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YWAM Logo Guidelines

A useful document on how to use the new YWAM logo. This is particularly useful in preparing your letterheads, brochures and ministry newsletters!

Guidelines in Brief

  • Always keep logo in proportion.
  • Use a single colour for all elements in logo.
  • Give it enough breathing room.
  • Use Orator as font for text under logo.
  • Place Logo in 60/40 scale ratio when set above a ministry name (Bottom point of logo to be placed about 60% of the distance to the right of the start of the text that begins beneath the logo).

Some Other Important Points

  1. Do not rotate the logo.
  2. Do not show the logo in red (due to possibility of trademark clash with "Save the Children"). Although reversed white on red background may be OK.[1]
  3. Do not use the words save or safe with the logo.
  4. Make sure you use the logo's from the YWAM logo pack - don't take a logo from a website. There are high quality logo's available which have been professionally produced.


You may download the logo's from this site if you are a member of Youth With A Mission: File:YWAM logos.zip

25px-Pdf.png YWAM 21 corporate identity


  1. Due to unintended perceived similarities with the logo used by the "Save the Children" organization, YWAM's leadership has agreed to following usage guidelines:
    • YWAM will not use the logo in red, nor in red and black.
    • YWAM will not use the fonts Garamond nor Gillson with the logo.
    • YWAM will not use the words safe nor save with the logo.
    • YWAM will use the words Youth With A Mission with the logo.

Staff and Participants Usage Parameters

While the YWAM logo is clearly and primarily reserved for the official use of YWAM corporate and ministry communication and identification, it can also be used by YWAM staff and participants. However, when the logo is used in personal communication contexts (e.g., ministry newsletters), care must be taken that it is not featured in a way that would give the audience the impression that the piece constitutes official YWAM communication. The logo should be displayed in a way that clearly communicates a YWAM connection, rather than making the communication piece look like official YWAM stationery. It is strongly recommend that the YWAM logo be used only in connection with official YWAM purposes. Any personal usage of the YWAM logo should be cleared with your local YWAM base leaders for security and integrity reasons.

To all base and national leaders: In order to use the YWAM "brand" (name & logo), you need to licence them every 5 years (per YWAM legal entity).