YWAM in Indonesia: Locations and contacts

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YWAM in Indonesia

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Looking for information about a specific location of YWAM in Indonesia? This is the information we found on the internet. Last updated: February 2016. Check for more on ywam.org.

General information about YWAM in Indonesia

Location Country Website Contact Phone
YWAM Indonesia Indonesia YWAM Indonesia nationaloffice@ywamindo.org (0062)-(0)-813-3792-2575

Locations of YWAM in Indonesia

Base/Centre/Ministry City/Area Province Website E-mail Phone Facebook
YWAM Jakarta Jakarta Jakarta www.ywamjakarta.weebly.com Mail on website only (0062)-(0)-812-808-4746 YWAM Jakarta Gateway
YWAM Surabaya Surabaya East Java www.ywamsurabaya.org
(Not Working)
(Not working)
(0062)-(0)-31-8702070 YWAM Surabaya
YWAM Surabaya Timur
YWAM Tarakan Tarakan North Kalimantan No website No mail No phone YWAM Tarakan
UofN Bali Bali Bali www.uofnbali.org Mail on Website only Not found UofN Bali