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We don't have many policies as yet... They are very related to our YWAMKnowledgeBase:Philosophy.

Agreed Policies


YWAM KB chooses wikipedia:copyleft! We choose to place the YWAM Knowledge into the most hands possible thus releasing that which is ours to release under the Gnu Free Document Licence. We have agreed to move to a Creative Commons licence BY-SA that is compatible with the GFDL. To read about the policy see the copyright page

Discuss: What does this mean? Is all non-Creative-Commons-Content rejected?

Articles not Adverts

A page is considered an Advert if it's primary purpose is to publicise a specific school, outreach or person. The YWAM KB exists to directly equip YWAMers to do their job. There are other channels for communicating schools. The YWAM KB has a policy towards adverts that can be found here.

The following solutions are proposed:

  • Please extend the article by explaining as much as possible about the activity on this page IN ORDER TO MULTIPLY IT, so that a YWAMer reading the page will have a clear sense of how they could do it where they are. In this case a link to a resource person of specific school becomes very relevant.
  • Please extend the article to provide a history or the reasons for why such an activity/person or course has come to be developed. This will help other YWAMers to learn from past successes and mistakes. In this case a link to a resource person of specific school becomes very relevant.
  • Removal of the article. This will happen if there are no changes made to the article for a number of months
  • Please use the Discussion page to debate this decision and consider possible solutions.

Article will be tagged with a category: Category:!Page is an Advert for future editing or removal after some months.

Official Documents

See YWAMKnowledgeBase:Official YWAM Document.

Unwritten or not yet properly written policies

Ownership of the YWAM KB

The YWAM KB belongs to all YWAMers and certainly not the founders or the top editors or the sponsors of the site. It is YOURS not OURS.

Discuss: What does this mean?


  • We have thought about it at length - we want parallel KB's. (See where?)
  • We would desire (but not demand) that we could share hosting on the same server
  • We would desire (but not demand) that the same ethos on this wiki is on the other language wiki


  • Peer-led
  • Flat
  • Meritocracy (i.e. those who work at it the most have the most authoritative voices)

Channel criticism of articles firstly into Talk pages and debate

  • Make bold edits that synthesise the the article with your thoughts.
  • Repeated deletions (one user deletes another's article and replaces it with theirs and on and on) is not acceptable (see above for the correct way to resolve it)

Proposals for policies

Make content accessible (Interlinking etc.)

An article that nobody knows about is not much better than an article that does not exist. That's why we need to make it accessible to the one seeking knowledge about this topic by:

  • use typical keywords at least once in the article
  • adding cross-links. Try to avoid ending up on Special:DeadendPages because your page does not lead to another. Also avoid ending up on Special:LonelyPages (Orphaned Pages) because no other pages link to yours; when this happens Google will have a hard time indexing your page and the only way someone will find it is via a category (if any) or using the site search!)
  • adding categories where appropriate (avoid Special:UncategorizedPages)
  • splitting or creating subcategories where a category gets too big (as a rule of thumb: > 50 articles)
  • removing the article from the category when it belongs to a subcategory of this category

(Please comment!)