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Statement of Faith
Original Author Kevin
Original language en
Doc. Ref. (Bates)
Synopsis YWAM's Statement of Faith. A Useful public document.
Internal Revision number n/a
Status Published
Date Status last changed n/a
Translated from fr
Translated on 5 Jun 1970
Translated by Kevin Colyer
Initially Retrieved from http://www.ywamkb.net/kb/index.php
Changes Log (Date : Action) 5 Jun 1970 : Example Infobox made

13 May 1970 : Example tested on YWAMKB

A GLT document in this context means a document that is ratified by GLT that all or most YWAMers should take as authoritative e.g. Statements of Belief etc. Not internal documents the GLT needs or uses - those are managed by the Secretary of the GLT and of no value here!


Published docs.

Including unique identifier generator - a bates number

Data to Capture:

  • original language of doc
  • Translation
    • to lang
    • from lang
    • date
    • translated by
  • Author
  • Bates number
  • Title
  • Synopsis
  • Internal Revision number
  • Status: Draft/Published/Withdrawn/Depreciated/Reviewed
  • Most recent Date
  • Replaced document with Bates Number
  • Initially Retrieved from location: (Url or other place)
  • Log (Date - Action)

Do as a box with perhaps a template and box