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YWAM KB BusinessCard 72dpi.png
I thought an easy way for us to spread the word about the YWAM KB might to be to hand out some simple cards...

I like to use the printable business cards. You buy some sheets, pop them in a colour printer, hit the print button and... you get some nice printed cards to tell the world about the YWAM KB!

I have used the DECadry 5x2 card stock before which is almost the same as the Sigel LP796 cards too. You can find business cards like this in most stationary shops. To my North-American friends, this wont work for you as the card sizes are A4! But the files below should be easy to modify.

  • One small flaw - I may have height of each card slightly too small by a few millimeters.
  • A second flaw is, of course, my poor design. However, you are free to re-work it an upload it here too!

Preview a HiRes version of the Business Card.
Download a .zip file containing the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) file, a 72dpi and a 300dpi version of the Business Card.