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Kevin's Ideas

General Thingies

  1. Jane has finished her DTS, she wants to take a small team of people on outreach for a couple of months. How does she go about doing it?
  2. Jane has wanted to become a missionary and has just finished her DTS, what should she do next?
  3. What does Joe need to know to be successful YWAMer for 20 years?
  4. Joe wants to join YWAM in another country - what does he need to help him thrive in another culture for years?
  5. Jane has been asked to be take over the running of a mercy ministry with a small team of workers. What does she need to know?
  6. Joe wants to run a small YWAM team in a city. What will he need to know?
  7. Jane wants to become a Base Leader in a city where YWAM has an existing building and ministry. What will she need to know?
  8. Joe has been asked to become a National Leader for YWAM. What should he know?
  9. Jane has been asked to be on a YWAM board. What will prepare her to do well?
  10. Jane wants to Pass on her current leadership role (and multiply to 6 people)

Specific Thingies

  1. Jane wants to start up small outreach team at her YWAM centre to care for needy people she sees in the city. How can she do this?
  2. Joe wants to do lots and lots of evangelism in his city - what should he do to be most effective?
  3. Joe wants to evangelise the local teenagers in his area. How does he do it?
  4. Jane wants to plant a church amongst Asian teenagers nearby. How does she start?
  5. Joe wants to train lots of evangelists to re-evangelise YWAM. What should he do?
  6. Jane wants to organise a Summer of Service in her town. What will she need to do?
  7. Joe has the ambition to start a new team in a new city. How can he do this really well?
  8. Jane has offered to run a regional conference for YWAM. What does she need to do to make it an exceptional time?
  9. Joe wants to improve his skills and knowledge and take them to the next level. How could he do this?

Arnoud's Ideas

General YWAM scenarios

  1. Start any YWAM school, age 20 – 30 – How, where, what..
  2. Start YWAM base, age 25-30 – How, where, leadership, building..
  3. Start New team, age 18-20 – How, where, what..
  4. Share knowledge, 65+ – Me?
  5. Overview on outreach places, events. – Where to go on outreach or one time events?
  6. Raising financial support – Money, I need more..
  7. How to find other people to join as staff or as volunteer – Can't do this on my own
  8. YWAM values and statements – What is all about, what does YWAM stand for
  9. YWAM News/ letters – The YWAM news, magazines and newsletters
  10. YWAM rules – No dating, etc..
  11. University of the Nations overview – All schools
  12. Who is who in YWAM – Recognising faces
  13. Evangelism strategies – All things tried out

Doom Scenarios

  1. Sale YWAM base – No or yes, blessing or curse
  2. Firing people – This did happen
  3. Dealing with troubling students – What could you do with them

KB User scenarios

  1. Fights about YWAM KB articles – Solve KB conflicts
  2. First time YWAM KB visitor – Clear info for a KB dummie
  3. Using pictures and video's – Multimedia, I love it
  4. How to let others know about your article – Let all your friends know..
  5. Promo material – T-shirt, banners
  6. A real KB library – Books, all YWAM written books
  7. People from outside YWAM – Random visitors visit the KB (e.g. Churchmembers, etc.)

Misc. stuff

  1. Comics – Inside YWAM jokes, or adventures of a YWAMer
  2. A photograph/painting database – Creativity to share with all
  3. Sheet music + listen to – Music to share with all
  4. Churches planted by YWAM – List of plantation YWAM did do
  5. Prayer points page (24/7) – Pray for all, get to know specific needs
  6. Conferences – Where is the next YWAM gig
  7. Other organisations – Who else is out there