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This page is marked for Deletion

The reason given is:
Can we discard this page as having gotten irrelevant? Or even better, come up with a description of the new layout of category key pages? We still don't have a King's Kids page! --Pitpat 20:49, 15 January 2011 (UTC)

Please discuss this suggestion on the Discussion page.

A Category Cascade for YWAMKB

An easier way to mess about with categories before committing changes to the KB. Notes: Icons - we can have super categories with a major icon 50x50 px and Top Categories with 25x25px verslons

done? Front page? Super Category Top Category Standard Category
Buttons and Icons 50x50 25x25 Icons
y New Teams

(picture of a group)

Starting New Teams

The need Strategic planning for new teams Big base/Small Base

Flows from each
y Management

(picture of something implying strategy)



Running conferences

(picture of loudhailer)

Church Planting
y Training

(picture of study book)

DTS 1st Level

U of N 2nd Level Teaching Resources Administration of Schools

Mercy Ministry

(picture of a helping hand)

Best Practice

Drug Gender Sexuality Prostitution Poverty Relief and Development


(picture showing variety)

YWAM Communications

Missionary Skills YWAM IT YWAM Web sites Stories History

National YWAM Work

(picture of the globe)

YWAM England

YWAM Brussels


(picture of a mesh or net over the globe)

Kings Kids

Kerygma Teams DTS Urban work Spheres of Influence Intercession