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  • General introcution - welcome and who I am presenting
    • Make a ruler - reinventing exercise / Where do you go for help?
  • Title page
    • Goals - preserve knowledge -knowledge leak
    • foster multiplication and empowerment
    • collaboration between YWAMers wherever
  • What is a Knowledgebase?
    • Place to put all the things we know
    • A place that is easy to find things
    • A place that is easy to keep up to date
    • A place where we can work together efficiently (remember the YWAM Bible?)
    • Not a document repository
  • What is on the Kb?
    • Visual tour... (follow the white rabbit (main page, categories, helppages, sandbox, etc.)


  • How do we use the KB?
    • Searching
    • Surfing
    • Categories


  • How can we work together
    • how can we all work together to make it better - it will only be as much use to you as you want it to be. (don't want to hold on to this too lightly
    • Fostering an online community (newsletter)
    • Portal - has to have daily use, have easy ways to see what is happening (currentchanges, RSS, email)
  • Where next?
    • needs to be useful... (what do you want, can you make use of this?)
    • Getting people to use the site (publicity, word of mouth)
    • getting people to contribute to the site (flows from a, with monthly email).
  • What do you want to know?
    • Questions... FAQ?????

Ideas for Presentation

  • pointers on style. I will create a templates {{Presentation|Title|Body}} and {{PresentationBullet|Text}} and {{PresentationLink|Page|Title}} to link to the next pages
Led circle orange.png This is a bullet
Led circle orange.png So is this
Led circle orange.png Long: pointers on style. I will create a templates {{Presentation|Title|Body}} and {{PresentationBullet|Text}} and {{PresentationLink|Page|Title}} to link to the next pages

Led square orange.png Next: Start the presentation...

Boilerplate text for a presentation slide


{{PresentationBullet|Bullet 1}}
{{PresentationBullet|Bullet 2}}
{{PresentationBullet|Bullet 3}}
{{PresentationLink|YWAMKnowledgebase:Presentation Title Page|Title for next page}}