.ywamcharlotte.com ywamnc@gmail.com (001)-(0)-704-291-2597 YWAM Charlotte
No centre yet
North Dakota
YWAM Akron Akron Ohio www.ywamakron.com info@ywamakron.com (001)-(0)-330-328-5971 YWAM Akron
YWAM Southern Plains Apache Oklahoma www.ywamsp.org [dead link] ywamsp@aol.com (001)-(0)-580-588-9446
YWAM Tulsa Tulsa Oklahoma www.ywam.donordepot.com [dead link] info@ywamtulsa.org [dead link] (001)-(0)-918-60-7096 YWAM Tulsa
YWAM Salem Salem Oregon www.ywamsalem.org registrar@ywamsalem.org (001)-(0)-503-364-3837 YWAM Salem
Loom International
Portland Oregon www.loominternational.org info@loominternational.org (001)-(0)-503-922-2556 Loom International
YWAM Coatesville Coatesville Pennsylvania www.ywamcoatesville.org info@ywamcoatesville.org (001)-(0)-610-384-1001 YWAM Coatesville
YWAM Harrisburg Harrisburg Pennsylvania www.ywamharrisburg.org Contact on website (001)-(0)-? YWAM Harrisburg
Lebanon Lebanon Pennsylvania www.ywampa.org ywampa@comcast.net (001)-(0)-717-274-9010 YWAM Lebanon (Group)
YWAM Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pennsylvania www.ywampittsburgh.org info@ywampittsburgh.org (001)-(0)-412-996-3823 YWAM Pittsburgh
No centre yet
Rhode Island
YWAM Myrtle Beach Myrtle Beach South Carolina www.ywammyrtlebeach.com info@ywammyrtlebeach.com 001)-(0)-719-640-4080 YWAM Myrtle Beach
No centre yet
South Dakota
YWAM Nashville Nashville Tennessee www.ywamnashville.org info@ywamnashville.org (001)-(0)-615-696-3096 YWAM Nashville
YWAM Austin Cedar Park Texas www.ywamaustin.com info@ywamaustin.com (001)-(0)-512-271-1904 YWAM Austin
YWAM Dallas Dallas Texas www.ywamdallas.com ywamdallas@sbcglobal.net (001)-(0)-214-549-8741 YWAM Dallas
YWAM El Paso[2] El Paso Texas www.ywamepj.org ywam@ywamepj.org (001)-(0)-915-757-3387 YWAM El Paso
YWAM Houston Houston Texas www.ywamhouston.wordpress.com office@ywamhouston.org (001)-(0)-281-353-8072 YWAM Houston
YWAM Tyler Garden Valley Texas www.ywamtyler.org info@ywamtyler.org (001)-(0)-903-882-5591 YWAM Tyler
YWAM Woodcrest Lindale Texas www.ywamwoodcrest.com Contact on website (001)-(0)-903-882-9663 YWAM Woodcrest
YWAM Wylie Wylie Texas www.ywamwylie.org info@ywamwylie.org (001)-(0)-972-429-9278 YWAM Wylie
King's Kids El Paso
El Paso Texas www.kkep.org kkep@iname.com (001)-(0)-915-581-8744
No centre yet
No centre yet
YWAM Richmond Richmond Virginia www.ywamva.org info@ywamva.org (001)-(0)-804-236-8898 YWAM Richmond
YWAM Aiim Monroe Washington www.ywam-aiim.org ywamaiim@gmail.com (001)-(0)-360-794-6043 YWAM Aiim
YWAM Battle Ground Battle Ground Washington www.ywambg.com info@ywambg.com (001)-(0)-360-859-4661 YWAM Battle Ground
YWAM Discovery Bay Port Townsend Washington www.ywamdb.com info@ywamdb.com (001)-(0)-360-385-3498 YWAM Discovery Bay
YWAM North Cascades aka. YWAM Lynden Lynden Washington www.ywamnorthcascades.com
connect@ywamlynden.com (001)-(0)-360-220-5954 YWAM North Cascades
Eagle's Nest Foundation
Mukilteo Washington ywamcorp@hotmail.com (001)-(0)-425-493-1340
New Beginnings Home
Puyallup Washington www.newbeginningshome.org info@newbeginningshome.org (001)-(0)-253-353-BABY
YWAM Keyser Keyser West Virginia www.ywamwestvirginia.com info@ywamwestvirginia.com (001)-(0)-304-788-8011 YWAM West Virginia
YWAM Madison Madison Wisconsin www.ywammadison.org ywam@ywammadison.org (001)-(0)-608-255-0500 YWAM Madison
YWAM Northwoods Weyerhaeuser Wisconsin www.ywamnorthwoods.org info@ywamnorthwoods.org (001)-(0)-715-353-2280 YWAM Northwoods
Discovery 1st Nations Center
Hayward Wisconsin discoveryfnc@centurytel.net (001)-(0)-715-634-1799
Cowboys with a Mission Meeteetse Wyoming www.cowboyswithamission.com sheri@cowboyswithamission.com (001)-(0)-307-868-2238 Cowboys with a Mission


Base/Centre/Ministry Region Country Website E-mail Phone Facebook
YWAM Upper Valley New England United States of America www.ywamuv.org micah@sewellstory.com (001)-(0)-603-960-4126 YWAM Upper Valley


The map below gives a bit of an idea of how YWAM is spread in the United States. Some States are not having a permanent ministry or YWAM centre yet.

YWAM Bases.png

Sources, notes and/or references
  1. This YWAM base is also responsible for overseeing two other YWAM locations, both in Mexico: YWAM San Antonio del Mar and YWAM Ensenada
  2. Operating together with YWAM Juárez, Mexico.