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The meeting will be held on Etherpad, the link will be posted here shortly before the meeting starts at 9h00 GMT+2.

Meeting link for reference: Read-only Version

Part two of the meeting is being held at: http://wiki.ywambrussels.be:9001/p/SprintPrep2012-06 !!!!


You can put ideas here for what we want to talk about during the KB meeting. Anyone who wants to join in is welcome (put ~~~~: before your comment and you have the lead on that discussion!): (some or all of these)

  1. Sprint 14-15 June (Brussels)
    1. What to work on? Online Meetings?
    2. consider arnoud's comments
    3. how to regain momentum on project
    4. writing and editing-more polish-purge out the cruft.
    5. faces on main page

Was present

  • Kevin
  • Pitpat
  • Neo
  • Steve



This is the first time we use Etherpad, so as a little Intro: the chat window is in the very bottom right. You can type your name and choose a color at the top right. And the special thing: everybody sees every letter as it is typed in the main window. So you can use it to make suggestions, correct text from others, and everything is un-doable. I'd suggest to use the chat window as "talk over things", and the main window as "collaboratively type minutes of the meeting", but let's see and try.

General things

Just so we manage to get some business done here are a few rules:

  1. Remember that a lot of attendees are writing in their second language - therefore ignore all unimportant spellings and also try to leave give more time for them to respond. Lets not 'shout' over the voices of others by bombarding people with messages.
  2. Try to stay on topic! Jokes and Red herrings are fun but probably not helpful in a chat context!
  3. The Chairman (today its Kevin) will set the topic. Try to follow it. TYPING THINGS IN CAPITALS IS THE CHAIRMANS WAY OF CALLING FOR ORDER.
  4. Voting: if asked to vote please vote +1 for yes and -1 for no. 0 or nothing is an abstention.
  5. Enjoy the meeting - you can have private chats with another person - just try to pay attention to the main flow of things too.


Priority Lists

Arnoud's List

  1. Increasing traffic
  2. Main page layout change - make more attractive
  3. Grow the core team to build the site
  4. Guidance - are the doing the right thing.
  5. More pictures (especially of Claudia(!) ha ha)

Neo's List

  1. who is using the KB (evaluating), so we know better who we might need to target
  2. translation and/or genuine non-english language content
  3. polishing the home page
  4. do we have a facebook page? (my bad for not checking / knowing) can we (and if so, how?) use social media to promote the KB?
  5. pictures - can we add many more pictures to make it more appealing?

PitPat's List

  1. How to serve/connect with the YWAM community (story-telling?)
    1. Get feedback: what is used/how/what would be useful
    2. Regular user survey?
    3. Collect here: YWAMKnowledgeBase:Endorsements_and_Thanks
  2. How to attract more contributers (core + casual)
  3. Just do it - restarting to work on some topics together
  4. Upgrade MediaWiki

Not Layout (might be just me - I don't care about the visuals as long as the text is interesting. However, layout in the sense of communiticating expectatations are important, of course.)

Kevin's List

  1. Regain the momentum of the core team
  2. Make site more useful - complete articles and purge the cruft and provide more structure
  3. Have fun
  4. Get others to write and edit and maintain wiki!
  5. Work out why we are not thriving - is it:
    1. Core team not big enough?
    2. Core team not active enough?
    3. YWAMers not know about it?
    4. English language?
    5. Hard to find stuff?
    6. Hard to change stuff?
    7. Most YWAMers can't be bothered?
    8. Just what happens with WIKI's?
    9. We don't fit in organisational culture of YWAM?
    10. An idea too early - WEB 2.0 but YWAM 1.0?
    11. People are too scared to contribute because they feel too inexperienced to contribute in a public setting? Afraid of peer review/criticism?
    12. This is not an obvious resource - YWAMers would just talk to someone if they wanted info?
    13. We are not flavour of the month with YWAM.org? Is the prefered method of publishing YWAM info supposed to be YWAMlife.org?
      1. Promotion at ywam.org / ywam newsletters?

TOP 6's

  1. MOMENTUM: Regain the momentum of the core team / Just do it - restarting to work on some topics together Have fun
  2. CONTRIBUTORS: Get others to write and edit and maintain wiki! / Grow the core team to build the site How to attract more contributers (core + casual)
  3. VISION?EVALUATION: Work out why we are not thriving. who is using the KB (evaluating), so we know better who we might need to target translation and/or genuine non-english language content Guidance - are the doing the right thing.How to serve/connect with the YWAM community (story-telling?) Evaluation can be parallel with the on going imporvements...
  4. PROMOTION Increasing traffic. Using our Facebook page?Use more social media to promote the KB? (Automatic twitter stream??)
  5. VISUAL Main page layout change - make more attractive / polishing the home page pictures - can we add many more pictures to make it more appealing? More pictures (especially of Claudia(!) ha ha)
  6. CONTENT: Make site more useful - complete articles and purge the cruft and provide more structure / Just do it - restarting to work on some topics together - ONE CLICK LEVEL FROM MAIN PAGE

neo's ranking:

  1. Evaluation (knowing why we are at this point with the KB, so we know how to change it to aid its cause and help people using it)
  2. Content & Visual (what helps people use the site)
  3. Promotion (what makes sense, how do we stay in peoples faces)
  4. Momentum
  5. Contributors

Pitpats Ranking:

  1. Personal Motivation / Momentum / Vision -> aiding Content, Visual
  2. Promotion -> aiding Feedback / Contributers

That's it :-)

Kevin's Ranking

  1. Content -> aiding Momentum
  2. Evaluation -> aiding Momentum
  3. Visual -> aiding Promotion
  4. Promotion -> Aiding Contributors
  5. Contributors -> Aiding Momentum and Promotion

Wheels within wheels! I'm thinking of PitPat's Improvement picture for the article... :-)

Survey Topics:

Intro text: We have been happy with the responses from many of our ywamers who use the kb. We would like to improve it usability for everyone else can you help us to improve it by answering these questions please" Just suggesting that the survey should come across to people with humility and asking for help and not whiny

Who to ask - all our registered users? (yes) our Facebook/private friends? (yes) A bunch of Western Euope YWAMers.


  1. Accessing YWAMKB - ease, relevance, usefulness
    1. Is YWAM KB useful to you, how? In which occassions do you recommend it to others?
    2. How could YWAM KB support you in your ministry? (I like this one.)
    3. What has been the main means of learning to do your job/ministry since being in YWAM (If anything.)
    4. If you could change what ever you want, what would you do in order to make it more accessible / useful to you?
  2. Contributing - what prevents you?
    1. If you ever thought of writing / improving an article, which obstacles did you face?
    2. I still think it is too complicated to add material (from Steve S. - i just copied it over)
    3. When would you rather use a knowledgebase and when would you like to use an online learning tool. Can they be the same?
    4. Do you think there are areas where other bases/YWAMers can learn from your experience? Is YWAM KB a good platform for this, why (not)?
  3. What do people need?
    1. What have you learned that you think others could benefit from?
    2. What has someone learned that we would be worse off without when/if they leave?
  4. Are we scratching your itches (urgh!)
  5. How often are you using the site?(NOW and inthe PAST - daily or in spurts? What changes could we make that might make it more helpful to you and lead you to use it more?


  • Send Survey - KPC / Steve S / Neo?
  • look at the main page and collect some visual ideas? (look at the web pagehttp://businessinyou.bis.gov.uk/(OK you win)
  • consider where in ywam we can find groups who could take some sense of ownership for their area
  • keep looking for Koreans and Brazilians to develop the other language kbs - Can this be priority 7 or part of 7 above?
  • Get ready for the Sprint! 14-15 June Brussels. Please invite any one!


Kevin:09:16 I have an idea how we can do this...

PitPat:09:16 tell us!

Kevin:09:16 Lets each of us write a list of the top 5 things to change to improve the site in order of importance - including Arnoud too.

Kevin:09:17 Then we make anothe r list of 5 things together from our 5 things.

PitPat:09:18 good idea

neo:09:19 i might not be able to come up with 5 things just now

neo:09:19 but it seems to be a good way of doing it

Kevin:09:19 neo: it is the process that is important

Kevin:09:20 Drat - I just got dropped!

PitPat:09:20 me too

Kevin:09:20 Back online.

PitPat:09:20 piratenpad seems to be more stable

Kevin:09:20 sounds evil though!

PitPat:09:20 Or I could install etherpad on your server the next time

Kevin:09:21 That sounds good.

Kevin:09:21 I think we tried this once before... Worked well. But even ouor connection can be flaky

neo:09:22 lost connection again...

PitPat:09:23 ok, migrating to piratenpad, will post a link in a moment

Kevin:09:24 LEts all switch now!!!


Kevin:09:26 Cut and re-paste to get your colours back!

Kevin:09:32 Stupid idea to have a chat window that covers the text of a collaborative editor! What were they thinking!

Pitpat:09:32 true

neo:09:32 well, my chat window is very far away from any text... :(

Pitpat:09:32 mine too

Kevin:09:33 I write long texts...

neo:09:35 i see how the gentlemen here get around the 5 points limitation

Pitpat:09:35 :-D

neo:09:35 have a quadrillion of sub-points :D

Kevin:09:36 Sorry I was ranting to myself!

neo:09:36 no worries, we all do that at one point

Kevin:09:36 You can ignore my subpoints - they are the basis for evaluation...

Pitpat:09:36 If in ten years, a new ywam staff reads in his welcome texts/introductory talks "refer to YWAM KB" - would we be happy about it?

Kevin:09:36 YES!

Kevin:09:37 Quite frankly we will be around in 10 years... but I doubt if YWAMlife will be. It costs 1000's to keep that site going (it is outsourced)

Kevin:09:37 I think some momentum will implode there.

Kevin:09:37 However, KB is not really supposed to be YWAMlife. They are more about publishing and push communication.

Pitpat:09:37 It's not only the money that costs, even if its more important in the mission context maybe

Kevin:09:38 We are about collaboration and becoming a library and resource

neo:09:38 ouch.... 1000's? and so many times i hear that people have trouble understanding the site and finding stuff

neo:09:38 anyway, before i forget, my list is in no particular order

Kevin:09:38 Actually the 1000's are a problem as YL do not have much of an income stream...

neo:09:39 i can'T quite decide if one point is more important then another

Kevin:09:39 That is ok

Kevin:09:39 we now need to make a new list of ONLY 5 items!

Kevin:09:39 So...

Kevin:09:40 Can you paste your list under the new TOP 5's heading - we all do it. Then we edit it down to 5. Ignore subpoints for this phase...

neo:09:40 well, mine is on top... :D

Kevin:09:40 If you paste it below then we keep the colours

Kevin:09:40 pretty!

Pitpat:09:41 color-freak :-)

Kevin:09:41 Haha Etherpad can't count!

neo:09:41 lol

neo:09:41 so is this the colour now of the YWAM flag?

Kevin:09:42 OK. Lets move stuff to the Top 5 positions. Let's start by combining similar items

Pitpat:09:42 oh it does count, but the 1 is hidden by the line numbers!

Kevin:09:46 We have 6+2 points now...

Pitpat:09:47 My technical point doesn't deserve to be a global priority

Kevin:09:47 (put it with 2nd point 1

neo:09:49 Say, could point 5 and 6 be actually one point?

neo:09:50 all about content, just different aspects of it

Kevin:09:50 Hmmm. Can you guys rank the list as you see fit - I think ranking rather than combining

neo:09:50 OK, so we have a top 6 to do list then i guess

neo:09:50 nothing bad....

Kevin:09:51 Just to let you guys know. I have a Skype converstion for about 20 mins in 10 mins time. I can multitask so we can carry on or we can coffee

Kevin:09:51 break too.

neo:09:52 Quick question, will this page be available to us later, even when we all have left and e.g. come back tomorrow?

neo:09:52 or is then all lost?

Pitpat:09:53 yes the history of chat+text is preserved

Pitpat:09:53 I will also post the chat logs on ywamkb afterwards

Kevin:09:53 We could put it on the KB meeting page - then we can collaborate there - slower but that is fitting for the pace

neo:09:53 meaning, I'll have to save teh link?

Pitpat:09:54 yes well no the link will be in the history of the meeting page :-)

neo:09:54 i see

Kevin:09:54 I propose that we have a little break. I skype. And/Or we talk about the top 5 ppoints and where to start now (I already have some discussio

Kevin:09:54 n ideas)

Kevin:09:55 HOWEVER I would like to suggest that Content is actually important as it is a major part of the contributors point!

Kevin:09:55 Plus - would we get more benefit of 5 hours editing or 5 hours layout changes?

Kevin:09:55 For me I can't answer that except to say editing!

Pitpat:09:55 true

Pitpat:09:56 Yes, beak

neo:09:57 i looked at my phone, but i don'T have an app called "break"

Pitpat:09:58 The problem is the the amount of work of editing is potentially limitless - so we should know where we would like to invest ourselves

Pitpat:09:58 As Arnoud said "UofN" (we still don't have a general article about UofN, btw)

Kevin:10:00 I was thinking of editing in 1 click from the main page - the portal pages to be precise - they are not all done yet

Kevin:10:01 It is a good goal perhaps - edit down to one click level?


Kevin:10:01 Evaluation can be parallel with the on going imporvements...

Kevin:10:02 Perhaps we start a small survey and get feedback by the sprint?

Pitpat:10:03 We can have a survey. But I'd ask open questions, even if the response rate might be lower

Kevin:10:03 We have had good responses in the past.

Kevin:10:04 Time for a MonkeySurvey

neo:10:04 Monkeys are so over-rated

Pitpat:10:04 my words :-)

Kevin:10:04 Nuts to taht!

Kevin:10:04 And Bananas

neo:10:04 lol#

neo:10:05 i like nuts and bananas

Pitpat:10:05 Oh, what do you think of something like this:

Pitpat:10:06 http://blog.dropbox.com/?p=1194

Pitpat:10:06 Put up some challenges and some reward in order to motivate acquaintance with the topics covered by YWAM KB

Kevin:10:07 Isn't Dropbox evil PitPat?

neo:10:07 haha

neo:10:08 "the cloud" is always a bit... evil

Pitpat:10:08 It is... but at least they got "make it easy" right, just like a certain fruit company

neo:10:08 who is teh unnamed secret contributor?

Kevin:10:08 I have a YWAMKB T shirt (lslightly solid) to offer as a prize

unnamed:10:08 raspberry?

Kevin:10:08 SKYPE! Call happening!

neo:10:08 good

Pitpat:10:09 no banana I think - the monkeys again

Pitpat:10:09 Welcome unnamed :-)

unnamed:10:09 Steve is the nameless contributor -- he can't tell what gmt+2 is. He is obviously rubbish

unnamed:10:09 thanks

Pitpat:10:09 :-)

Pitpat:10:10 now you have your name

unnamed:10:10 I've had my name for 58 years now

Pitpat:10:10 oh really? A shame the computer can't recognize it automatically

Pitpat:10:10 you can type it at the top right corner

unnamed:10:11 I don't want every computer in the world to recognise me

Pitpat:10:11 that's true as well

Steve Sullivan:10:11 Is that better?

Steve Sullivan:10:11 Hi everyone, I've missed you

Pitpat:10:11 yes...

neo:10:11 hi steve

Steve Sullivan:10:11 hi neo

neo:10:11 sonewho i almost suspected it's you :D

Steve Sullivan:10:11 ha

neo:10:12 you know, the matrix... i actually see it all ;)

Steve Sullivan:10:12 I see dead people

Steve Sullivan:10:13 Hi Kevin

neo:10:13 i see an army

Steve Sullivan:10:13 no link between those two phrases

Steve Sullivan:10:13 i see both of my arms

Steve Sullivan:10:13 if I lean over I can also see my legs

Steve Sullivan:10:13 I like this piratepad

neo:10:14 i can tell :D

Steve Sullivan:10:14 where are we at?

neo:10:15 we sent kev off to a skype meeting

Steve Sullivan:10:15 he doesn't like skype?

neo:10:15 now we are thinking of what / how we could do a survey for teh KB

Steve Sullivan:10:16 OK, thanks

neo:10:16 nw

Steve Sullivan:10:20 I just found this site a couple of days ago. Will you take time to look at it and let us all know what you think. It blends knowledgebase

Steve Sullivan:10:21 and learning together

Steve Sullivan:10:21 http://www.guardian.co.uk/business-in-you

Steve Sullivan:10:21 I wonder if this is a direction we should consider

neo:10:24 i'll check it out later

Steve Sullivan:10:24 thanks

neo:10:28 So......

neo:10:28 what are we thinking about the survey?

neo:10:28 kevin, have you called the monkey already?

neo:10:29 there is some business to do :D

Steve Sullivan:10:30 "We have been happy with the responses from many of our ywamers who use the kb. We would like to improve it useability for everyone else,\

neo:10:30 will we have only open questions or also some +1, -1 options for those lazy one like me?

Steve Sullivan:10:30 can you help us to improve it by answering these questions please"

Steve Sullivan:10:31 Just suggesting that the survey should come across to people with humility and asking for help and not whiny

Steve Sullivan:10:32 and yes, some open questions but lots of yes/no because we will get more people to answer simple questoins?

Steve Sullivan:10:32 One of the purposes of the survey is NOT TO GET INFORMATION but to show people how they might use the kb, how it could benefit them?

Steve Sullivan:10:33 in which case the questions would lead them to think about how it would help them?

Pitpat:10:33 Well in the optimal case yes but it shouldn't be our goal I suppose

Steve Sullivan:10:33 eg, have you thought how you could pass your learning on to someone else learning your role?

Pitpat:10:33 I'm seriously interested in how they perceive YWAM kb currently

Steve Sullivan:10:34 yes, quite right

Pitpat:10:34 which role we play in the ywam universe :-)

Pitpat:10:34 So I'd prefer a low number of open questions to yes/no/maybe checking questions

Steve Sullivan:10:35 I agree, and yet it is one of the few opportunities to interact with our ywam friends and help them think of how it would benefit them

Steve Sullivan:10:36 but I do agree with the low number of open questions. I often skip over them in a survey and only fill in the yes/no ones

neo:10:36 I'll need to run off for about 30min

Steve Sullivan:10:36 see you soon

neo:10:36 will check on things after again

Steve Sullivan:10:36 is Kevin back?

Kevin:10:36 Hi steve!

Steve Sullivan:10:36 hi Kevin, welcome back

Steve Sullivan:10:37 I like this pad thing

Kevin:10:37 Just finished... but need a quick drink break and phone call...

Kevin:10:37 buy!

Kevin:10:37 bye!

Steve Sullivan:10:37 purchase

Steve Sullivan:10:37 by

Pitpat:10:37 :-)

Steve Sullivan:10:37 shall we all take a 10 minute break, I could use some coffee

Pitpat:10:40 yes

Steve Sullivan:10:45 hi again, welcome back. I have coffee. Cameron (number 2 son) bought me a nespresso machine, makes very good coffee, sorry about the advert

Steve Sullivan:10:46 Are we hoping to get together in Brussels in June?

Kevin:10:46 Hi. I'm back too.

Kevin:10:46 I think you comment about not forgetting it is an opportunity to help people engage should go in the survey

Steve Sullivan:10:46 I think part of the way ahead is to copy wikipedia

Steve Sullivan:10:46 yes, good thought Kevin

Kevin:10:46 otherwise we can come accross as "We are worried we are failing and only your answer will help save us"

Steve Sullivan:10:47 yep, good

Kevin:10:47 That is counter productive!

Steve Sullivan:10:47 very good

Steve Sullivan:10:47 and kevin, check this out at some time http://www.guardian.co.uk/business-in-you

Kevin:10:48 I like that sort of a front page!

Steve Sullivan:10:48 and the idea of it being a learning tool as well?

Kevin:10:49 You take a KB article and have a short precis in a square that can be on the front page...

Kevin:10:49 Nice!

Steve Sullivan:10:49 yep

Kevin:10:50 It is not too different from the lists we have now, but more focused and pretty.

Steve Sullivan:10:50 yes, I agree

Kevin:10:50 Lot of work perhaps...

Steve Sullivan:10:50 what would it take to make the site pretty, and did you read my mind?


Steve Sullivan:10:50 can we do it?

Steve Sullivan:10:50 work is a four-letter word

Kevin:10:50 are we motivated enoujgh yet to do it?

Steve Sullivan:10:51 but then again, so is caml

Steve Sullivan:10:51 but it is spelled wrong

Steve Sullivan:10:51 What has wikipedia got that we don't?


Kevin:10:52 caml?

Kevin:10:52 Better spelling?

Steve Sullivan:10:52 one hump or two? camel

Kevin:10:52 More people!

Steve Sullivan:10:52 no

Kevin:10:52 A broader interest group and user base

Pitpat:10:52 It has the status to be "the enceclopedia about facts"

Steve Sullivan:10:52 they have groups of people who are committed to their part of the kb

Kevin:10:52 contributers in 1000's but readers in hundred millions

Steve Sullivan:10:53 no

Kevin:10:53 Ratio

Steve Sullivan:10:53 they have groups committetd to part of the kb

Kevin:10:53 Yes.

Pitpat:10:53 I think it's mostly what others think about it

Steve Sullivan:10:53 phyicists look after their area of expertise

Kevin:10:53 but think ratio

Steve Sullivan:10:53 no, groups who take on different parts of it

Kevin:10:54 There are 4 of us here! Is that one group or 4!!!!

Pitpat:10:54 I suppose

Steve Sullivan:10:54 I think we should look to see the kb is the right kb and recruit groups to maintain the bits related to their role, work, understanding

Pitpat:10:54 We're to small to split of in groups :_)

Kevin:10:54 Actually it is 4

Kevin:10:54 Pitpat + K - maintenance

Steve Sullivan:10:54 I'm not too small, I could shed a small child -- perhaps 18kg

Kevin:10:54 K + SS - DTS articles

Kevin:10:54 SS -> pink stuff

Kevin:10:55 Neo - T-shirts and promortion

Kevin:10:55 Arnoud - Facebook and welcomes. Book area

Steve Sullivan:10:55 Jeff Neely and friends, evangelism among Moslems

Steve Sullivan:10:55 Steve and Jo bishop == DTSs

Kevin:10:55 I think we could recruit to work on areas.

Steve Sullivan:10:55 BLS == steve

Kevin:10:55 Bishop needs to edit!

Steve Sullivan:10:55 Lucy, Tice, Craig, Jude, Arnoud == SOEs

Pitpat:10:55 That would be great

Kevin:10:56 Bishop != DTS on KB!

Pitpat:10:56 Unfortunately, bishops are often very busy :-)

Steve Sullivan:10:56 That is why wikipedia is so accurate and uptodate, groups are passionate about their area

Kevin:10:56 One area I have failed is to get people in Brussels to write more.

Steve Sullivan:10:56 those politicians are so lazy

Steve Sullivan:10:56 oops, do you mean ywamers?

Steve Sullivan:10:56 sorry

Kevin:10:57 BUT Steve - who have you recruited to work with you on an area passionately!!!!

Kevin:10:57 (me?!)

Steve Sullivan:10:57 Just got a guy called Fredrik in Skien Norway

Kevin:10:57 ;-p

Pitpat:10:57 Wait who has recruited me :-)

Steve Sullivan:10:57 he is going to look at more of the SOE stuff.

Kevin:10:57 PitPat - you did!

Steve Sullivan:10:57 Jesus recruited you

Kevin:10:57 PTL

Steve Sullivan:10:57 He loves you and has a wonderful kb plan for your life

Pitpat:10:58 Maybe some other plans as well :-)

Kevin:10:58 spoilt for the ordinary YWAM websites

Steve Sullivan:10:58 no

Kevin:10:58 no

Steve Sullivan:10:58 no other plan

Kevin:10:58 nope

Pitpat:10:58 :-)

Steve Sullivan:10:58 double nope

Steve Sullivan:10:58 you are too valuable to be wasted on something without class and style and substance

Kevin:10:58 This is all about the question of momentum and motivation

Pitpat:10:58 yes

Steve Sullivan:10:58 can we think about recruiting or selling parts of the kb to different groups?

Kevin:10:59 how do we regain it - or rather where should it go really?

Steve Sullivan:10:59 I'm going to work on the SOE and new team stuff

Kevin:10:59 fundraising and leadership and management

Steve Sullivan:10:59 I have failed on the Korean and Portuguese though I've spoken to lots of people

Kevin:10:59 I would dealy love a GLT member to talk on GLT policies etc.

Steve Sullivan:10:59 I've got another fundraiser who might be interested

Pitpat:10:59 technical support - making the site more usable

Kevin:10:59 They just like to take things off the site

Kevin:10:59 Not add!

Steve Sullivan:11:00 Oyvind in Skien who runs their full support seminars

Steve Sullivan:11:00 who or what is a GLT

Steve Sullivan:11:00 is it short for gloat?

Kevin:11:00 At the GLG in Harpenden in September we should have the goal to brutalise GLT members to contribute

Kevin:11:01 They are giving us a week of their tgime to influence them

Kevin:11:01 Nice eh?

Kevin:11:01 I want them to consider more closely how they organise and communicate key YWAM policy docments

Kevin:11:02 What is current, what is deprecated, which is the official one etc. To be honest only the KB can do that for YWAM in an efficient manner if

Kevin:11:02 people own it.

Pitpat:11:02 Yes I suppose ownership is key

Steve Sullivan:11:02 pitpat, have you seen the article on Visual Wiki?

Pitpat:11:03 no, what do you mean?

Steve Sullivan:11:03 it has a great diagram on the difference between Web1.0 and Web 2.0 and contrasts it with Enterprise 1.0 and 2.0

Steve Sullivan:11:03 Kevin, do you still have that?

Steve Sullivan:11:04 it is very helpful when we think about ywam policy documents and communiction within ywam.

Pitpat:11:10 So in order to come to some conclusion - who volunteers to get the survey out?

Pitpat:11:10 Steve, can you come to brussels in June?

Steve Sullivan:11:11 If Groups of ywamers felt a real sense of ownership over their bit of the kb they would force others to use it

Steve Sullivan:11:11 I need to look at that Kevin. My passport may be in NZ embassey for renewal

Steve Sullivan:11:11 what dates?

Kevin:11:11 I would like to help with the survey

Pitpat:11:12 14-15 June

Steve Sullivan:11:12 I will try my hardest, I really want to come

Kevin:11:12 But we will keep a Skype open or make sure we have collaborative sessions anyway

Steve Sullivan:11:12 I would like to help with the survey too

Steve Sullivan:11:13 and we can work on the open conference focusing on training and learning in the new team context

Kevin:11:13 I will see what we can do. I had Limesurvey installed on the server here but it was not so hot. Limesurvey 2 was better but not ready at the

Kevin:11:13 time

Kevin:11:13 I will monkey about a bit.

Steve Sullivan:11:13 I like lime

Steve Sullivan:11:14 they used to have coke lime here but replaced it with coke citrus which is not nearly as good. I wrote to coke and they gave me some

Steve Sullivan:11:14 vouchers for the citrus -- it isn't as good

Steve Sullivan:11:15 ss and neo too close together looks a bit nazi?

neo:11:15 my internet was gone...again

Steve Sullivan:11:15 perhaps i should be Oldo?

Steve Sullivan:11:16 we missed you

neo:11:16 you know that germans tend to not react to pleasing with nazi references? :D

neo:11:16 anyway, you got email

Kevin:11:17 I found my old MonkeySurvey

Kevin:11:17 The last one we did was in 2008. We got 40 responses!

Kevin:11:17 Not too shabby eh?

Kevin:11:18 Now we are 1,000,000 page views on

Steve Sullivan:11:18 wow

Steve Sullivan:11:18 entirely shabbless kevin

Kevin:11:19 1250000+ thanks to overactive spiders!

Steve Sullivan:11:21 damn those arachnids

Steve Sullivan:11:22 sorry neo, I understand, that's why I was sensitive to the words being close together

Steve Sullivan:11:23 Kevin, neo, pitpat, would you like to come to the Sprint in June?

Steve Sullivan:11:23 I've invited everyone I know

Kevin:11:23 Hey I think we should wrap up - can we just finally summerise our Top 5 rankings - they are looking very similar now...

Pitpat:11:23 I'm coming, yes

Steve Sullivan:11:24 good

Steve Sullivan:11:24 ok, do it Kevin

Steve Sullivan:11:24 How do I keep a copy of this chat box?

Steve Sullivan:11:25 cut and paste

Steve Sullivan:11:25 thanks

neo:11:26 I see Kevin is doing some monkey business and Steve wants his own monkey with some lime

Kevin:11:26 Have you read "The Five Minute Manager Meets the Monkey?"

Kevin:11:27 OK

Kevin:11:27 I really ought to go now.

Steve Sullivan:11:28 ok, bye everyone

Pitpat:11:28 bye

Kevin:11:28 I will see what can be done with Monkeysurvey magic. And also look to see if we can do it multi-user

neo:11:28 ok

neo:11:28 have fun

Kevin:11:28 We meet again in June!

Steve Sullivan:11:28 yep

Kevin:11:28 Thanks for organising the meeting PitPat

Steve Sullivan:11:28 bless you guys

Kevin:11:28 Shall we meet again on Thursday next week to look at Sprint planning?

Steve Sullivan:11:29 yes, lets

Kevin:11:29 PP: Can you put a summary on the KB meeting notes page? (or everything!)

Kevin:11:29 Thanks for a productive meeting - bye!

neo:11:29 I wont make any promises at this point in time

Pitpat:11:30 Summary: I will

neo:11:30 but I'll have a look how next week will look like

Kevin:11:30 Enjoy this new project I am working on: http://www.incarnationalgraffiti.com/

Pitpat:11:30 Thursday is holiday at my place

neo:11:30 so?

Kevin:11:30 and have a read of this too: http://code.foo.no/2012/05/29/a-perl-6-patterned-hackathon

neo:11:31 holiday is so over-rated

neo:11:31 Kev, is that homework for next week?

neo:11:31 :D

Steve Sullivan:11:31 eating is not over-rated, join holiday with good eating

Steve Sullivan:11:31 a winning combination

Pitpat:11:31 :-)

neo:11:32 i don't need holiday for eating

Pitpat:11:32 No we will go hikiing but I don't know the times yet

Steve Sullivan:11:32 we saw Men in Black 3 last night -- it was great

neo:11:32 i do that every day

Steve Sullivan:11:32 wow, good eating everyday, I like that

Pitpat:11:32 Morning should be fine, but not until 11:30 like today I suppose

neo:11:33 it was fun, though

Steve Sullivan:11:33 best line -- "don't make me come over there and pimp slap the schizznit out of you"

Steve Sullivan:11:33 see you next week, much love etc,

neo:11:33 sounds like i should watch MIB at one point

Steve Sullivan:11:34 it is essential and it is all true, remarkable and a bit scary

Kevin:11:34 no a quick meeting at 9 Brussels time - 30 mins - just details of the Sprint

Steve Sullivan:11:34 great, thanks Kevin

Pitpat:11:34 ok

Kevin:11:34 Steve - you home or away?

Steve Sullivan:11:34 I'm home

neo:11:34 i'm in the office

Steve Sullivan:11:34 you have an office! wow

neo:11:34 is that considered home or away?

neo:11:35 yes, steve, i do, this is the place where people drag to work