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Please write your questions here that you would like some help with! We will try to answer you and write a page for the KnowledgeBase too. (Red links are links to pages that don't exist yet! Perhaps you can answer one of these questions, or make a start?)

Q & A

Q:How can African YWAMers raise support from their own home country and continent?
A: Fundraising in Africa
Q: How can someone start a YWAM base?
A: Base and/or Pioneering a YWAM base
Q: What can we do about getting transcripts of the plenaries at the GLG? I tried to view the video feeds, but they did not work. I would love to know what was said. (Posted by Dave Stroud on the FB page of the KB; on YWAM KB Fan Page)
Q: How can I get young people to pray?
A: How to get young people to pray
Q: How can I get a drunk person to leave the building nicely?
A: Kevin did this today - you could ask him!
Q: Who is doing child evangelism (asks Chris Duwe) as he wants to make a resource list of people?
A: child evangelism
Q: How many biscuits does a YWAMer eat per day?
A: The best answer is how many biscuits can you share?
Q: How to debrief outreaches?
A: Debriefing Outreaches
Q: So what is King's Kids International and how is it related to YWAM?
A: King's Kids International
Q: How can I get my base to plant more teams in Europe?
A: Align YWAM team to YWAM International's Evangelism and Church Planting Goals
Q: How can I help my team/base/campus realign itself around YWAM's goals for evangelism and church planting?
A: Align YWAM team to YWAM International’s Evangelism and Church Planting Goals