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How to do it

  • set person at ease
  • ask them to verbalise thoughts
  • explain it is to help others - it might not be an easy exercise but that is our fault not theirs!
  • Sit so you can watch their face and their screen.
  • Help them only if they are REALLY stuck!

The Tasks and Score sheet

  • These are the questions

YWAMKB Useabilty Test

A bit about you...

Length of time in \YWAM:
Confidence with computers:
(1--fear and hate them, 2--they confuse me, 3--I'm OK, 4--very competent, 5--build them and program them)

First language:
Competence in English: Reading _______ and Writing _________
(1--poor to 5--excellent)

Time started, Time finished - duration of test

Please can you try the following tasks

  • Find the \ywamkb website.
  • Find an article about DTS
  • Search for ``how to lead worship"
  • Find all the articles in the Communication Category
  • Find out what the latest changes have been to the \ywamkb and who made them.
  • Find a list of \YWAM websites
  • Find out how to start a New Team and who could help you.
  • Find the Help pages
  • Find the Sandbox and try to change it
  • Add a link to the Brevity article to the Sandbox.
  • Edit your user page and write a bit about yourself. Who you are, where you work, what you do. Use some bullet points and a link to your ministry's Website.
  • Find the ``Disclaimer" page.
  • Find out who is responsible for the \YWAMKB and how to contact them.
  • Find the Community Pages. What is this about??
  • Where would you look to find a talk page and what was the decision on the logo for the Main Page discussion?
  • Make a comment on your User page's discussion page.
  • Find and watch a tutorial video.

Make lots of notes!

Record other comments


  • Thank your helper profusely
  • Give any feedback you want or explain some difficulties they had.
  • Write it up!