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The Sprint is over!!!!

A full report of the event is available here: YWAMKnowledgeBase:Sprint 2010 Report.

Yes, due to the success of last year, the YWAMKB sprint is back!!!


  • Category for talks/speaches? How to discuss?
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Notes are here for now until we tidy them up a bit: YWAMKnowledgeBase:Sprint2010 Notes

In a Nutshell

Mu, 7 June, to Fr, 11 June 2010
Berlin, Marktstr. 1
Who can participate?
We want to welcome all to this meeting. ANYONE who cares is welcome. Your virtual presence is appreciated even if you are unable to come in person.
8-10 Euros a day for accommodation & food
(No conference fees, how cool is that!)
If you would like to come but travel costs prohibit them please let us know and we will see what we can do about it. The face to face interaction we will have is intended to boost and cement the virtual relationships we share throughout the year.

Current agenda very much depends on you and what you want to discuss! We have a few ideas and there will be the Annual Award Ceremony to look forward to.So please add your details here:


  • Restructuring of KB and clarity
  • Promotion
  • Getting acquainted to each other
  • Show newcomers how to get involved

Some activities possible

  • One Evening: Awards Ceremony
  • Each afternoon: work time and report writing time (for virtual attendees)
  • One afternoon - long open skype meeting
  • Mornings - debate/mediation spiritual input/knowledge management input and other training input
  • Possible afternoon observing newbies?


(Feel free to add yourself to the list.)

Likely in person:

Likely but need to be asked:


Likely virtually:

What to bring or not to bring:

  • Bring your own laptop to work on
  • Internet is provided
  • Hospitality can provide bedding, beds and towels.
  • Bring yourself, good ideas and discussions!


Mo - We can have a nice dinner together and a nice bar after that and have a relaxed first meeting.

Tu - Our first real day of work.

We - A time to play games.

Thu - Having another party.

Fr - Leave

And between these dates? Meetings, Praying, Discussing, Socialising, ...

What exactly? (Some ideas, need to be prioritized etc.)

  • Annual Award Ceremony (Kev-The-Hasty nominated for Best-Bot-Wrangler, Steve nominated for Pinkest-Person, Arnoud nominated for Least-Able-To-Find-The-Internet, Benjamin nominated for SysAdmin-Of-The-Year)
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    2. Steve: (1664 Edits on 339 pages)
    3. HastyBot: (608 Edits on 557 pages)
    4. PitPat2: (442 Edits on 174 pages)
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  • Work: Sort out and organise the DTS category
  • Write some interesting articles
  • Give an overview of what stuff already exists, where expertise is especially needed, and promote inter-linking
  • Write a page for each Role ? Could be the Category Page.
  • Evaluate Rating System, HastyBot, Design, and find someone who will do the next Website Evaluation
  • Discuss some meta-stuff (like YWAMKnowledgeBase:Strategy, YWAMKnowledgeBase:Policy, oral culture, third place, and such)
  • Handle the pages tagged with Category:Sprint 2010

Other Ideas

We could try to use G-Wave to include virtual attendents into our meetings. This way, we have a minute document right after it! --Pitpat 13:41, 21 April 2010 (UTC)


If there is any question left, you can ask it here. Concerning accommodation or if you need to be picked up in Berlin, write a mail to YWAM Berlin.