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After the great success of the Sprint in Berlin we decided to have another Sprint this year! We invite you all to come and join us. This time we gather together in Brussels, but you are also very welcome to join us on the Skype chat.

Sprint Brussels 2010.jpg

Important Info

Date Sunday-Monday 6-7 December
Location YWAM Brussels, Av des Celtes 19
Costs Money for food

About the Sprint

Once or twice a year we organise a YWAM KB Sprint Meeting where we meet face to face or on Skype and work together on the YWAM Knowledge Base. It is also a great time for us to encourage each other and to meet new KB users. We also make our meeting open for everyone who wants to join us on Skype.

Our purpose is to multiply the work of Youth With A Mission by providing this wiki website, where anyone working with YWAM can share their Knowledge and Experience from the worldwide mission field.


Plan for KB Sprint


  • 0800 Pizza: Awards, chat, social, Garbage-Can Model


  • 0900 Meet in open apartment - Arnoud 10 min devotion
  • 0915 Discuss and vote on plan for the day
  • 0945 Commence work!
  • 1100 Coffee
  • 1230 Start food prep
  • 1300 Lunch
  • 1400 Restart – possible Skype with Terry S
  • 1600 Skype meeting – regular meeting
  • 1730 Down tools and finish – take Benjamin to station


It is important to stay focused so we have to set our goals. We like to invite you to help create an Open Space in which we can share our ideas and point out what is important.

Your ideas are:

Arnoud's ideas:
  1. Main Page
    1. Excess - No dead or empty pages.
    2. Looks - Is the first encounter drawing visitors. Attractive for YWAMers?
    3. Pruning and Enting - What needs to be taken away or added?
  2. Threads
    1. Fundraising - A main point for every YWAMer.
    2. Evangelism - Tons of practical examples to add.
    3. Schools - DTS thread is renewed, more to come.
  3. Promotion
    1. Advertisments - From Bill boards to Business cards.
    2. Networking in YWAM - Speak about the YWAM KB at big meetings and personal.
    3. YWAM KB Workshop - An introduction to get new KBians on their way.
  4. Activities
    1. Enjoying the pleasures of Brussels - Chocolate, waffles, fries, sprouts and beer.


  • I think we need to work to get one or two area's of the KB up to an EXCELLENT standard. We have some very complete areas but they need some more polish. This is perhaps the most important thing we could do to promote the site and drive interest in the KB. Nice publicity is probably not as vital as a wealth of resources...



  • Check Email Template - add a "how to unsubscribe notice" (now that watchlist changes are sent by default)
  • HastyBot: why isn't he adding the dead links? Maybe code the abbreviation-link-bot.



On Monday the 7 December we will be avaible for you. During whole time we meet Skype will be on. You can contact us anytime. We will have a general group session at 16.00 (GMT+1).

To contact Arnoud <skype action="chat">adelaartjes</skype> To contact Kevin <skype action="chat">kevincolyerwork</skype>

How to join?

It is very easy, send an e-mail, let us know when you want to arrive or when you will be online for the Skype chat. Contact us: the YWAM Knowledge Base Team


  • On Skype around the Globe
    • Steve - German in Australia

Stuff to bring

  • For everyone
    • Your own laptop of some sort.
    • Creativity.
    • Answers and Questions.
  • For coming to Brussels
    • Beds, towels and bedding YWAM Brussels will provide for you.
  • For joining on Skype
    • Prepare some questions or ideas and present it during the Skype chat.


When you do have any questions, please feel free to send an e-mail to us.

Contact us: the YWAM Knowledge Base Team