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These are rough notes. The report of the Sprint is here: YWAMKnowledgeBase:Sprint 2010 Report‎


What we talked about

Video of TED Talk - How to start a movement. Arnoud showed a powerpoint describing his thoughts.

Tasks and assignments

planting an orchard not a single tree - life in translation after initial copy mark as ready? Like in wikibooks confirmation email on edit of watched page dont copy first and translate aftewards - translate page by page and complete! what are the core articles? What disclaimers,copyrights,policies

german french dutch portugese spanish korean

Front pages - adapt the langauge box - with flags - perhaps have at top offer new language

  • KEVIN to investigate new pages button - extension - DONE - victory over and ampersand!!!! php 5.3.2 breaks a number of extensions with function reference passing!
  • email confirmations for watched pages - KEVIN (see http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Email_notification) - DONE (it was already there but needed enabling!!! Sorry doesn't work yet ... Pitpat)
  • Outreach to writers... - ARNOUD

Be specific - do we have enough specific articles we could ask for... Offer to publish from word doc. who can write? find people who have already written a manual graphics desgin and mediawiki pictures photographers to add pictures drawings good sources

encourage creativity - perhaps design schools - pitch projects to be field orientated. YWAMKB promo video competition - 2 minute limite to communicate the value of working together with the YWAMKB collaboration to build god's kingdom

  • Main Page - PITPAT
    • Update "new" pages - PITPAT. Done (for now)
    • Clean up under the hood. DONE
    • Tidy up layout. DONE
    • Remove title DONE
    • side bar ywamkbcommunity changes. DONE (Need Feedback)
    • - say more community (How?)
    • - perhaps edit bar on top of screen
    • "front page is too heavy" - need to make that clearer... it has to work.

redo change the basics - are some articles too long and complicated - like the help pages rewitre redesign of pages for improving readabilty restructure ease of nav and sense Links on mainpage need to lead to exactly what is says. (moved by pitpat)

  • get test readers and critics - 5 pages review - ARNOUD
  • Pink Folder need to get pink background. How to shorten DTS Category? KEVIN


  • Wednesday - category organising - entry pages etc.
  • Guina Pigging ...


Pitpat started the day with a mediation on 1 samual 16 - David spares Sauls life. Looked at how we respond to threats and unforgiveness. Prayed, confessed felt better.

Steve Sullivan joined us for a Skype conversation - interesting ideas. Think we need to ask how we can reassure leaders we are responsible in what we post. Questions: How to help YWAMers to understand and value written knowledge alongside revelation.

We completed three user observations.

Site navigation

Notes about the sections at Sprint 2010
We talked about trees and breaking the site down into sections - see pictures. Trunk leads to:
  • Official YWAM documents
  • Official National YWAM Documents

(These pages require no collaborative effort to develop but probably could be locked and marked with a Padlock icon)

Like this:
AJ Padlock.svg This page can only be edited by Administrators AJ Padlock.svg

Retrieved articles from posted on other sites should have a template {{RetrievedFrom|url|date}} placed at bottom of page to show origin. DONE =

  This page was originally retrieved from http://www.ywamkb.net on 9 June 2010.  

Next level is

  • Community collaborative articles
  • META: Help, FAQ, Community pages etc.
  • General Public: As wiki is public we need to present selves to world, Christian and non-Christian e.g. as missionaries we need to tell about Christ!)

Need a style guide - e.g. category page - is it a main page for an article or what? How do we organise? Need to decide and publish style guide.

How our language trees will drop off and become and orchard
We brainstormed some questions that should be answered:
  1. What is this site about?
  2. Who is writing it? (not employees but members of a movement of missionaries)
  3. what is YWAM?
  4. How did it begin?
  5. How is it structured
  6. How does YWAM fund itself?
  7. What is a missionary organisation?
  8. Are you a cult?
  9. How can I join a DTS?
  10. What is a DTS and why is it important?
  11. Why don't you answer the telephone?
  12. What is Christianity about?
  13. How could I become a Christian?
  14. I would like to talk to someone about Christianity, can I talk to someone in YWAM?

We recalled that we need to outline what we should not disclose (just as in person I would not disclose a colleagues address to a complete stranger so online!)

Guinea pig.png
Guinea-pig feedback

  • Short Jazzy video on main page telling how to search and how to get editing. Very quick. Users would click on video even if not relevant to assigned task! It could be a bit like this:
  • Difficulties finding how to edit a page- edit needs to take unlogged in user to register / log in
  • Log in needs to be top right by convention - that is where users look. - DONE
  • Searching could be smarter - suggest mis-spellings and close hits. - Examined and several extensions may help [1] [Extension:Lucene-search] [2]. BUT they are complicated solutions. The Ez extensions seems very problematic. But the Lucene search is already implemented on WP. BUT this is somewhat enterprise level! What about a google search or is that a cop out?
  • Searching with one key word gets better results than many words - this should change - not all but as many of words... (Not sure how this is to be done)
  • Help namespace needs to be in default search too! - DONE and category
  • Clicking to a non-existing page needs a red text describing then convention of red links leading to non-existing but desired pages. This is a good thing. Blue links are connected!
  • Login problem error message should be highlighted in red


Meditation: Arnoud - 1 Corinthians 10:10-31

  • Trusting God more important than gathering knowledge
  • Better to recognise we are weak and God is strong than think we are stron, and not know we are weak.
  • Boast in the Lord - when we feel weak he is strong. Be spiritual at heart of project - this is important. Our virtual team is important that we can exhort each other and call upon each other and strengthen each other in the Lord.
  • Greeks and Jews - double stumbling block. Like KB - confusing because it is open, hard to engage with!
  • Fighting for unity. Differences between us do not matter - because we are called to communion with Jesus.

Prayer: Prayed for buddies (kindred spirit in same location as us to work together one hour a week), Humility, focus to remain on the Lord all the time, Gummy Bear Bounty's. Work moments?

Bounty's: prepare a number of briefs for people to do. Video, promotion material, writing for General public etc. These can be given to schools to do for assignments.

Agenda to today

Kevin and Pitpat jabbering
  • Guinea pig - improvements and testing - DONE (rough)
  • Structure - agree so we can implement - needed even though people search for stuff - needs structure and order anyway. DONE
    1. Structure for categories
    2. what is this about. Link to overview if you can't find what you want
    3. see Help:Style Guide/Key Article
  • What do we want to redo and improve? - what the plan could be
    2. Help pages - Contents is where you arrive when clicking on help (Simplifying and straight to what people want to know. Video picture needs to be clickable). Editing is linked from edit window?
  • GLT documents into a better grouping and padlocks on top
  • Gaps and empty spots - keep working on perhaps add to briefs
  • Briefs for bounties (see How to write a Creative Brief -from Wikipedia). Bounties placed on:
    • "Start Here" flash movie for from page
    • Promo video (2 mins) competition?
    • Evangelistic materials for general public (Yan's team or SOE)
    •  ??????? Interviews (with New Team people?) (case studies) Journalism schools and writing schools
    • Book reviews and reports - DTS Students?
    • Icon sets for major categories
    • Promo T-shirts, cards, stickers, posters
    • Promo vertical banner
    • Re-write the SOE page
    • Articles: Youth work, Evangelism, Mercy Work

Things to defer a little or flow out of the Sprint

  • Outreach to senior leadership - how can we reassure of our competence - STEVE And Kevin to ponder
  • Who will be our teenage helper? (Age rank - Steve -> Kevin -> Arnoud -> Pitpat -> ?) - We wait and watch and welcome!
  • On going meetings? 2nd Monday of month at 4pm still good! Next meeting...? September?
    • Style: perhaps move to Google Wave? Let's try it! Next one: july,11 or aug 8, or September 12
  • Next Sprint? April / October? One of those (sometime a bit cooler!)
  • Rating Bar - improved ranking of 100% pages (including number of votes) PITPAT and making the text of the box better and more engaging - KEVIN (would like to hide for non-logged in users but this is not easy.)
  • Main page rating bar - TopTenPages template needs cache invalidations daily - like pages and user count... DONE - KPC.