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YWAM in Northern Ireland

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YWAM Rostrevor is a YWAM base located in Rostrevor, Northern Ireland.

YWAM Rostrevor began in 2010 when property in Rostrevor was given to YWAM Ireland, which had at the time been headquartered in Belfast. The property, renamed An Cuan (Irish language for 'The Harbour') had previously contained a ministry called the Christian Renewal Centre, which sought spiritual reconciliation between Catholics and Protestants during the period in Northern Irish history known as 'The Troubles.'

As of 2018, the base in Rostrevor serves as the national headquarters for YWAM Ireland, which is comprised of the YWAM ministries in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Current training and ministry offerings (as of 2018) include:

  • Autumn and Spring Discipleship Training School
  • School of Ministry Development
  • Bible Core Course
  • Host for various shorter seminars and gatherings as well as a hub for outreach teams.
  • Along with the other YWAM teams in Ireland, YWAM Rostrevor has annually helped to coordinate a three week walk along the 500km border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland since 2012.

In continuation of the emphasis of YWAM Belfast as well as the Christian Renewal Centre, YWAM Rostrevor maintains an emphasis in reconciliation. Focus nations include places that have a recent history of conflict and sectarian violence. One way in which this is implimented is in the form of a 'Sponsored Trainee' program in which young people referred by partner organizations in areas of conflict are offered partial or full scholarships to attend DTS in Rostrevor.


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