YWAM in New Zealand: Locations and contacts

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YWAM in New Zealand

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Looking for information about a specific location of YWAM in New Zealand? This is the information we found on the internet. Last updated: October 2018. Check for more on ywam.org.

General information about YWAM in New Zealand

Location Country Website Contact
YWAM New Zealand New Zealand YWAM New Zealand

Locations of YWAM in New Zealand

Base/Centre/Ministry City/Area Website E-mail Phone Facebook
YWAM Bethlehem[1] Tauranga www.ywambethlehem.co.nz info@ywambethlehem.co.nz (0064)-(0)-21-289-9565 YWAM Furnace
YWAM Bridge International Hamilton www.ywambridge.org (Korean) newzealand@ywambridge.org (0064)-(0)-22-064-5715 YWAM Bridge International
YWAM Furnace Tauranga www.ywamfurnace.nz Contact (0064)-(0)-21-289-9565 YWAM Furnace
YWAM Oxford Oxford www.ywamoxford.org Contact (0064)-(0)-3-312-4951 YWAM Oxford
YWAM Queenstown Queenstown www.ywamqueenstown.com info@ywamqueenstown.com (0064)-(0)-21-025-42259 YWAM Queenstown
YWAM Te Ao Marama Auckland www.pasifikaformissions.wix.com pmdts.registrar@gmail.com (0064)-(0)-9-275-6321 YWAM Te Ao Marama
Family Ministries NZ
Matamata www.fm.org.nz info@fm.org.nz (0064)-(0)-7-888-5678
YWAM Zion Paparoa www.ywamzion.org.nz office@ywamzion.org.nz (0064)-(0)-9-431-7311 YWAM Zion
IN-CO Ministries
Tauranga www.ywam.org.nz - Inter Corean Ministries nzeunju@hanmail.net (Not working) (0064)-(0)-7-578-0697
Island Breeze
Tauranga www.islandbreeze.org.nz info@islandbreeze.org.nz (0064)-(0)-7-544-8531
Justice Reach
Tauranga www.justicereachnz.org info@justicereachnz.org (0064)-(0)-7-543-2595
Marine Reach Ministries
Tauranga www.marinereach.com info@marinereach.com (0064)-(0)-7-543-3787 Marine Reach New Zealand
Marine Reach Training
Tauranga www.mrmdts.org dts@marinereach.com (0064)-(0)-7-579-9178
Sources, notes and/or references
  1. Changed name into YWAM Furnace NZ