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November 2008

40 People took the survey using http://www.Survey-Monkey.com. It was a simple survey to go with the Facebook group.

1. How frequently do you visit the YWAM KnowledgeBase?

Percent Count
Daily 7.5% 3
Every 2 or 3 days 7.5% 3
Weekly 7.5% 3
Monthly 37.5% 15
Not really visited yet 40.0% 16

2. How do you find what you are looking for on YWAM KnowledgeBase?

Percent Count
I search using Google (e.g. "YWAMKB Church Planting") 5.9% 2
I search using the search box on the site 32.4% 11
I have the YWAMKB as a search engine in the little box on the top right of my Firefox browser 2.9% 1
I click on the category cloud until I find what I am looking for 26.5% 9
I just click at random till I get what I want 32.4% 11

3. How many people have you told about YWAMKB?

Percent Count
No-one yet, I guess I should? 52.5% 21
1-3 people 15.0% 6
4-7 people 12.5% 5
more than 8 people 15.0% 6
I give talk and seminars explaining and publicising the KB 5.0% 2

4. How good is the YWAMKB at the moment?

Percent Count
Fabulous - it really helps me 15.8% 6
It's a great project but it doesn't always have what I want on it 21.1% 8
I don't really get it yet 39.5% 15
It shows promise but needs more work! 21.1% 8
Awful, but I want it to get better! 2.6% 1

5. How do you feel about adding stuff to the YWAMKB? (You can choose more than one option)

Percent Count
I love it - I have memorised all the Wiki markup and dream about it in my sleep 8.6% 3
I have added pages of my own 8.6% 3
I have made some changes 8.6% 3
I like to use the WYSIWYG editor 0.0% 0
It is too hard to use to make changes 8.6% 3
I would like to do more but I am too busy just now 42.9% 15
I would like more help to make better use of it 17.1% 6
I don't want to edit it, just use it 20.0% 7
I don't want to edit it but maybe in the future 20.0% 7


I was pleased with this survey as it highlighted one or two things I had suspected.

  1. That people on average viewed it once a month and there are a LOT of people who don't get it yet
  2. Word of mouth promotion is not happening in about 50% of people discovering the KB (but is for the other half!) but...
  3. Lots of people don't get it yet!
  4. Time is the biggest problem so far in contributing and using the KB
  5. 1/3 of people hadn't spent much time discovering what is there
  6. Users either search for specific content or randomly click (surf)

It would be good to have some follow up questions particularly asking what people want and about improvements...

--Kev-The-Hasty 10:38, 24 November 2008 (CET)