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Introducing the YWAM Knowledge Base

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So you're asking yourself, what's a Knowledge Base? Well, it's not another YWAM operating center... it's actually a website that is a collection of YWAM-specific information that everyone can contribute to!

The idea with the YWAM Knowledge Base (YWAM KB) is to put together all of the things that we have learned following the Lord in YWAM, whether it be words of the Lord given to YWAM over the years or about DTS, outreach teams, using media as missions, Impact World Tour, School of Worship, School of Communication, living in Australia, how to be a missionary in a cross-cultural situation, Business as Mission, WHATEVER!! The heart of YWAM KB is to create a place where everyone can share their knowledge and come to find answers about whatever.

If you're in YWAM, and you are experiencing life, then you are qualified to contribute to this collection! Just head over to www.ywamkb.net and start browsing and writing! There is plenty of help available on the site and the community is eager to help you if you get stuck. Please dive in!

Hey, guys... I realize that this is very disjointed... it's basically the product of a free write with very little editing. PLEASE add/delete whatever! It was great to talk with you guys!!

It was great! I made a few changes. --Kev-The-Hasty 12:41, 4 December 2007 (CET)