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YWAM South America

YWAM South America is a collection of training campuses and ministries working in or for South America. Each one is independent in its operation, but each one adheres to the foundational values of the mission movement.

There are some specific learning that has been done by YWAM staff and others who have worked on this continent for many years. This knowledge is something that needs to be passed on to the next generation of missionaries who can learn from the previous pioneers. Please help us by adding your own experiences to this topic.

South America Files

Here you can find pages about YWAM in South America on the KB. Part of them are not written yet or are subjects on our wishlist.


Websites for South America

Country locations
Links to national websites in South America South America National Websites

Regional and communication websites of YWAM in South America:

YWAM LatinCom LatinCom website


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