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Problem Description Status Resolution
Wiki ground to a halt (5/7/2007) Wiki was responding slowly - one response per minute Resolved Restarted Apache2. Problem seems to be the SpecialPDF extension - there were lots of mhtldoc processes left over and lots of child apachies hanging around. Disables SpecialPDF extension for now.
Indexing issues not updating or not indexing TLA's Resolved MySql defaults to 4 letter word indexing as a min - need to change config file to ask it to do 3 letters. Re-indexing immediate.
Upgraded the wiki to 1.15.1. --Kev-The-Hasty 11:29, 16 September 2009 (UTC) Some problems with extensions not loading due to SpecialPage include problems. Query wyswyg editor broken - localsetting php needed that line commented out to make the wiki work. Need to check database is still indexing 3 letter acronnyms as above () In progress Some problems with ini_set and paths for the Special pages and includes. Some included extensions now need to be in includes/special not includes.
CCS problems in Fratman following upgrade to 1.15.1 class wikitable and pretty table not working. Category bar looks strange. In progress