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Hope you can come! Statistics Report: statistics

The meeting is held here: <skype action="chat">kevincolyerwork</skype> at 16h00 GMT+1.


You can put ideas here for what we want to talk about during the KB meeting. Anyone who wants to join in is welcome (put ~~~~: before your comment and you have the lead on that discussion!): (some or all of these)

  1. Following up last meetings Action points
  2. Publicity - follow up on stickers
  3. The Evaluation of YWAMKB. Points for implementation. Read Website_evaluation_of_ywamkb.net for details.
    • What do we think needs most implementing? (PUT YOUR THOUGHTS HERE!)
      • PitPat 12:11, 30 September 2009 (UTC):Layout change for usability? Main Page reconsiderations, Left-bar navigation (split up into "normal" and "wiki" stuff), other ideas.
  4. Any other business (PUT YOUR THOUGHTS HERE!)
    • Pitpat 21:15, 4 November 2009 (UTC): Discuss star evaluation.
  5. Proposed next Meeting: Monday 7th December @ 16h00 GMT+1


Just so we manage to get some business done here are a few rules:

  1. Remember that a lot of attendees are writing in their second language - therefore ignore all unimportant spellings and also try to leave give more time for them to respond. Lets not 'shout' over the voices of others by bombarding people with messages.
  2. Try to stay on topic! Jokes and Red herrings are fun but probably not helpful in a chat context!
  3. The Chairman (today its Kevin) will set the topic. Try to follow it. TYPING THINGS IN CAPITALS IS THE CHAIRMANS WAY OF CALLING FOR ORDER.
  4. Voting: if asked to vote please vote +1 for yes and -1 for no. 0 or nothing is an abstention.
  5. Enjoy the meeting - you can have private chats with another person - just try to pay attention to the main flow of things too.


Please write your apologies here and any comments you wish to make but will not be able to. (Please sign by entering a --~~~~)

-- steve-the-not-so-hasty 08:33, 13 October 2009 (UTC)


Please put your name here if you are planning on coming to the meeting.


Present: Apologies:

Action points:


  • [16:15:23] Frankwin: whats on the agenda?
  • [16:15:24] Steve Sullivan: hmmm
  • [16:15:51] kevincolyerwork: http://www.ywamkb.net/kb/index.php/YWAMKnowledgeBase:Meeting_20091109
  • [16:16:12] Steve Sullivan: Agenda -- filling the kb
  • [16:16:19] kevincolyerwork: Agenda:
  • [16:16:22] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: Hellooo guys!! Greetings from Brazil!!
  • [16:16:39] Frankwin: hi. can I get some sun, you can get some of our rain?
  • [16:17:11] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: yeah, please! Take our hoooot sun and give us some raaaain!! Man!! I'm frying here! =D
  • [16:17:24] kevincolyerwork: Hi Xavier
  • [16:17:40] Steve Sullivan: sorry to hear you are frying
  • [16:17:54] … did you note the sarcasm in my voice?
  • [16:18:02] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: hehe...
  • [16:18:22] … I love you too.. heheh... (wasntme)
  • [16:18:26] Steve Sullivan: thank you
  • [16:18:27] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: so.. Hi Kevin!!


  • [16:18:46] … please.. go on and tell us the AGENDA!!!
  • [16:19:04] kevincolyerwork: Just coming up!
  • [16:19:11] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: ah, ok!
  • [16:19:23] Steve Sullivan: I'm going to be quiet for a while, but I'm still here watching
  • [16:19:31] … especially while you do the action points Kev
  • [16:20:11] kevincolyerwork: AGENDA:
  • [16:20:13] … 1. The Evaluation of YWAMKB. Points for implementation. Read Website_evaluation_of_ywamkb.net for details.
 * What do we think needs most implementing? (PUT YOUR THOUGHTS HERE!) 
 * Layout change for usability? Main Page reconsiderations, Left-bar navigation (split up into "normal" and "wiki" stuff), other ideas. 
 * Discuss star evaluation.

2. Following up last meetings Action points 3. Publicity - follow up on stickers

  • [16:20:28] * kevincolyerwork has changed the chat topic to "1. The Evaluation of YWAMKB. Points for implementation. Read Website_evaluation_of_ywamkb.net for details.
 * What do we think needs most implementing? (PUT YOUR THOUGHTS HERE!) 
 * Layout change for usability? Main Page reconsiderations, Left-bar"
  • [16:20:37] kevincolyerwork: OK ARE WE READY?
  • [16:20:46] Steve Sullivan: I'm ready
  • [16:20:50] kevincolyerwork: i HAVE TO QUIT AT 1700 BECAUSE OF SICK WIFE
  • [16:21:16] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: and I have only 30 minutes...
  • [16:21:17] kevincolyerwork: The main subject is the evaluation of the KB done by my criteria by PitPat (or Benjamin)
  • [16:21:19] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: ok?
  • [16:21:23] kevincolyerwork: ok
  • [16:21:34] … http://www.ywamkb.net/kb/index.php/Website_evaluation_of_ywamkb.net
  • [16:21:43] … Tha tlink is the evaluation
  • [16:22:14] … Because of distance between meetings PP and I have implimented a lot of stuff. Including the new skin Fratman_Enhanced. Just for you Saulo!!!!!
  • [16:22:29] Steve Sullivan: I love the new skin
  • [16:22:36] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: Me too! Thanks Kev!
  • [16:22:40] … Greeeeeeat visual!
  • [16:22:49] Steve Sullivan: it is fresh and appealing
  • [16:22:51] … thank you
  • [16:22:55] kevincolyerwork: There are a few visual glitches so PP and I are working on Frantman_KB which looks better... Try it
  • [16:24:15] … If you find glitches, take a screen shot and email it to me - it is easier to see what is happening than a vague report (e.g. text looks wrong at bottom of page). Not that anyone is vague actually!
  • [16:24:56] … But different people use different browsers and hence subtle problems creep in
  • [16:25:01] Steve Sullivan: I have one question arising from the evaluation. The evaluation looks like a fantastic help.
  • [16:25:09] kevincolyerwork: go on
  • [16:25:32] Steve Sullivan: I think increasingly the kb will be relevant for non-ywamers and I shall tell you why
  • [16:25:48] … I'm convinced we need to collaborate with non-ywamers in order to do some things
  • [16:25:59] … such as massive church planting in W Europe
  • [16:26:08] kevincolyerwork: can you define non-ywamers a bit better?
  • [16:26:11] Steve Sullivan: others have some of the skills that we don't have
  • [16:26:25] … others who are evangelising and church planting in Europe
  • [16:26:47] … and the kb could/should be a resource for all of us without it losing its ywam identity
  • [16:27:03] kevincolyerwork: I am Ok with that!
  • [16:27:20] Steve Sullivan: and if the material is good and not secret, then it could be widely useful to others
  • [16:27:39] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: yeah... I agree with Steve in this point...
  • [16:27:54] * kevincolyerwork invited pitpat283
  • [16:27:58] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: However, we need just to creat some PROTECTION TOOL for the updates, you know?
  • [16:28:16] Steve Sullivan: what does that mean Saulo?
  • [16:28:22] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: for example:
  • [16:29:27] … if we open everything about our YWAMer "box of Pandora"... we are letting accessible to all the World the data, information and everything about what we do..
  • [16:29:55] kevincolyerwork: That might be a bit too open!
  • [16:30:06] … I think steve means something different
  • [16:30:06] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: and this kind of exposion can be something BLESSED to OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE CHRISTIAN PEOPLE OUTSIDE YWAM
  • [16:30:38] … but something "dangerous" to our dear YWAMers serving the persecuted church in Asia, Middle Orient, etc..
  • [16:31:19] … It's not something to be affraid of... But, I guess that, having an open-access just like the Wikipedia portal itself is something wonderful to us as YWAMers...
  • [16:31:59] kevincolyerwork: There is always information that is irrelevant and inapropriate to post to outsiders: Staff listings, personell data, some strategic thoughts
  • [16:32:10] … Some leadership discussions
  • [16:32:09] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: it's going to let us more strengthened to mobilize the Church!!
  • [16:32:26] kevincolyerwork: But the KB is not really for that
  • [16:32:37] … And I don't think we have anything like that on it.
  • [16:32:38] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: ah, ok! got the picture, Kev!
  • [16:32:46] kevincolyerwork: IOI owuld remove it if I found it
  • [16:32:48] … BUT
  • [16:32:57] Frankwin: maybe IP addresses of posting members could be invisible to non-administrators, that will provide already a lot of privacy protection
  • [16:33:01] kevincolyerwork: I think we could stregthen and clarify this for new people
  • [16:33:16] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: Nice shot, Frankwin!
  • [16:33:27] kevincolyerwork: Are they visible now?
  • [16:33:28] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: yes, Kev!
  • [16:33:32] kevincolyerwork: oh
  • [16:33:35] Steve Sullivan: i can't see any
  • [16:33:38] kevincolyerwork: What is my IP then?
  • [16:34:46] Steve Sullivan: i can ask some friends about what information could compromise our friends in the Middle east and elsewhere but most of what YWAM does is clear from a 10 second search of google.
  • [16:35:07] kevincolyerwork: IP thing is good. Hadn't thought of that.
  • [16:35:11] Steve Sullivan: so, perhaps we can make it clear what information would be unhelpful to put on the kb
  • [16:35:45] kevincolyerwork: But to be honest, people who do not wish to be found might not be wanting to join the KB - afterall our transparency is fairly clear.
  • [16:36:06] … But perhaps a disclaimer page might be useful
  • [16:36:22] … and advice on using TOR or other anonymisers to access the KB
  • [16:36:43] Steve Sullivan: not all ywamers think in great detail about communication -- so perhaps a disclaimer page might help
  • [16:37:35] kevincolyerwork: I got an email the other day whit yw*m and m*slim throughout as a security feature. It was not really well thought through
  • [16:37:41] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: You just said something that I was up to say, Steve..
  • [16:38:15] … Thinking about communication in this such advanced grade is not something common to all YWAMers...
  • [16:38:35] Steve Sullivan: OK, can we do the disclaimer page Kev? are we agreed?
  • [16:38:46] … I've got a couple of other comments about the front page
  • [16:38:54] kevincolyerwork: YEP! ACTION POINT: Disclaimer page and security page for KB users
  • [16:39:15] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: plese.. didn't get DISCLAIMER PAGE... sorry!! :-$ In a few words, what does it mean?
  • [16:39:19] kevincolyerwork: Carry on steve, but can I ask - FRANKWIN - how can you find a users IP address?
  • [16:39:49] … DISCLAIMER - a warning page or letting go of responsibility. But a Security page might be better
  • [16:40:30] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: Ok! After reading this... I guess it's better a Security page is more feasible to KB!
  • [16:40:48] kevincolyerwork: I have another thought - one GLT member asked me to take down some pages becuase of Security concerns. I am puzzled and awaiting a deeper explanation. Anyone got any heads up on what GLT are concerned about?
  • [16:41:29] Steve Sullivan: I'm thrilled to hear that a GLT member was looking at the kb
  • [16:42:19] kevincolyerwork: Actually - he has contributed a bit
  • [16:42:22] Steve Sullivan: is it worth sending an email to the GLT and explain the openness of the system, the checks and balances we have in place and the willingness to remove difficult information
  • [16:42:42] kevincolyerwork: Yes, once we have clarified it a bit more!
  • [16:42:49] Frankwin: about the IPaddresses; Ill have to find that out Kevin, I was just throwing in a standard security issue most websites deal with. I'll let you know.
  • [16:42:59] kevincolyerwork: In this case it was content of an article
  • [16:43:08] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: if I'm not wroing... according to the reports from the last meeting of GLT at Lausanne, they are concerned about the life's securities of some people serving at dangerous places, you know?
  • [16:43:40] kevincolyerwork: @ frankwin - you scared me! (I am fairly sure that this wiki does not show IP addresses of users.)
  • [16:44:08] … @ Saulo - the article that they wanted removed was on Terrorism avoidance!
  • [16:44:21] Steve Sullivan: :O does someone know my IP
  • [16:44:23] kevincolyerwork: I think there is something deeper on their minds...
  • [16:44:36] … whois oval.com!
  • [16:44:38] Steve Sullivan: what kind of deeper things kev? any idea
  • [16:44:43] kevincolyerwork: No
  • [16:44:49] … OK
  • [16:44:59] Steve Sullivan: yep
  • [16:45:00] kevincolyerwork: LIKE STARS!
  • [16:45:39] … see http://www.ywamkb.net/kb/index.php/Special:Ratings
  • [16:45:42] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: @Kevin: the Terrorism avoidance is supposed to be something totally closed!! Because is our core beliefs about how to deal with and prevent Terrorism!!
  • [16:45:53] Steve Sullivan: Stars -- the reason for this is to invite people to evaluate the pages. it is like free labout. Gives a quality measure to the page and shows where we have work to do
  • [16:46:01] … free labour, not labout
  • [16:46:09] … i don't know what a labout is!
  • [16:46:19] kevincolyerwork: @ Saulo - the document is all generic and if noone reads it then it is no use!
  • [16:47:16] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: @ok! I thought it was something more specific!! :-$
  • [16:47:47] kevincolyerwork: @ Saulo - I may be wrong! Anyway I didn't post it! The GLT member did!!!
  • [16:48:32] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: @Kevin... So... How can we leave more simple and practical the evaluation form?
  • [16:48:55] … @Kevin: don't you think that it's tooo long?
  • [16:49:17] kevincolyerwork: We are talking about the main page now?
  • [16:50:44] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: @Kevin: Well.. I thought we were talking about the first topic of the Agenda... We decided together that we should take care more about the SECURITY STUFFS of KB... And... What's next?
  • [16:50:49] Steve Sullivan: Main page: can we consider two things relating to the front page -- 1) labelling the major themes as major themes and 2)giving higher profile to 'categories'?

It is to answer the question, "How can people search best?

  • [16:51:22] … major themes -- evangelism, new teams, training, management...
  • [16:51:37] … or portals?
  • [16:51:54] kevincolyerwork: Or threads?
  • [16:52:01] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: @steve: how about the idea of labelling the themes in accordance to the main spheres of influence that we have at YWAM?
  • [16:52:03] Steve Sullivan: or threads
  • [16:52:27] … don't like the idea of the spheres -- too general
  • [16:52:42] … evangelism, church planting, starting a new team -- more specific
  • [16:52:47] Frankwin: you will have topics that hit different spheres
  • [16:53:19] kevincolyerwork: PitPit has talked about making it simpler and clearer.
  • [16:53:28] … There is a lot of overload.
  • [16:53:31] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: @steve: but... a major category to "embrace" the more specific wouldn't be more clear??
  • [16:53:33] Steve Sullivan: overload?
  • [16:53:34] kevincolyerwork: Which is fine for me!
  • [16:53:56] … Count the links.... lots to look through. Sometimes too much is bewildering
  • [16:54:03] pitpat283: In my opinion it doesn't reflect the variety of wiki articles that are on, anyhow
  • [16:54:13] Steve Sullivan: could use portal or category pages to access the different spheres -- nice idea Saulo
  • [16:54:46] kevincolyerwork: Which is also why I thought Saulo was saying the main page was too long - generally a shorter page can get users to other places quicker... Or with less confusion
  • [16:55:22] … @ everyone - it depends on two things: what users want and what we have to offer
  • [16:55:45] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: ok... in this terms... it would be better to connect the most of the tendencies as possible: category pages, TAGS (like wordpress does) and linkable things that forward to sub-portals... I don't know... I'm seeing a big NET like a SPIDER WEB in my mind as I think about this... hehehe
  • [16:55:46] kevincolyerwork: Currently we have 500 articles in various states of completeness - and huge gaps
  • [16:56:01] … where we miss articles (see prayer, childrens work, evangelism etc)
  • [16:56:23] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: @KEVIN!! YEEEEEEEAH! You just have caught up my heart...
  • [16:56:33] kevincolyerwork: @ Saulo - that is Category pages in mediawik- speak
  • [16:56:39] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: @Kevin: it's all about LESS CONFUSION to NAVIGATE!!
  • [16:57:09] … @Kevin: thank's!! I'm not so that good in Wiki-terminology!! :-$
  • [16:57:20] kevincolyerwork: But we also need to think about what our users are coming for and how they use the KB. We did a survey a while back that was useful...
  • [16:57:29] pitpat283: @Saulo : Plus the wiki- heavily-interlinked pages
  • [16:57:53] kevincolyerwork: http://www.ywamkb.net/kb/index.php/YWAMKnowledgeBase:User_survey
  • [16:57:54] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: @pitpat283: thanks!! now it's starting to be familiar to me!!
  • [16:57:54] … hehe
  • [16:58:20] … @Kevin: you now have mentioned A point:
  • [16:58:21] kevincolyerwork: How do you find what you are looking for on YWAM KnowledgeBase?
  Percent    Count 
  I search using Google (e.g. "YWAMKB Church Planting")    5.9%    2 
 I search using the search box on the site   32.4%   11 
  I have the YWAMKB as a search engine in the little box on the top right of my Firefox browser    2.9%    1 
  I click on the category cloud until I find what I am looking for    26.5%    9 
 I just click at random till I get what I want   32.4%   11
  • [16:58:34] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: MISSING ARTICLES...
  • [16:58:53] kevincolyerwork: @Saulo -touchée
  • [16:59:00] Steve Sullivan: I have anothe idea -- i'd like to visit several/many ywam teams and interview them t ofind out what they know and also what they don't know but would like to know and get it onto the kb
  • [16:59:12] kevincolyerwork: That would be valuable!
  • [16:59:15] Steve Sullivan: @Steve -- great idea
  • [16:59:27] … ooops, did I just talk to myself?
  • [16:59:49] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: @KEVIN and @STEVE:
  • [16:59:59] Steve Sullivan: yes?
  • [17:00:01] kevincolyerwork: @Pitpat - click on the serach bar in FF when on the KB - you can add the KB to list. It is Opensearch. Mediawiki is cool
  • [17:00:23] pitpat283: yeah!
  • [17:00:23] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: I have an idea considering the Communication context that I'm dealing with here at Brazil...
  • [17:00:30] kevincolyerwork: continue
  • [17:02:13] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: @Kevin ans @Steve: here at Brazil, we are more than 50 YWAM Ministry and Training locations... Because of that and other factors, we have a National Webportal of YWAM (http://www.jocum.org.br)... Considering this accessibility of our national website, here you go the idea: DO SOMETHING LIKE A "CALL FOR PAPERS" TO "FEED" THE KB!! What do you think?
  • [17:02:33] Steve Sullivan: fantastic, yes, please
  • [17:02:37] kevincolyerwork: @ Kevin - I am going to run that survey again - it was one year ago! WE might gain more info!
  • [17:02:50] … @ Saulo - Fantastic!
  • [17:02:52] Steve Sullivan: @Saulo -- wonderfl
  • [17:02:59] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: @Kevin and @Steve: considering that we are also present at Twitter and Facebook, we can reach lot's of people, you know?
  • [17:03:00] kevincolyerwork: In portuguese please!
  • [17:03:11] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: and they can write everything in Portuguese!!!
  • [17:03:25] kevincolyerwork: Perhaps in December - as a Xmas present for the KB?
  • [17:03:34] Frankwin: great idea
  • [17:03:41] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: I talk about that here with our Communication TEAM!!
  • [17:03:42] Steve Sullivan: @Saulo -- and English if possible for poor people like us -- we need more Brazilians and their knowledge to reach Europe
  • [17:03:49] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: But.. for that...
  • [17:04:06] kevincolyerwork: We can go beyond Brazil...
  • [17:04:28] … Perhaps we should have a writing day?
  • [17:04:37] … got me?
  • [17:04:44] kevincolyerwork: yes
  • [17:04:51] Steve Sullivan: can we have a google wave writing day?
  • [17:04:59] kevincolyerwork: WAVE!
  • [17:05:07] … Those of us with invites can!
  • [17:05:37] … HEY, I NEED TO GO!
  • [17:05:53] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: because, the first question is: "WHAT IS KB FOR?" Then, we have a forwarding one: "WHY SHOULD WE NEED TO HELP THEM?"... "WHY IS KB IMPORTANT TO US AND TO OUR WORK AT YWAM?"
  • [17:05:59] Steve Sullivan: thanks Kev
  • [17:06:01] kevincolyerwork: Anyone want to write this briefing for Saulo?
  • [17:06:40] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: good Idea of Google Wave Writing Day!! But, can anyone INVITE ME!! EHEHE!! I'm still waiting for an invitation to Google Wave!!!
  • [17:07:08] kevincolyerwork: "WHY WE SHOULD SHARE WHAT WE KNOW ON THE KB
  • [17:07:12] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: I can mobilize the LATIN-AMERICAN COMMUNICATORS TO FEED KB IN SPANINSH, ok/
  • [17:07:15] … ??
  • [17:07:23] kevincolyerwork: in stead of "WHY SHOULD WE NEED TO HELP THEM?".
  • [17:07:24] Steve Sullivan: thank you Saulo
  • [17:07:30] kevincolyerwork: Si!
  • [17:07:40] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: we are uo to have a meeting in this or the next week!
  • [17:07:42] kevincolyerwork: Auf Deutch?
  • [17:07:49] Steve Sullivan: si
  • [17:07:57] kevincolyerwork: Steve - do you fancy writing this briefing?
  • [17:08:09] Steve Sullivan: yes, can Saulo help me?
  • [17:08:12] … and others
  • [17:09:40] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: last idea!! @steve: as you are at UK, could ask for TAMARA NEELY to share with you the e-mail contacts of the PRAYER DAY TRANSLATOR TEAM for so you can ask them to mobilize their co-workers to help feeding KB in different languages???? Only at the Prayer Day Translators team, we are about 08 nations represented!!
  • [17:10:03] kevincolyerwork: Proposals: PP and KC to continue to develop new skin ideas on fratman_kb and also http://www.ywamkb.net/kb/index.php/YWAMKnowledgeBase:New_Main_Page and http://www.ywamkb.net/kb/index.php/YWAMKnowledgeBase:Main_Page_Testing
  • [17:10:38] Frankwin: I know this is not on topic, but I just saw that you can maybe ask the one who's doing the CSS to make the page non-scrolling-to-the-side-when-you-use-1024x768-resolution-proof?
  • [17:10:40] kevincolyerwork: What do you think of a new writing day - say next meeting of YWAM: Dec 2?
  • [17:10:58] … Sorry : Proposed next Meeting: Monday 7th December @ 16h00 GMT+1
  • [17:11:09] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: @ Steve: of course I can help!! Buuut... Just by the end of the month (november) I will have more free time! Otherwise, you can skype me and we can be starting to think together about this!! Would that be ok for you??/
  • [17:11:49] kevincolyerwork: @ Frankwin - I can show you how to do that yourself - you have acceess to server
  • [17:11:51] Steve Sullivan: @Saulo -- very good
  • [17:12:14] kevincolyerwork: OK I Must go now. Steve can wrap up. I will copy text to page?
  • [17:12:18] Steve Sullivan: Can someone do the change to the left side of the page
  • [17:12:25] kevincolyerwork: PLEASE RESPOND TO MY Proposals and BYE!!!!!!!!!
  • [17:12:28] Steve Sullivan: ok, bye kev, love to family see you in a couple of days
  • [17:12:41] … is that?
  • [17:12:46] pitpat283: @ Frankwin I suspect this is only at the main page, right?
  • [17:12:47] Steve Sullivan: perfect
  • [17:12:50] … thanks Saulo
  • [17:12:58] … any more comments?
  • [17:12:59] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: ok... guys... Gotta go, now! Right?
  • [17:13:03] kevincolyerwork: Sounds good - great summary Saulo
  • [17:13:05] … BYE!
  • [17:13:08] Steve Sullivan: ok, bye Saulo, I'll skype you
  • [17:13:10] Frankwin: @pitpat2947593: yes
  • [17:13:15] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: thanks for the invitation, Kev!!!
  • [17:13:24] Steve Sullivan: pitpat -- who are you?
  • [17:13:24] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: see you, Steve!!
  • [17:13:25] kevincolyerwork: Thanks for showing up!
  • [17:13:28] Steve Sullivan: bye Saulo
  • [17:13:30] [Daddy/Papai] Saulo Xavier: ;-)
  • [17:13:40] Steve Sullivan: (dance)
  • [17:13:58] … bye everyone, speak to you all soon
  • [17:14:30] Frankwin: bye