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On the Main Page we have a special box to share the News. This can be anything related to the website, to YWAM in general or to topics that are relevant in the News today.

Anyone can add news to this page. Soon we will make a template to make this process easier. So come back soon.

Check out the News of today and of the past:

Recent News:


Welcome to... the kb.ywam.org

Hey, we have moved the KB. Maybe you had noticed that we've been offline for some time. Due to some lack of structure we hadn't paid our yearly bill for running the website. So when you filled in ywamkb.net, you got a blank page. When we noticed, the team got together (through e-mail) and discussed what to do. Payment wasn't an issue. Our concern went more in the direction of what will we do with the website. Continue or not?

KB Bubbles (small).jpg

Well, we waited. Who will notice? Does anyone miss us?

Some time did pass by. At some point people started asking, "Where is the YWAM Knowledge Base?" One said that he was asked by others multiple times, "What has happened with the KB?" Then we got a mail from the leadership of communication, they asked, "What happened? And what can we do to help?"

That is what we waited for.

And here is the result. The KB is back.

It is so good to hear that we are appreciated. As a team we have put a lot of work into building this website and it took a lot of each one of us. We really want to give this website a future. Knowledge has to be gathered and passed on to the coming generation. So we are glad that the website is back in its original form, and still a wiki.

In the time to come we will talk more about changes that need to be made. At this point the KB is back with its users. But for the future new input is needed. New people to build the website. A new design, maybe? Well, depending on our coming communication with the team of YWAM.org, we will see in which direction it goes.

And you, as a user, can help us out too. Let us know what you think, do you want to help, join in? Send us a message on Facebook or by mail.

Anyhow, welcome. Welcome back at the kb.ywam.org

- The YWAM Knowledge Base team

Older News:

News 2017



The KB passed the 1 million mark of visitors to the main page and in recent months it also went past the marker of 5 million visitors in total. Now numbers don’t mean that much. Personally I am happier with the feedback I get from the YWAMers who have been finding this website useful. So thank you for visiting, you are always welcome to come back. - Arnoud

News 2016



Silently it passed by. 10 years. That's how young the YWAMKB is. There are no big celebrations, but it is certainly something to give notice to. Look at the first page, see how little there was: First Welcome. It was the start of what the KB is today. So as in those days: Welcome and we hope you will enjoy and find what you are looking for. - Arnoud


After the games

The Olympic Games are finished. As viewer I have seen many different sports. It will take another 4 years for the next edition in Japan. And will YWAM go there too? Hopefully yes. Right now I took on a challenge too by translating some pages on Wikipedia. My experience with the YWAM KB makes it easy to get around. But it certainly is another learning experience. The Wiki community is huge and very active. I am really curious about how it works. One of the suggestions I got is to go to the Café. Which is nothing more than a page on Wikipedia, so no drinks. But it is a place to share on certain topics. On the YWAM KB we do have the community page. This is our own Café. But maybe it needs some refurbishing, to make it more attractive and inviting. - Arnoud


Good Start

Three months already flew by and it is time to look back and forward (See this link). So far gathering knowledge has been slow and quite hard. Although things look a lot better now than at the start of the year. As promoter I had some great interaction. Facebook has been helpful and I was able to reach many different YWAM locations around the world. I found out there are still many YWAMers who don't know about the YWAM Knowledge Base. So some are surprised and many are positive. If that is you, you are welcome. Next I would like to invite you to share your knowledge. What you learn in the mission, can be really useful for other YWAMers. And if you are a receiver of great insight, you can pass that on as well. Videos, books, PDFs, all is welcome. So join in, I'll be glad to help you if you need a hand. - Arnoud

We need you

YWAMKB Zoom.jpg
The YWAM Knowledge Base did see a good year and a bad one. Good because we had tons of views, which indicates there are quite some people who browse on this website in search for knowledge. Bad because as a team we face a lot of difficulties. It is quite strange but somehow the team is functioning outside of YWAM. Somehow one of us is becoming a pastor, the other is delivering the mail and one is on the move. Quite strange, but this just happened to be so and also not that easy to change (I tried, didn't work).

In this way we as a team are missing the fresh input that many of you YWAMers are receiving. Of course we love to keep on building a great website, but we need you. Do you love the ministry you're in? Do you enjoy your school? Did you experience something awesome with God today or some time ago? And you would like to share the knowledge you gained, well.. share it here. The KB has space enough. Do you want some help, got a question or want to encourage the team, send a message to this admin of the YWAM KB team: Mail for the YWAMKB Team

Thanks for your support and visit.

The YWAM KB Team

News 2015

Facebook icon.jpg

Fans on Facebook

It is great to see how many new fans joined the Facebook group last year. From 150 at the start of 2014 till more than 1100 now. And that without any extra promotion from the YWAM KB team. We would like to thank all the people who have given the KB a thumbs up and who stimulated others to do so as well. It really means a lot to us. Link to the fanpage on Facebook

News 2014


One Thousand Pages

A seed was planted, which grew and grew and grew. Now it is a big tree with more than 1000 pages. And the KB will continue with growing more.

Uofn globe mini.png

Gathering Information

A new project has been started to collect more knowledge. A lot of it can be found easily on the internet. But to have a complete overview of all YWAM schools isn't that easy. That is why we have a new page where a lot of this information has already been gathered. Both the UofN website and Google are useful, but not everything can be found there. Some schools can only be found at specific YWAM bases. So we are on a mission here. This information will never be complete, but you are welcome to help us collect more and even start new pages for the schools that are listed here: List of schools in YWAM

YWAM Kick off.png

The whole world is watching the ball as it is kicked around. These weeks a lot of people are having their TV sets on and look at what their team will do. When we do that we also look at the nation where the games are played: Brazil. What is happening there besides the World Cup? What is YWAM(JOCUM) doing at these games? Well you can follow that here:


Or when you didn't get the opportunity to get to Brazil, maybe you like to know more about the next sport event, The Olympic Games:


More about these subjects on the KB


With the help of 20+ new translated pages in Dutch the Knowledge Base has grown to 900 pages. This growth will continue with translation of more articles.

Recently there has also been made a start with Hindi and we are negotiating about translating into Portuguese. Maybe our readers are interested in getting involved and volunteer. Connect with us if you would like to join: Send an Email.


New Fundraising Resource

Fantastic new personal fundraising resource online and in PDF form. Read it while it is hot! Personal Support Raising for YWAMers

New Team Starting Resource

And the New Teams Pack is out and ready for the West European Leaders Gathering in Lyons 10th to 14th of March 2014

If you have any news and like to share it, connect with the KB-team and tell us your news. Connect with the KB-team

News 2013


Another Half a Mile

An astonishing growth in the last two months, which has not been seen since the early beginnings of the YWAM Knowledge Base. It is absolutely great to see that with coöperation a lot of new pages were added. And it will most likely continue for a while. Keep an eye on our next projects and if you want join us in making it to the next mile to be reached. more about the next projects...

Another Mile reached

Just a few days after reaching 750 pages the YWAM KB reached another mile. How did that come about? Simple: editing. By editing some of the smaller pages it made them grow just enough to become a full page. This is why we encourage our KB writers to make a full page. But it is not only editing that caused this rapid growth. There are also complete new pages added to the knowledge of the YWAM KB. So keep going. Great job! We are always up for more. more about writing articles on the KB...

New Mile reached

In only a few months the YWAM KB grew with more than 50 pages. New ideas are shared and many contributions were given. Even more growth can be seen in visitors and quite some records are broken. Check out the statistics to see how all graphs are steady and going upwards. Thanks to you all, visitors and contributors. more statistics...
KB full page future.jpg

Renewal MAINPAGE completed

The project for renewal of the Main Page has finally been completed by setting in motion the template for Featured Pictures. It took about 6+ months, but results are amazing. All glory to God for making it all come together. More changes are still to be made, but the set up plan is fully completed.

The picture shows the plan on the old page. One feature is taken out and there are other things done which were not included in this plan. more...

Language Advert.png

Wat? Was? Que? WHAT?

The floor is open. Now any language is welcome on the KB. Although we start with the ones below we are able to add others too. So with this little advert we want to make you aware that whatever language you speak can be brought to the KB.

Prayer for Pope Francis

At this meeting Loren Cunningham interviews Alejandro Rodriguez about how he met Jorge Bergoglio (now pope Francis I) years earlier. At the end they pray with the gathering for a blessing for the new elected pope and his ministry.

Simple Wiki.jpg

Wiki Writing

Writing in Wiki is simple and it has been made even more simple now. Lots of work went into it, but we are glad with presenting the results: How to write in Wiki. Now you can learn the basics with which you can create a complete page or go to advanced to be able to pull of some more tricks. Some more is coming up on these pages soon. Like how to put colors on your page.
YWAMKB 700.jpg

Beyond a Milestone

The growth of articles has been slowly reaching to the top of 700 pages! This is a great achievement and a huge milestone. Thanks to everyone who has been helping to make this possible. Our aim is to go much further. Not necessarily in numbers, because it is not about the size. The Knowledge Base can also grow through revisions and expansions. We invite you to help us. We especially challenge you to use the knowledge on this website and put it into action. So let's continue walking for God.

News 2012

Blue tree.JPG

The Blue KB Tree

The Mainpage of the YWAM Knowledge Base is being radically changed. A lot of things have been drastically removed and now slowly new things are put in. It is like the process described by farmers as pruning and fertilizing. We are taking care of this page like a tree. The roots are fed with fresh fertilizer. Broken branches are removed with a saw. And the branches that remain get a special pruning treatment so that the tree will florish and give fruit in the coming seasons. (more...)