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This is the summary of what we achieved, thought about, decided and have set out to do for this coming year.

Sprint in Images

Interesting videos (repeated from above)

Virtual Participants

  • Torgrim Løkken
  • Damon May
  • Sokgon PArk
  • Shauna Booth
  • Rodney Blevins
  • Fred Kiwanuka (contrib article Community Development)
  • Chris Duwe (contrib article Child Evangelism)
  • Jon Lee
  • Malin Tangen
  • Another Female Friend who I wont post their name here.


  1. Migrated site copyright licence from GFDL to CC:BY-SA. See YWAMKnowledgeBase:Copyright
  2. Set up a mailing list at: groups.ywamnetworks.com
    • Modified the email new user notification to add some some to subscribe people to the mailing list server.
    • Bulk added old mailing list to new one!
  3. We got together and had a nice time
  4. We celebrated how far we had got and appreciated each other
  5. Make the purpose of the KB much clearer. Recognised that we started humbly and vaguely and with a lot of trail and error, but now have grown and become much more focused.
  6. Beginnings of a long term strategy in place. Realising the what "Knowledge Management" is (it is a technical business term) and the role of it in YWAMKB
  7. Clear idea of what we can do for the next year:
    • Building the KB Community (Arnoud is the Emperor of this bit)
    • Creation of "Threads" - taking the contents of the KB and making it accessible in such a way as to answer certain core questions YWAMers are asking. The "Threads" will need development this year. Commenced work on Starting a New Team
  8. We had a great time with virtual participants and gained new insights into how people new to the KB perceive it.
  9. Start of Policy page, Mission and Vision pages and more as a way of expressing the ethos of the KB
  10. Participants from Canada, Norway, Egypt, Korea, Brazil and more countries joined us.
  11. Described and assigned tasks for next 12 months
  12. Agreed to meet in 12 months time. Perhaps in Berlin (If Toby will/can host us!)
  13. Improved the visual look of the front page (more white space - removed items not very helpful - added threads block)

Key pages worked on in the Sprint


  • Content before Beauty
  • Let's keep going - its been great so far!
  • Plan for long term future - 5 year plan starting with a one year plan.

On going work and Todo's

In the next 12 months (May 2010) Here names are attached to action points but are not limited to that person! + means others/anyone/everyone


Goal - to improve the communication in the community

  1. Weekly Skype meetings "Hour of Power" (Aim to connect and chat with people) ARNOUD + others
  2. DONE: Monthly Skype Meetings - (Agendared and business orientated) KEVIN and ARNOUD
  3. Facebook group - Stimulation ARNOUD
  4. DONE: Mailing List (now open for ALL KBians) and Monthly Email KEVIN and ARNOUD +
  5. DONE: Button on main page "Join us on Facebook" and "Join the mailing list" KEVIN
  6. DONE: Blank profile on User pages for users to fill in ARNOUD


Goal - Improve the general upkeep and de-cruft.

  1. Clarify tasks and training to do the work KEVIN
  2. Set Goals for tidiness of wiki KEVIN
  3. Set 4 days for maintenance to invite whole community to (Spring clean etc) ARNOUD
  4. Calculate Bus Factor and devise strategy to reduce it to 0 KEVIN


Goal - Keep getting the word out

  1. Think in terms of regions
  2. Will continue this in monthly meetings - standing topic

Knowledge Management

Goal - make the knowledge more accessible so visitors are helped and become more effective

  1. "Thread" creation. Aim to fill all current threads by May 2010 +
    • STEVE Knowledge Management article and take some threads
    • ARNOUD SOE thread
    • KEVIN Starting team thread and lots of other threads
    • + Others should work on threads.
  2. Write out design goals and general wiki goals KEVIN
  3. Invite a tame web designer to look and and review site with suggestions KEVIN +
  4. Seek a graphical person to take on this aspect +
  5. Evaluate the site using Evaluate your YWAM website criteria KEVIN

Thoughts and Reflections following Sprint

We think another Sprint will be helpful what we learnt was:

  • We more quickly come to conclusions
  • We can debate and change our minds on things quicker and with less effort
  • We like each other and had a lot of fun

Kevin found it a little challenging to be in his office and close to the family when running the Sprint.

  • So to find a distraction free setting with good internet will be essential.
  • Cost as low as possible for maximum participation
  • Virtual participation!!!! Keep the community alive!

Sprint 2010

Suggestion: May 2010 in Berlin or some other place.

Things we could do:

  • Spend time with users observing and coaching and planning improvements based on those experiences
  • Focus on some details
  • Focus on writing about specific topics
  • More strategy etc. like this Sprint!