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YWAM in the Netherlands

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YWAM Dordrecht is a YWAM base located in Dordrecht, The Netherlands.


Dordrecht Schools

We hope to have a DTS started in Dordrecht very soon.

Missions House

In the city of Dordrecht the YWAM team is located at Bonfire. The team in Dordrecht started in 2014 and is pioneering a new base in an urban environment. Next to the building of Bonfire there is a ‘Missions House’ where outreach groups can be received.

Woman’s Room 8 persons € 7,- p.p.p.n.
Men’s Room 8 persons € 7,- p.p.p.n.

In the ‘Missions House’ is a bathroom with shower, kitchen and general living room. For food and drinks a team should count around € 5,- per person a day in the Netherlands. When we know well in time - when a team expects to visit - YWAM Dordrecht will contact local ministries and churches for preparing a daily program. In this way a short term outreach team can support long term missions in the city.


In the city of Dordrecht there are approximately 54 congregations: “The church of Dordrecht”. They all have their own color and ways of expressions. What makes them one is Jesus Christ. The tradition of men is what sometimes stands in the way. For this reason there is a interdenominatial prayer-movement, activities, structures, organisations, etc. The interdenominatial-city-wide-prayer-network is called Stadsgebed Dordrecht. There are about 10 churches involved in this network at the moment.


Dordrecht, historically in English called Dordt, is a city in the western Netherlands, located in the province of South Holland. It is the fifth largest city of the province, having a population of 119,009 in 2015. You can travel from Amsterdam Airport directly by train to Dordrecht in 1 hour and 15 minutes. For the costs and travel planning from ‘Amsterdam airport’ see: www.9292ov.nl/en


Dordrecht Contact

Erwin Wietses