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Training Folder Table of Contents

Text Document.png Table of Contents for Pink Folder


Course Design

Course Approval/Monitoring and Relationship With UofN

Course Leader and Staff

Delivery of Courses

Advertising/Recruiting/Selection of Students

  • Integrity in advertising - Brad Tout.
  • Financial and entry policies.

Relating to Students

  • Code of conduct.
  • Dismissal and appeals process.
  • How to bring correction - Darlene Cunningham.
  • Application Process - Dealing with Medical Forms.
  • Application process --appeal against rejection.
  • How students should be treated.
  • Providing for the education of children of course students.
  • Outreach best practice document.
  • Debrief, preparation for moving out/on.
  • Delivering the course as described in the literature.
  • Taking due care of students.
  • Assessment of the students.
  • Course fees, principles and practice.
  • Guidelines for justice and reconciliation.
  • Secondary school graduation.
  • Draft financial policy.
  • Late students.

Course Appraisal

  • External assessment/evaluation of courses.
  • Critiquing the course.

Legal Requirements and Considerations


  • Application procedure and application forms.
  • Data protection.
    • Legal Principles.
    • Student records and documentation, confidentiality.
    • Keeping UofN Course Documentation.
  • Timeline/Checklist.
  • Course registration.
  • Finances.
  • Home office.
  • Crisis Management --- Guidelines and Checklist.
  • HIV/Aids, Child protection, health and safety.
    • YWAM International HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy.
    • YWAM England Child Protection Policy.
    • Example of child protection policy - YWAM Perth Australia.
  • Acceptance of students.
  • Visa check.
  • UofN Catalogue to each student.
  • Late Students.
  • Insurance.
  • Outreach medical pack.

Policies About Policies

Other Places to Look - Other Resources to Draw From

PG and SS 5 February 2007