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Prayer is the main way in which we connect with God. Personal prayer is important as is prayer for others. In this feature we would like to encourage both. We need to stand stronger and help others as well, whatever situation has to be faced.

Prayer Point

In the NEWS - For all refugees from Syria. So they will find shelter and safety. Also hope for an end to the war and a better future.

How To Add A New Prayer Point

  • First think and pray to pick a prayer point.
  • Pick a free slot (blue link where there is no name after it) in the list below. Write your name or the projects name behind it.
  • Click on it. You will see a template that you should use. Click on edit.
    • Fill in the name you gave to the prayer point link.
      • Example: Peace in the Middle East
    • Write an encouraging text, which you write around the featured article link.
      • Example: For Peace in the Middle East to add more boldness to the peacemakers.

(If all this sounds too complicated to you, we will be happy to help you.)

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Day 5
Day 6
YWAMKnowledgeBase:Prayer Point/05 Pray for students

We have many students in the University of the Nations. Will they chose to be missionaries? Learn to be doctors, evangelists, teachers, counselors, plumbers..? Are they getting prepared as missionaries to work in YWAM or any other mission organisation. Or to be spread out with a paid job where God's word is needed just as much?

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Day 13
Day 14
Pray for the depressed

In some ways life can become really difficult and weigh heavy. Many people in the world are suffering of depression. Even though there are many, they think that they are alone and no one cares. That is not true. Pray for these people and greet the people you meet today. Surprise them with a smile. Life is good.

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Day 18
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Day 19
Day 20
YWAMKnowledgeBase:Prayer Point/19 Pray for YWAM Sliven

YWAM Sliven is doing a great ministry among Gypsy community in Bulgaria. They are doing family ministries, training seminar for the pastors and outreaches to the Gypsy communities.

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Day 22
YWAMKnowledgeBase:Prayer Point/21 YWAMKnowledgeBase:Prayer Point/22
Day 23
Day 24
YWAMKnowledgeBase:Prayer Point/23 Pray for the addicts

Addictions are terrible because they can be very persitent, hard to get rid off. They can also be underestimated, thought of as just a thing that can't be beaten. This is why there is a need for prayer. If it is an addiction to a certain drug, food, sex, porn, shopping, gaming, gambling, alcohol, smoking, etc. Think about someone you know or pray for yourself. There is freedom possible, there is hope.

Day 25
Day 26
Pray for Eastern Europe

Pray that the Lord will move in this part of the Europe where people will come to the Lord to proclaim Jesus as their Savior..!!!

Pray for Prayerhouse in Rome

One request for prayer to start a prayerhouse in Rome. It will be great to have a place where every Christian is welcome to connect with God in this ancient city.

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Day 30
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