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Cleaning Day 26th August 2009

KB Clean.jpg


Our first Cleaning Day was a big success. This is the second time we come together and I look forward to another great day of making big and small changes on the YWAM Knowledge Base.


How are we doing this? Below I made a whole list with which we can start. First of all, if you are not a member yet of the Knowledge Base than it is time for you to do so. Without it you can't make any changes. Second if you are a member (now), than you can start with your own profile. This is the best place to start experimenting with the Knowledge Base. You can tell a bit about yourself, add some links and even a picture.

Okay after that it is time to do the real cleaning. In the list you will find some good links to find articles that need some adjustment. Like it might need a spelling check or needs to be made nicer.

Just take your time to find out what everything is for. When you do have any question you can ask me or any of the other more experienced KBians to get to know how to do things. Because it is worldwide I won't always online, but other might be. Of course you can always contact us through e-mail. Contact Arnoud

At the bottom you can sign up for the day. Would be great to see you around!

Arnoud van Dillewijn

<skype action="chat">adelaartjes</skype>

Cleaning list

  • Check recent changes
  • Write own profile
    • Write about yourself and add a picture.
  • Add pictures
    • Upload file, picture must be smaller than 100kb. (bigger will be removed)
    • -> Unused images
  • Add videos
  • Remove advertisements

Confirmed participants