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The meeting is held here: <skype action="chat">kevincolyerwork</skype> at 15h30 GMT+1.


You can put ideas here for what we want to talk about during the KB meeting. Anyone who wants to join in is welcome (put ~~~~: before your comment and you have the lead on that discussion!): (some or all of these)

  1. General update of KB
    • Arnoud and I will be working together on the KB on Wednesday afternoons - Happy to have a skype window open all afternoon. Come and join us?!--Kev-The-Hasty 12:05, 2 November 2010 (UTC)
  2. When and where for next KB Sprint?
    • Arnoud is staying here in Brussels for a bit - we could have an impromtu Sprint here perhaps? A very short day? --Kev-The-Hasty 12:05, 2 November 2010 (UTC)
  3. Action Buttons (Skin fratman_kb_backup) - Your opinion & next steps for a more usable site (see Guinea Pigging
    • Actually fratman_kb_backup should be the next skin, UNLESS something clearly comes up in the meeting... --Kevin
      • I will merge the changes from fratman_kb into fratman_kb_backup, then (e.g. Login at the right top). DONE --Pitpat
      • Great, then we can make it the new fratman and put the next changes on a branch again. Perhaps we should git it? -- Kevin
      • Problem is, if we use git branching it's difficult to make them both available as skin - as they use different class names etc. -- Pitpat
  4. Oh and in case we get bored :-), we could define some clear targets (n° of active users, whatever)
  5. YWAMKB Promo (--Neo 05:16, 22 October 2010 (UTC))
    • Who had the opportunity to make this site known to others? Want to tell us about it?
    • Do you have any further ideas how to promote this site? What was successful, what can be improved, any fresh ideas?
    • Do you have any ideas how we can get more people involved in theses meetings?
  6. Did God speak anything to you about YWAMKB? Something you want to share with us? (--Neo 05:16, 22 October 2010 (UTC))
    • I have been thinking about this quote a bit in regard to the above points: "If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather the wood, divide the work and give orders Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea." (Antoine de Saint Exupéry) --Kev-The-Hasty 12:12, 2 November 2010 (UTC)
  7. Any testimonies regarding YWAMKB? E.g. someone successfully used this site for research, etc (--Neo 05:16, 22 October 2010 (UTC))
    • We need to collect these: I have proposed this page to put them on YWAMKnowledgeBase:Endorsements and Thanks --Kev-The-Hasty 12:05, 2 November 2010 (UTC)
    • I have an idea for getting 30 headshots of real users/editors and a good quote from each. We rotate them on the mainpage each day per month. --Kev-The-Hasty 12:05, 2 November 2010 (UTC)
  8. More clickable bits on DTS and other pages -- watched a German woman use the kb and she was struggling to see a button to click on to take her somewhere else.
  9. Seminars -- how can the kb be of service to the myriad YWAMers who have and also should be running seminars to train people for their work?
  10. Incentives (see RTENOTITLE)
  11. Any other business (PUT YOUR THOUGHTS HERE!)
  12. Proposed next Meeting: Monday 6th December @ 16h00 GMT+1

Will be present

  • Kevin
  • Pitpat (STILL fighting with Skype)
  • Neo
  • Steve

Can't come


Just so we manage to get some business done here are a few rules:

  1. Remember that a lot of attendees are writing in their second language - therefore ignore all unimportant spellings and also try to leave give more time for them to respond. Lets not 'shout' over the voices of others by bombarding people with messages.
  2. Try to stay on topic! Jokes and Red herrings are fun but probably not helpful in a chat context!
  3. The Chairman (today its Kevin) will set the topic. Try to follow it. TYPING THINGS IN CAPITALS IS THE CHAIRMANS WAY OF CALLING FOR ORDER.
  4. Voting: if asked to vote please vote +1 for yes and -1 for no. 0 or nothing is an abstention.
  5. Enjoy the meeting - you can have private chats with another person - just try to pay attention to the main flow of things too.


[3:26:36 PM | Edited 3:28:58 PM] kevincolyerwork: Pitpat and steve seem to be offline? Are they lurking?
[3:26:57 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Matrix is here :D
[3:27:23 PM] *** kevincolyerwork added steve sullivan ***
[3:28:30 PM] *** kevincolyerwork added pitpat238, pitpat283, the.matrix.is.everywhere ***
[3:29:17 PM] kevincolyerwork: Hello
[3:29:27 PM] kevincolyerwork: Steve and Pitpat and Steve!
[3:29:28 PM] steve sullivan: hello everyone
[3:29:32 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Contact sent to the group
[3:29:32 PM] kevincolyerwork: Hi
[3:29:47 PM] *** kevincolyerwork has changed the conversation topic to "Ready to Start?" ***
[3:29:49 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Malin joined too, but only as reader..
[3:29:54 PM] steve sullivan: I'm ready, hello Malin
[3:29:55 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: I am!
[3:29:58 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: I am!
[3:30:16 PM] steve sullivan: did you say READY TO START kev?
[3:30:16 PM] kevincolyerwork: Perhaps Malin is only readying you - I can't see her - can she read this?
[3:30:18 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: G'Day from down under (wave)
[3:30:24 PM] kevincolyerwork: G'night!
[3:30:24 PM] steve sullivan: not sure
[3:30:35 PM] steve sullivan: good afternoon from England
[3:30:37 PM] *** Arnoud van Dillewijn added malin.tangen ***
[3:30:38 PM] steve sullivan: ha
[3:31:45 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: Hello Malin, silent reader... just FYI I'm in YWAM Perth, Australia
[3:32:34 PM] kevincolyerwork: HAVE YOU ALL READ AGENDA?: http://www.ywamkb.net/kb/index.php/YWAMKnowledgeBase:Meeting_20101102
[3:32:35 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Sure.. because I am in your office.. with a intercable to make I am not loosing you
[3:32:37 PM] steve sullivan: a waiting room?
[3:32:38 PM] steve sullivan: yes
[3:33:08 PM] kevincolyerwork: Sam has an assesment and I am waiting for him. Hence the unusual time of meeting...
[3:33:16 PM] steve sullivan: very good
[3:33:30 PM] *** kevincolyerwork has changed the conversation topic to "Starting the meeting now!" ***
[3:33:42 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: no worries about that time, it's 10:30PM here
[3:34:09 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: in case i wont respnd anymore, i might be snoring (blush)
[3:34:26 PM] malin.tangen: hi there!!
[3:34:37 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: :) Hi Malin!
[3:34:41 PM] steve sullivan: Did we start and I missed it?
[3:35:19 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: @Steve, Malin says HI to you!
[3:35:34 PM] steve sullivan: Hi Malin
[3:35:36 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: (wave) hi there back
[3:35:58 PM] malin.tangen: @Steve: Hi Steve!! Hope you are good!!!
[3:36:20 PM] malin.tangen: I will be partly studying - partly paying attention here, hahaha... the joys of Uni-life! ;)
[3:36:36 PM] steve sullivan: study is good
[3:37:04 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Where did Kevin go.. Is he still around??
[3:37:24 PM] malin.tangen: yes it is good!! Very (!!) different from being in YWAM though! :P
[3:37:27 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: Kev shows offline for me...
[3:37:43 PM] steve sullivan: Do you want to get things goingthen Arnoud?
[3:38:01 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Well, I was just wondering.. you never know with Skype..
[3:38:29 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Let me check the agenda..
[3:39:19 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: 
   1. General update of KB
          * Arnoud and I will be working together on the KB on Wednesday afternoons - Happy to have a skype window open all afternoon. Come and join us?!--Kev-The-Hasty 12:05, 2 November 2010 (UTC)
[3:39:43 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: So I am in Brussels, joining Kevin to work on the KB
[3:40:07 PM] steve sullivan: I have scheduled Wednesday afternoons in my diary and if I'm free, I'll join you all.
[3:40:15 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Great!
[3:41:24 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: are you guys thinking of a weekly event? or a one time thing?
[3:41:27 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Mister Kevin just called me.. and he is offline..
[3:41:40 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: So we'll keep going without him
[3:42:20 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: This is.. well, scheduled for this week and next week
[3:42:44 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: But only a temporary thing for now..
[3:42:58 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: i see (y)
[3:43:49 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Of course I will be working some more on the KB than only wednesday. Lots to do.. but this will be a time in which we can work together and share our thoughts, help each other out etc..
[3:45:23 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: sounds goo d to me, though tomorrow is more the likely not possible for me, I'll check about next week if that is better for me, so we can work a little bit together
[3:45:35 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: can't make any promises at the moment though
[3:46:26 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Well, if you have any other time you like to meet. Just let us know. When I speak for myself, I must be able to make time on my schedule. So what do you think?
[3:47:31 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Next point.. fits with what we do now..
[3:47:32 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: When and where for next KB Sprint?

    * Arnoud is staying here in Brussels for a bit - we could have an impromtu Sprint here perhaps? A very short day? --Kev-The-Hasty 12:05, 2 November 2010 (UTC)
[3:48:18 PM] steve sullivan: Have you and Kevin got any dates in mind?
[3:49:10 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Well, at the moment we can organise a spontanic one. Because I am in Brussels, Kevin is as well.. and maybe more likes to join in?
[3:49:40 PM] steve sullivan: How long are you in Brussels for Arnoud?
[3:49:51 PM] steve sullivan: I can't come this month, perhaps next month though?
[3:51:31 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Haha, well.. I don't know. First I planned a week or two. But I also got the offer to stay for 4.. or I must do some funny scheduling and remain here in a bit of december as well
[3:52:04 PM] steve sullivan: Good, very good.
[3:52:21 PM] steve sullivan: I can't give a date today though. I will have to email you
[3:52:30 PM] pitpat283: I would have come but these two weeks are not good for me, neither
[3:52:47 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: So what about December?
[3:53:45 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: @Kevin.. Do you have your agenda with you?
[3:54:11 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: i gotta see more spontaneous if I can join in via skype then, since I wont be in Europe until probably sometime mid-ish next year
[3:54:15 PM] pitpat283: any weekend (fr-mu) would be fine in Dec (before xmas :)
[3:54:36 PM] steve sullivan: OK, I will get back to you about when I'm free
[3:54:54 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: A weekend Sprint. Sounds fun!
[3:55:34 PM] *** Arnoud van Dillewijn added kevincolyerwork ***
[3:55:53 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Oops, I left Kevin out by accident.. sorry mate!
[3:56:14 PM] kevincolyerwork: (I think i am back - skype hates me)
[3:56:28 PM] pitpat283: (me too ...)
[3:56:36 PM] steve sullivan: skype loves me
[3:57:10 PM] kevincolyerwork:
[3:57:23 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: @We were talking about planning the next sprint. There is a possibility to meet in December in a weekend. So we get a weekend Sprint.
[3:57:40 PM] kevincolyerwork: weekend = my wife will kill me
[3:57:54 PM] steve sullivan: then you will get to live with Jesus!
[3:58:09 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: violent people here :x
[3:58:24 PM] kevincolyerwork: actually, it might be possible. December is very busy though!
[3:58:56 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: @Kevin, get your wife on the KB, problem solved...
[3:59:15 PM] kevincolyerwork: @matrix - i hadn't thought of that - bound to work!
[3:59:51 PM] kevincolyerwork: 4-5 december is OK-ish for me, if we are here in Brussels but we have accomodation problems...
[4:00:55 PM] pitpat283: I can bring my sleeping bag with me
[4:01:12 PM] steve sullivan: I can sleep on a table, or under a sink
[4:01:25 PM] kevincolyerwork: Is monday tuesday not possible? Much more scope for me to host
[4:01:53 PM] pitpat283: I would only come monday but better than nothing
[4:02:50 PM] kevincolyerwork: How about late Sunday to a Monday (all day?)
[4:02:54 PM] kevincolyerwork: 5-6 december?
[4:03:17 PM] steve sullivan: Sounds good, I have to talk to Julie and she is away
[4:03:48 PM] kevincolyerwork: I could just squeeze it in. I have a youth meeting to lead at my church, but you are all welcome!
[4:03:57 PM] kevincolyerwork: Is it agreed?
[4:04:01 PM] steve sullivan: yep
[4:04:04 PM] pitpat283: yes
[4:04:24 PM] kevincolyerwork: Arnoud? Neo ;->?
[4:05:00 PM] kevincolyerwork: OK!
[4:05:05 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: I think I must be able to have some more days here..
[4:05:14 PM] kevincolyerwork: ;)
[4:05:22 PM] kevincolyerwork: Next Item?
[4:05:30 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: well, i'm far away, I can see how it would fit in via skype, though Mondays are usually pretty full for me till 8-9PM
[4:05:39 PM] *** kevincolyerwork has changed the conversation topic to "Agenda: Action Buttons (Skin fratman_kb_backup)" ***
[4:05:45 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: so if anything i might be a ble to join in on tuesday
[4:06:10 PM] kevincolyerwork: New agenda... item - can we approve the new skin shanges - Pitpats action buttons?
[4:07:03 PM] pitpat283: maybe a designer wants to make the buttons looker nicer / in the style of the rest of the site?
[4:07:10 PM] kevincolyerwork: Say +1 if OK and -1 if problem or no. Then we will deal with any problems or approve?
[4:07:28 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: +1
[4:07:28 PM] steve sullivan: +1
[4:07:31 PM] kevincolyerwork: @pitpat - that would be nice - but at least they work!
[4:07:31 PM] pitpat283: +1
[4:07:32 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: +1
[4:07:36 PM] kevincolyerwork: +1
[4:08:01 PM] kevincolyerwork: APRROVED. Now to find a nice designer to bless them. Steve is good with buttons
[4:08:16 PM] steve sullivan: Which Steve? Me?
[4:08:24 PM] kevincolyerwork: sullivan
[4:08:34 PM] steve sullivan: OK. call me button man
[4:08:43 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Haha!
[4:08:50 PM] *** kevincolyerwork has changed the conversation topic to "Agenda: 4 clear targets" ***
[4:08:58 PM] kevincolyerwork: call me zypper man
[4:09:22 PM] kevincolyerwork: NEXT ITEM: anyone want to set some growth targets? Arnoud was pleased to point out we are 600 pages!
[4:09:33 PM] steve sullivan: 1000 pages by...
[4:09:41 PM] kevincolyerwork: wednesday
[4:09:49 PM | Edited 4:11:00 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: 2020
[4:09:52 PM] steve sullivan: What is happening with the Mercy stuff from Steve Goode?
[4:10:08 PM] kevincolyerwork: There is a slow coversation with him.
[4:10:53 PM] kevincolyerwork: I have done this as a framework: http://www.ywamkb.net/kb/index.php/YWAMKnowledgeBase:Mercy_Ministry_Thread
[4:11:21 PM] pitpat283: 10 active users a year, active meaning more than 5 edits in this timeframe
[4:11:26 PM] kevincolyerwork: If you all want me to offer our help posting docs we could do it?
[4:11:39 PM] kevincolyerwork: I think active users is a good goal.
[4:12:04 PM] kevincolyerwork: I have found our teenager BTW - we have active users in all decades now - 50,40,30,20, 10's!
[4:12:14 PM] pitpat283: oh really!
[4:12:20 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: I like to encourage KB fans to send in pictures for us to use on the KB
[4:12:56 PM] kevincolyerwork: See item 7 for my idea on top of arnoud's
[4:13:52 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: what pictures you mean? just general that might fit to any topic/article?
[4:13:59 PM] kevincolyerwork: Faces
[4:14:37 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Yes, we like people pictures. Especially from YWAMers in class, on the road, in ministry, on outreach, etc..
[4:14:58 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: (y)
[4:15:28 PM] kevincolyerwork: @pitpat - I like this - we need to set up a way to catch those stats - probably another hastybot job.
[4:15:35 PM] pitpat283: You mean ACTUAL faces? As if we werent nerds? :)
[4:15:46 PM] kevincolyerwork: Well we are people.
[4:16:03 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Monkey pictures are fun too..
[4:16:09 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: oh, so not me in the server room? that might be hard to get then...
[4:16:10 PM] kevincolyerwork: The general advice is a website with people pictures on it is warm and friendly
[4:16:31 PM] kevincolyerwork: neo in server room sounds good: perhaps a calendar - men of IT?
[4:16:40 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: :)
[4:17:10 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: HAHA :D OK this is getting slightly out of control now... (rofl)
[4:17:28 PM] kevincolyerwork: @pitpat: diff between two User:Score pages one year apart.
[4:17:49 PM] pitpat283: or that, yeah
[4:18:20 PM] kevincolyerwork: OK. I propose: accept pitpat's idea of ACTIVE users as a fresh goal. (might need revising) and anyone else can add to the pages and users goals?
[4:18:24 PM] kevincolyerwork: +1 or -1
[4:18:30 PM] steve sullivan: +1
[4:18:35 PM] kevincolyerwork: +1
[4:18:38 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: +1
[4:18:41 PM] steve sullivan: +0.98
[4:18:47 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Well, it is actually also a great tool to get other YWAMers involved. Many don't know what to share on the KB, but everyone has pictures of their time on the DTS, etc..
[4:19:11 PM] *** kevincolyerwork has changed the conversation topic to "Agenda: 5,6 and 7 all together: Promo, words and testimonies" ***
[4:19:33 PM] kevincolyerwork: @Steve: I'll round you up!
[4:19:51 PM] steve sullivan: good
[4:19:54 PM] kevincolyerwork: Sam says hi. He is having a little break just now!
[4:20:04 PM] steve sullivan: Hi Sam, sup man?
[4:20:05 PM] kevincolyerwork: (music)
[4:20:10 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Hi Sam! See ya soon!
[4:20:37 PM] kevincolyerwork: sam says: Sum Samus!
[4:20:51 PM] kevincolyerwork: = I am Sam (in Latin)
[4:21:02 PM] steve sullivan: Sum a Samus!
[4:21:05 PM] pitpat283: oh he is litterate, I see ...
[4:21:28 PM] kevincolyerwork: GO!
[4:21:32 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: I need to test his Dutch later tonight..
[4:21:46 PM] steve sullivan: Pallindromically speaking
[4:21:48 PM] kevincolyerwork: @Arnoud: Ellie's doing dutch, sam latin!
[4:22:25 PM] steve sullivan: Great, we need other languages on the kb and what better universal language than Latin -- in the 14th century!!!!
[4:22:28 PM] kevincolyerwork: I got to announce in a meeting with Loren that I am a founder of the KB!
[4:22:40 PM] pitpat283: oh cool
[4:22:41 PM] kevincolyerwork: @Lingue franca!
[4:22:46 PM] steve sullivan: what did people say?
[4:22:50 PM] kevincolyerwork: Oooooh
[4:23:00 PM] kevincolyerwork: Well, there were knowing mumbles
[4:23:12 PM] steve sullivan: ah, knowing mumbles
[4:23:18 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Sweet 8-)
[4:23:47 PM] steve sullivan: Question -- how could we use the kb as a planning tool?
[4:23:47 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: short story (otherwise too much to write...) my wife was in a meeting here in Perth with people involved i education. Someone spoke about using the internet more for classrooms, even before students arrive on locations to meet virtually in a forum, etc, also to mae use of Wiki's on Base to collect and work on teachings.
I gave my wife a few business cards of YWAMKB, as this guy didn't know about it's existance but he was very encouraged to hear that something like this here is actually  already happening. 

I'm still waiting for him to contact me about it... But i do hope he will, so i can talk with him firther. He is pretty much a promoter, so if he would promote the KB as well, that would be sweet help, free advertising, so to speak
[4:24:20 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: that's my happy story :)
[4:24:23 PM] steve sullivan: Terrific
[4:24:52 PM] kevincolyerwork: I also talked to the WELT leaders again. It was not a great chance to talk. I get 10 mins at the end of the agenda, but I have started pushing the Alternative types of Learning (such as Distance) which is essentially what the KB is now we have collected plenty of Knowledge. I have heard after the meeting that people are thinking about what I said... But there are more general problems
[4:24:57 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: 8-)8-) Double Sweet
[4:25:18 PM] kevincolyerwork: @neo - good story!
[4:25:22 PM] steve sullivan: (sun)(makeup)(beer)Triple sweet
[4:25:35 PM] steve sullivan: seminars!
[4:25:46 PM] kevincolyerwork: Steve Goode is with us and Tim Svoboda too.
[4:26:34 PM] steve sullivan: I should put something on the kb to lead people through a planning process which could be done on the kb and record the substance of the seminar too. Could even do it with schools. I'll have a word with Pamela.
[4:26:53 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: as far as here on Base goes, I still try to get people on it, but i hope one day some will, I might need to sit down with them and talk them through how it works to write something
[4:27:31 PM] kevincolyerwork: I think we will win more people over when we can answer in depth the questions they have. The DTS section is better than ever and I think it can answer a lot of questions and give a rounded approach to running a school.
[4:27:49 PM] kevincolyerwork: I was struck by this quote though:
[4:27:50 PM] kevincolyerwork: "If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather the wood, divide the work and give orders Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea." (Antoine de Saint Exupéry)
[4:28:14 PM] steve sullivan: yes, vast and endless sea -- that appeals to Arnoud too
[4:28:18 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: agreed Kevin, that is a very appropriate quote (y)
[4:28:42 PM] pitpat283: (y)
[4:28:47 PM] steve sullivan: I need to meet with school leaders and ask them to put their material on the kb using the wonderful DTS page as a template
[4:28:51 PM] kevincolyerwork: Often when I pitch the KB to people their eyes claze over at the "you could edit this", "you could change that" and I think they loose them. I need to consider approaching things from the YEARNing angle, Any ideas?
[4:29:13 PM] steve sullivan: free stuff?
[4:29:15 PM] kevincolyerwork: @steve - but will they unless they YEARN?
[4:29:28 PM] steve sullivan: free food?
[4:29:30 PM] kevincolyerwork: I can send them a bottle of internet?
[4:29:43 PM] steve sullivan: two bottles for great contributions
[4:30:04 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: you contirbute that for us to hand out?
[4:30:21 PM] steve sullivan: (d)
[4:30:27 PM] pitpat283: yearning: e.g. "I feel so blessed, I want to give back some of it" (->community)
[4:30:36 PM] kevincolyerwork: I think Neo's suggestion in point 7 is vital. Mostly for us, but also for when we need to explain the KB to others.
[4:30:49 PM] pitpat283: but won't work with all people, I think
[4:31:33 PM] kevincolyerwork: I think we could do with a sense of accomplishment... We can measure pages served (now 600,000+) but that is not the same as someones response.
[4:31:54 PM] kevincolyerwork: @Neo - the CARDS are GREAT!!!!!
[4:32:04 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: We can give a best reward for the sending in of pictures.....
[4:32:04 PM] pitpat283: Oh - does he now send emails when someone is editing "his" article?
[4:32:15 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: i think if we can explain it to people so that they feel they get a benefit out of it, it'll help. E.g.
"Write something about the school you are leading/staffing, because there is no information yet on the KB, which is read world wide by others..."
[4:32:33 PM] pitpat283: There could be some sort of "send comments to the author"
[4:32:43 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: nw, Kev, was an honour to distribute some more
[4:33:10 PM] steve sullivan: I like the idea of "send comments to author"
[4:33:43 PM] kevincolyerwork: I have made sure that every page now has the authors underneath. It is subtle, but will connect material to authors
[4:33:55 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: We can use the YWAM KB Facebook Group to send out reward for numerous different things!
[4:33:57 PM] steve sullivan: thanks Kev, well doen
[4:33:58 PM] kevincolyerwork: @sulli - we might be able to do that
[4:34:34 PM] pitpat283: @kevin: sorry, nobody will ready this. It's in "Attention, now here comes the legal footer"-grey
[4:34:36 PM] kevincolyerwork: bounties: 20$ for a good article on Mercy Ministries?
[4:35:30 PM] pitpat283: We could promote this line under the category and make it plain black, maybe a bit smaller.
[4:35:35 PM] steve sullivan: 20 HK$
[4:36:03 PM] kevincolyerwork: @Pitpat - true, but it means we can get at the same stats and present it another way! (it is a skin issue - how about a button "email the authors"?)
[4:36:26 PM] kevincolyerwork: @pitpat (y)
[4:36:46 PM] steve sullivan: @steve (y)
[4:36:52 PM] pitpat283: @kevin dont get your comment
[4:37:18 PM] pitpat283: I would integrate it into the rating box
[4:38:00 PM] kevincolyerwork: @pitpat - I mean that it is more about skin programming than anything else!
[4:38:13 PM] kevincolyerwork: @pitpat - could do that too.
[4:38:25 PM] kevincolyerwork: Seminars....
[4:38:34 PM] pitpat283: it is - I mean that is what the talk page is for
[4:38:47 PM] pitpat283: but new wikipedia users don't think this way
[4:38:57 PM] pitpat283: and non-logged users won't be able to do it
[4:39:11 PM] kevincolyerwork: Do you think there are any benefits in running a KB wiritnig seminar or a KB users seminar?
[4:39:50 PM] kevincolyerwork: there is a Equip 15:16 training coming up in Vienna next year - we can propose training we want - what about that? Maureen M would be there and other top brass and we could blind them with our science?
[4:40:35 PM] steve sullivan: blinding with science is good -- E = mc2
[4:40:35 PM] pitpat283: Great, but I would put the emphasis of the spirit of kb, not the technical side of it
[4:40:55 PM] pitpat283: why writing documentation can be benificial for example
[4:41:03 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: @Pitpat Like it!
[4:41:17 PM] steve sullivan: +1
[4:41:20 PM] pitpat283: Or "Improvement"
[4:41:23 PM] kevincolyerwork: Perhaps Distance Learning Training
[4:41:36 PM] kevincolyerwork: (spooky action at a distance!)
[4:41:46 PM] steve sullivan: more fundamentally, people need to see the need for the kb, not necessarily its ease of use
[4:41:53 PM] pitpat283: true
[4:41:57 PM] steve sullivan: that's why i suggested the seminars
[4:41:57 PM] kevincolyerwork: YEARNing again
[4:42:15 PM] kevincolyerwork: Would they come to seminars if you through them on the KB?
[4:42:17 PM] steve sullivan: YWAM Carlisle longed for the vast oceans and use the kb to plan their dts
[4:42:26 PM] steve sullivan: perhaps
[4:42:53 PM] kevincolyerwork: In brussels people are so busy I can't get them to much anyway! Perhaps they have more time on their hands on a campus?
[4:43:02 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: KB loves (inlove) Carlisle
[4:43:10 PM] steve sullivan: ha
[4:43:54 PM] kevincolyerwork: Any other concrete proposals or ideas for some prototypes? I think we should do some more things.
[4:44:14 PM] steve sullivan: I will talk to Pamela tomorrow about the planning tools
[4:44:36 PM] kevincolyerwork: I have wondered about doing the next WELC as an unconference - that fits well with the spirit of the KB as community driven. I talked to the WELT folks about it, but it was very new to them and I am not sure they got it!
[4:44:54 PM] kevincolyerwork: (I have 10 mins left!)
[4:45:04 PM] steve sullivan: "Look here if you want to plan a seminar or school" Perhaps it could be the first port of call for anyone who wants to start something new. As well as that need to push the kb to start new teams
[4:45:34 PM] steve sullivan: I'm thinking of running the next conference as an unWELT!!!
[4:46:31 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: What does unWelt mean actually... (think)
[4:46:46 PM] kevincolyerwork: It means more of this: http://www.ywamkb.net/kb/index.php/Mapping_Dialogue_-_Open_Space_Technology
[4:46:53 PM] steve sullivan: have you ever been some where and people ignored you and you felt unweltome?
[4:47:09 PM] kevincolyerwork: I have expereinced bad grammar before but not bad spelling?
[4:47:24 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: well, I don't have any other fresh ideas at the moment...
[4:47:30 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: bad grammer, you talk about me?
[4:47:44 PM] steve sullivan: i didn't meet your grandmother
[4:47:46 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: in public....?? ;(
[4:47:48 PM] kevincolyerwork: I want to suggest that the next WELC is more community driven, using such tools as unconferences, open space technology etc.
[4:48:03 PM] steve sullivan: Oh, that, absolutely +999
[4:48:20 PM] kevincolyerwork: @neo: no
[4:48:23 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: No preachy meeting..?
[4:48:42 PM] steve sullivan: sounds great Kev, I'll help
[4:49:24 PM] kevincolyerwork: Well, I think there is space for some inspirational stuff, worship and ministry. But for the most part the community should drive the priorities...
[4:49:54 PM] kevincolyerwork: It all depends on what Stephe M wants to get out of it...
[4:50:15 PM] pitpat283: Unconference really sounds cool ... postmodern ...
[4:50:16 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Maybe having real small groups, not only big meetings or workshops..
[4:50:26 PM] steve sullivan: Stephe who? Sorry, who is the conference for? Is it for Stephe?
[4:50:46 PM] kevincolyerwork: @ arnoud - that is what it is really - very focussed groups getting on with it.
[4:51:17 PM] pitpat283: Actually you could propose a compromise: some speakers & workshops planned ahead, but leaving much space
[4:51:21 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: With playing games to break the ice..?
[4:51:35 PM] kevincolyerwork: Anyway - we need to think of other ways to impact the WE crowd. The chance of being give then whole WELT is slender
[4:51:40 PM] steve sullivan: and coffee and beer and music
[4:51:50 PM] kevincolyerwork: We may get more influence with the Central Europe crowd.
[4:52:11 PM] kevincolyerwork: HEY, GOT TO GO IN ONE MINUTE --  TIMES UP FOR ME - BUT KEEP TALKING!
[4:52:24 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: I have to come up with some kind of group game to introduce the importance of the KB
[4:52:24 PM] pitpat283: ok bye!
[4:52:47 PM] steve sullivan: ok, bye guys, thanks, wonderful to read you again.
[4:52:49 PM] steve sullivan: much love etc
[4:52:53 PM] pitpat283: promotion in game-based learning ! sounds great
[4:53:00 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: OK, Kev, was nice chatting with you, blessings
[4:53:12 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: See ya later, when you pick me up from here..
[4:53:25 PM] kevincolyerwork: See you tomorrow for more if any are available!
[4:53:41 PM] kevincolyerwork: @Neo - thanks for proddingthis and being here!
[4:54:05 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: (bow) at your service
[4:54:57 PM] kevincolyerwork: Thanks all - see dates for next meeting
[4:55:04 PM] *** kevincolyerwork has changed the conversation topic to "Done..." ***
[4:57:24 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: so, i believe the next meeting is then confirmed for Monday 6th Dec? even more so since that mon/tue the sprint is proposed?
[4:57:51 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: it's late enough on Mondays for me to be there...
[4:58:04 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Yes, I think it is.. but we can still meet on Skype whenever we can
[4:58:25 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: sure, but always good to have a goal set
[4:59:17 PM] kevincolyerwork: GOT to go! Sam's here! BYE!!!!!!
[4:59:33 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: bye :)
[5:00:37 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: BTW, i like the idea Kevin menitioned at Agenda point 7 to rotate quotes from people on the main page, testimoies, etc...
[5:01:02 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: just thought I throw that in at the end
[5:02:02 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: It is something we just talked about today. To have a picture and a nice quote. Every day someone else on the front.
[5:02:51 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: oh, i didn't realize it was about the front page.... (blush)
[5:03:03 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: well, i have a good excuse
[5:03:20 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: it's past midnight here
[5:03:36 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: and I'm only looking at the screen with 1 eye at this time
[5:03:53 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Must be a great picture...
[5:04:14 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: not so sure about that one
[5:05:05 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Anyway, if you want to go.. Njoy your night!
[5:05:31 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: ya, I guess I need to go
[5:05:47 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: alarm will go off way too early...
[5:05:55 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: thanks for the meeting guys
[5:05:59 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: bless you all
[5:06:29 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: (hug)
[5:06:52 PM] the.matrix.is.everywhere: (hug)
[5:07:35 PM] pitpat283: Yesterday I saw that wikipedia actually has some system of badges:
[5:07:53 PM] pitpat283: everybody can give somebody a "barnstar" in order to express his appreciation
[5:08:50 PM] pitpat283: We could descern virtual prizes like "Your first edit" "Your first article" "Cleaning up..." "Heavy writer..." etc.
[5:09:11 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Wow!
[5:09:40 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: So you can have a prize cabinet full of these virtual prizes?
[5:10:00 PM] pitpat283: Well .... thats not my ambition,
[5:10:17 PM] pitpat283: but how can we induce the new user to keep up the good work?
[5:10:54 PM] pitpat283: Make them feel welcome (also means more than just giving them a prize, of course)
[5:12:09 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Personal contact is important. I do appreciate it when somebody gives a compliment on my work
[5:12:25 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Keeps me going!
[5:12:42 PM] pitpat283: True.
[5:13:49 PM] pitpat283: For example the guy of the western cultural assumptions - we wrote some feedback to the talk page, but it seems that he never read it ...
[5:14:09 PM] pitpat283: (Or he just didn't reply, we don't know)
[5:14:50 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Jon Slack
[5:14:53 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: I had to check
[5:15:13 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Good question
[5:15:26 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Makes me curious now of who he is. Did he do more?
[5:15:33 PM] pitpat283: As far as I know, no
[5:16:33 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: He might actually be Jon from Ireland. I think he might have had another account and started a new and posted 2 pages
[5:16:41 PM] pitpat283: I will test if the automatic emailer is working ...
[5:16:52 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Good thing!
[5:18:21 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Jonathan B. Slack is his name
[5:19:00 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: He has his own website
[5:19:12 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: http://www.jonslack.com/
[5:19:52 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: He is another Kiwi!
[5:20:14 PM] pitpat283: Oh, email use must be confirmed, I forgot (click on confirmation link of email)
[5:20:28 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Hey, I got to go..
[5:20:40 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Kevin is waiting in the car outside
[5:20:46 PM] pitpat283: ok
[5:20:48 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Let's catch up later!
[5:20:51 PM] pitpat283: until then ...
[5:20:57 PM] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Blessings and hugs to you as well!