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Statistics Report: statistics @ 9/6/2008 net gain of 28 pages 26 users, 23,764 page hits and 452 edits. Strong hits from readers and good growth!

The meeting is held here: <skype action="chat">kevincolyerwork</skype> at 15h00 GMT on 05 May, 2008.


You can put ideas here for what we want to talk about during the KB meeting. Anyone who wants to join in is welcome (put ~~~~: before your comment and you have the lead on that discussion!): (some or all of these)

  1. Follow up from last meeting
  2. Proposed next Meeting: YWAMKnowledgeBase:Meeting 20080908|Monday 8th September @ 16h00 GMT+2


Just so we manage to get some business done here are a few rules:

  1. Remember that a lot of attendees are writing in their second language - there fore ignore all unimportant spellings and also try to leave give more time for them to respond. Lets not 'shout' over the voices of others by bombarding people with messages.
  2. Try to stay on topic! Jokes and Red herrings are fun but probably not helpful in a chat context!
  3. The Chairman (today its Kevin) will set the topic. Try to follow it. TYPING THINGS IN CAPITALS IS THE CHAIRMANS WAY OF CALLING FOR ORDER.
  4. Voting: if asked to vote please vote +1 for yes and -1 for no. 0 or nothing is an abstention.
  5. Enjoy the meeting - you can have private chats with another person - just try to pay attention to the main flow of things too.


Please write your apologies here and any comments you wish to make but will not be able to. (Please sign by entering a --~~~~)


Please put your name here if you are planning on coming to the meeting.


Present: Apologies:

Agenda items:

  1. Follow up from last meeting (action points!)
  2. Summer break for Kevin...
  3. General promotion and improvement suggestions
  4. Proposed next Meeting: YWAMKnowledgeBase:Meeting 20080908|Monday 8th September @ 16h00 GMT+2

Action points: Trying to get YWAMKB more promenant on Google to reach the internet savy new missionaries to YWAM.

  • Proposal: We all list the top 10 sites on Google for "ywam" and "youth with a mission" and try to get a link to the kb on them
  • Proposal part 2: Neo and Arnould do some profiling of meta tags and words to suggest some ways to boost the visability in Google.
  • Proposal part 3: Kevin tries for a link from YWAM.org


[16:05:19] * kevincolyerwork has changed the chat topic to "YWAM KB Meeting"
[16:05:24] the.matrix.is.everywhere: meeting (Y)
[16:05:44] kevincolyerwork: Cool. I expect it to be quite relaxed today as I have almost no agenda!
[16:06:16] Arnoud van Dillewijn: So you really get into the holiday mood than?
[16:06:33] the.matrix.is.everywhere: that's cool, i like relaxed meetings
[16:06:49] kevincolyerwork: ha ha
[16:07:23] * kevincolyerwork has changed the chat topic to "AGENDA #1 Follow up from last meeting (action points!)"
[16:07:39] kevincolyerwork: Lets get down to business...
[16:07:54] Arnoud van Dillewijn: There it comes than!
[16:08:08] kevincolyerwork: Last time we has some action points: All: TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THE KB 
[16:08:30] … Plus I was supposed to redo the videos. Which I didn't do
[16:08:48] Arnoud van Dillewijn: You mean the lesson video's?
[16:08:49] kevincolyerwork: Did I tell you I have become an Acting National Director? quite busy here!
[16:09:14] … Yes: the explaining the KB tuturial vids. Sorry will do them one day!
[16:09:15] the.matrix.is.everywhere: (blush) confession time for me again... i didn't get to tell anyone anything, well still sort of sick, at least i gotta sort of excuse
[16:09:20] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Biggest Belg?
[16:09:48] kevincolyerwork: So what is your excuse Arnoud?
[16:09:50] … !!!!
[16:10:48] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Oh, well, I just tell people in general about the KB, not that I have any new members logged in.. except for Britt, who lost the code of her old account. So she is a double member now!
[16:10:50] kevincolyerwork: I think I may have got Donovan Palmer to join!
[16:11:02] … Yes i saw that with Britt.
[16:11:10] … She can always request a new password
[16:11:21] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Cool! Donovan from Harpenden?
[16:11:26] kevincolyerwork: yes
[16:11:34] the.matrix.is.everywhere: well, i guess you did the most of us all then
[16:11:49] kevincolyerwork: I will be putting in his blog posts soon - have you read the stuff he is putting on YWAMIT.com?
[16:11:49] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Nice, I saw him 2 weeks ago on my short trip there!
[16:12:02] kevincolyerwork: good
[16:12:23] … I am also trying to get him to run linux as a desktop but that is another story!
[16:12:41] the.matrix.is.everywhere: you all my prayers
[16:12:44] Arnoud van Dillewijn: I am checking IT now
[16:12:46] kevincolyerwork: Have you any feedback from new people (or anything else?)
[16:13:12] … Anything you have spotted whilst staring over the shoulder of a person newto the KB?
[16:13:57] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Well, the only person I could check on a bit was that new guy Mitch from the Phillipines
[16:14:10] kevincolyerwork: That was a long way to go
[16:14:17] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Haha
[16:14:34] … Yes, it is.. But I did invite him, because he runs SOE's there.
[16:14:46] kevincolyerwork: I hope he uses it! I have been pleased with the growth in edits and reading hits over the last 6 weeks.
[16:14:55] Arnoud van Dillewijn: So he added some books on the KB
[16:15:01] kevincolyerwork: good
[16:15:21] Arnoud van Dillewijn: And from that I started the whole bookstuff..
[16:15:29] kevincolyerwork: great.
[16:15:40] the.matrix.is.everywhere: ya, i saw the whole book stuff, that's cool
[16:15:48] kevincolyerwork: Are you going to write some small book reports? Or better still get your students to write them for you?
[16:15:49] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Thanks!
[16:16:15] … Haha! Yep, that's a good idea! I might ask them right away!
[16:16:44] … Like the book of Rob Bell, Sex God, I didn't read, but they really liked it!
[16:16:51] kevincolyerwork: the win is we get a book report, they get familiarity with the KB and they win fame for ever etc.
[16:17:09] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Exactly!
[16:17:15] kevincolyerwork: I didn;t read it either but flicked through it quickly.
[16:17:27] Arnoud van Dillewijn: It is pink..
[16:17:45] * kevincolyerwork has changed the chat topic to "AGENDA #2 Kevin is on holiday"
[16:17:54] the.matrix.is.everywhere: pink is ...nice... if you like it
[16:17:55] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Holiday!
[16:18:03] kevincolyerwork: Yep - well tfurlough
[16:18:06] the.matrix.is.everywhere: i just made myself a note to tell ppl about the KB
[16:18:07] kevincolyerwork: furlough
[16:18:22] the.matrix.is.everywhere: holiday? who granted you that thing?
[16:18:29] kevincolyerwork: ha has
[16:18:45] … I might die if I don't get some time away!
[16:19:01] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Where are you going?
[16:19:07] the.matrix.is.everywhere: well, we don't want that really
[16:19:08] kevincolyerwork: But KB is kind of a work/not work thing in the sense that it brings more energy than it takes
[16:20:07] … I will be housesitting here in Brussels for a few weeks and then back to my apartment here for a while before the Twins come. Before that I have some fundraising to do in UK. So I wanted to inform all that I will be out of the picture for a while
[16:20:09] the.matrix.is.everywhere: well, how much time are you actually investing into the KB?
[16:20:21] kevincolyerwork: One official hour a month
[16:20:24] … !
[16:20:54] … Sysadmin stuff - barely 15 mins a month
[16:20:59] the.matrix.is.everywhere: the key word here is "official"
[16:21:04] kevincolyerwork: He he!
[16:21:23] … I read it everyday and contribute etc.,
[16:21:29] Arnoud van Dillewijn: I see!
[16:21:38] kevincolyerwork: But I do enjoy it. And surely work must be painful?
[16:22:21] … So I am asking Doug to sysadmin and trouble shoot. (not sure what his response is yet)
[16:22:22] the.matrix.is.everywhere: not painful, just wanna get an idea
[16:22:46] … i can answer for him, if you want ;)
[16:23:00] kevincolyerwork: !
[16:23:00] Arnoud van Dillewijn: So what will his answer be?
[16:23:03] kevincolyerwork: YES
[16:23:24] the.matrix.is.everywhere: (bow)
[16:23:35] … at your service
[16:23:48] Arnoud van Dillewijn: For the queen too?
[16:23:55] kevincolyerwork: Neo, are you volunteering too?
[16:24:05] the.matrix.is.everywhere: only if she contrubutes to the KB
[16:24:25] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Haha! God bless the queen!
[16:24:36] kevincolyerwork: (which queen?)
[16:24:46] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Yours!
[16:24:50] the.matrix.is.everywhere: i'm open to it if you need help
[16:24:53] kevincolyerwork: ;-)
[16:24:58] … Great!
[16:25:12] the.matrix.is.everywhere: oh oh, what am i getting myself into here
[16:25:14] kevincolyerwork: I am happy to provide log on details and such like info
[16:25:50] … Essentially there is little to do. Just toubleshoot extensions and block troublsome users.
[16:26:07] … Some PHP stuff.
[16:26:11] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Nice! You may kick some butt!
[16:26:16] kevincolyerwork: (but very little)
[16:26:37] the.matrix.is.everywhere: well, i don't think that there are too many troublsome users...
[16:26:50] Arnoud van Dillewijn: That's a pity..
[16:27:00] kevincolyerwork: I have been welcoming all new users too with an email or a Welcome message in their User space
[16:27:16] the.matrix.is.everywhere: but, ya, i can help if you have need...
[16:27:20] kevincolyerwork: thanks!
[16:27:25] … I will be in touch!
[16:27:35] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Do you always welcome them? Or can we do that also?
[16:27:51] kevincolyerwork: Furlough is from 28th June till 17th August but I might be on paternity leave after that with my new Twins!
[16:27:57] … You can welcome them!
[16:28:35] … It is a simple job - you recieve an email with each new user and the text is in there... you then go to their user page and try to email them... or paste in the text otherwise!
[16:29:02] … I try to make it a bit human so they feel this is not a mahcine responding too them
[16:29:15] … I try to do it fast too so they are excited that they are welcome.
[16:29:25] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Very good! We're a family! People made of flesh!
[16:29:32] kevincolyerwork: Exactly
[16:29:39] … no waiting ages for moderation...
[16:29:42] … ahem
[16:29:46] … cough
[16:29:48] … cough
[16:30:03] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Are you still okay, Kevin?
[16:30:05] the.matrix.is.everywhere: family is the key, i guess
[16:30:10] kevincolyerwork: ok!
[16:30:30] … Yes - we are a movement!
[16:30:49] * kevincolyerwork has changed the chat topic to "AGENDA #3 General promotion and improvement suggestions"
[16:30:51] the.matrix.is.everywhere: at the moment i'm more static on my couch with the laptop
[16:31:06] … (rofl)
[16:31:14] kevincolyerwork: Well I am sitting on a chair.
[16:31:28] … OK NEXT POINT!
[16:31:33] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Okay
[16:32:03] kevincolyerwork: So... Any input?
[16:32:08] the.matrix.is.everywhere: ok, i'm not on top of it, do you know how many new users we have since the last meeting?
[16:32:30] kevincolyerwork: Statistics Report: statistics @ 9/6/2008 net gain of 28 pages 26 users, 23,764 page hits and 452 edits. Strong hits from readers and good growth!
[16:32:47] Arnoud van Dillewijn: 26 minus Britt.
[16:32:58] kevincolyerwork: drat!
[16:32:59] Arnoud van Dillewijn: That's really good!
[16:33:21] kevincolyerwork: Growth continues to be an upward trend
[16:33:35] the.matrix.is.everywhere: almost 1 a day really not bad at all
[16:33:40] kevincolyerwork: Some pages are not counted as new pages until they are over a certain length too.
[16:33:42] Arnoud van Dillewijn: It does surprise me too!
[16:34:02] kevincolyerwork: http://wiki.ywambrussels.be/kb/index.php/YWAMKnowledgeBase:Statistics
[16:34:09] … This page has my list of stats
[16:34:14] the.matrix.is.everywhere: do we know how most of the new users come find the site?
[16:34:22] kevincolyerwork: No
[16:34:32] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Of course it helps a lot starting those pages for books! But I hope more KB users will add their own!
[16:35:10] … I think mostly through people like us, who advertise it!
[16:35:19] kevincolyerwork: yes.
[16:35:31] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Steve pulled me in... so.
[16:35:45] kevincolyerwork: BUT - as 50% of hits are from the states now, that means Douglass is doing a GREAT job of publicity!
[16:35:55] … Joke:
[16:36:03] the.matrix.is.everywhere: hmmm, knowing what works to get new people would help to improve advertasing
[16:36:28] kevincolyerwork: the problem is in counting users...
[16:36:29] the.matrix.is.everywhere: but i guess that' s not really easy to figure out
[16:36:55] kevincolyerwork: Readers of the site are anonymous but Contributers are not. They are the only ones who can be counted.
[16:37:15] Arnoud van Dillewijn: And probably a lot of people don't join..
[16:37:21] kevincolyerwork: true!
[16:37:48] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Like I send 15 e-mail around the world and only one joins!
[16:38:01] … Althought 2 other responded too!
[16:38:32] kevincolyerwork: I am very happy!
[16:38:34] the.matrix.is.everywhere: 3 responses isn't too bad either
[16:38:40] kevincolyerwork: Word of mouth is OK...
[16:39:33] … I really don't know what will accelerate adoption...
[16:39:48] … I do try to get leaders to write for the KB but so far very few do.
[16:40:11] … HOWEVER: I think that this is actually a problem with YWAM rather than our inability to market what we do!
[16:40:35] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Everybody in YWAM is busy.. so it seems.
[16:40:45] kevincolyerwork: And I am trying to aim at the newer generation of up and coming YWAMers who write blogs, love the internet and collaboration
[16:40:50] Arnoud van Dillewijn: We just need to find the people who love to share knowledge!
[16:41:12] … Very good! I like to read blogs too!
[16:41:15] kevincolyerwork: Plus those who really need our info will be the ones who become our advocates
[16:41:39] … Those who read the KB and start new teams because we are the ones helping them!
[16:41:53] the.matrix.is.everywhere: so, say from our about 100 monthly newsletter recipients we get hardly 5 responses. sometimes even zero. as long as we get responses for our KB advertising. basically that means, we need to communicate over and over again and get the other users to do the same
[16:42:27] kevincolyerwork: can you make that a little clearer?
[16:43:20] the.matrix.is.everywhere: arnoud said he got 3 responses from 15 emails, that's cool, that is actually very encouraging
[16:43:27] kevincolyerwork: Yep
[16:43:44] the.matrix.is.everywhere: i personally would like to see about 10% respons to our personal newsletter
[16:43:59] kevincolyerwork: I see
[16:44:08] Arnoud van Dillewijn: I had 20 % :)
[16:44:15] kevincolyerwork: I wonder if Google could be our friend here...
[16:44:48] the.matrix.is.everywhere: but i guess the longer we communicate and get others to do the same, the more of a chance is that more people join and actuially contribute
[16:45:00] … maybe i preach to myself here a little bit....
[16:45:06] kevincolyerwork: IDEA: what if we make the KB a top hit for YWAM on Google? Afterall our target audience is the internet savy, google searching sort?
[16:45:30] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Well, I can send another mail to the same people again about the new book page! I think it is good to remind and encourage!
[16:45:56] … That's certainly cool! But how?
[16:46:09] the.matrix.is.everywhere: how do we get the KB on top of google? what about other search engines, not everyone uses google
[16:46:16] kevincolyerwork: Well, we are quite high!
[16:46:18] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Put YWAM in every sentence!
[16:46:26] … Really!?
[16:46:59] kevincolyerwork: We are 19th on the list I just searched for (YWAM)
[16:47:38] … Perhaps we should tweak the main page a bit. A link to YWAM.org is needed...
[16:48:14] Arnoud van Dillewijn: The dutch googler doesn't show the KB in the top 40
[16:48:27] kevincolyerwork: Doing a keyword analysis for the main page would be good. Plus we could leaverage the YWAM Web Pages as a directory.
[16:48:38] … AvD: are you searching the Web or Holland?
[16:48:40] the.matrix.is.everywhere: how is it with metatags? can we improve them as well?
[16:49:06] kevincolyerwork: Probably got poor meta tags - whatever media wiki does
[16:50:05] … hmmmm
[16:50:06] Arnoud van Dillewijn: It is google with a dutch twist.. so it shows different things, than the normal google page I think.
[16:50:33] kevincolyerwork: As we are doing this in English at the moment I think that is OK
[16:50:36] … for now
[16:50:56] … Also we need to make sure we have lots of links from other sites
[16:51:17] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Found it! 162.. Desperatly low!
[16:51:24] kevincolyerwork: boooo
[16:51:33] Arnoud van Dillewijn: The Dutch need to use it more!
[16:51:42] kevincolyerwork: What comes first?
[16:52:19] … Proposal: We all list the top 10 sites for "ywam" and "youth with a mission" and try to get a link to the kb on them
[16:52:45] Arnoud van Dillewijn: That would be great!
[16:52:58] kevincolyerwork: Proposal part 2: Neo and Arnould do some profiling of meta tags and words to suggest some ways to boost the visability in Google.
[16:53:19] the.matrix.is.everywhere: links from other site are always good, helps a lot (Y)
[16:53:25] kevincolyerwork: Proposal part 3: Kevin tries for a link from YWAM.org
[16:54:45] the.matrix.is.everywhere: ok, made myself another note about the meta tags
[16:55:05] kevincolyerwork: GREAT!
[16:55:12] Arnoud van Dillewijn: I used your KB business card as a tag on my blog!
[16:55:17] kevincolyerwork: Plus we keep on telling everyone we know!
[16:55:22] … Good idea!
[16:55:33] … Hey what about making some badges for websites?
[16:55:52] … Those small ones?
[16:55:53] Arnoud van Dillewijn: badges is like a banner?
[16:56:03] the.matrix.is.everywhere: analysing the web server stats might help as well, what are people look for most, where are they coming from, where are they going after, etc
[16:56:06] kevincolyerwork: errr now like this:
[16:56:54] the.matrix.is.everywhere: and we can write about the KB on our personal blogs, well if you have one, all your readers hear about it, plus it gives a link
[16:57:07] kevincolyerwork: exactly!
[16:57:18] … So are we agreed to give it a push like this?
[16:57:39] the.matrix.is.everywhere: ay sir!
[16:57:40] Arnoud van Dillewijn: I think it is a really good thing!
[16:57:48] kevincolyerwork: GREAT!
[16:57:49] the.matrix.is.everywhere: but what is this badges thing?
[16:57:50] kevincolyerwork: Thanks
[16:57:55] the.matrix.is.everywhere: i thing i didn't get that as well
[16:58:05] … (blush)
[16:58:06] kevincolyerwork: hang on...
[16:58:11] the.matrix.is.everywhere: k
[16:58:11] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Like buttons?
[16:58:48] kevincolyerwork: Look at the bottom left of this webpage: http://www.inkscape.org/
[16:59:00] … the w3C badges
[16:59:08] … or on the bottom right
[16:59:37] the.matrix.is.everywhere: ah ya, these little buttons, that's a good idea
[16:59:42] Arnoud van Dillewijn: That mountain picture?
[16:59:55] the.matrix.is.everywhere: just didn't know that they are called badges....
[17:00:27] kevincolyerwork: This bit: http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/validator?uri=http://inkscape.org/css/base.css
[17:00:42] … No ignore that!
[17:01:27] the.matrix.is.everywhere: @AvD, like these W3C buttons
[17:01:57] * kevincolyerwork has changed the chat topic to "AGENDA #4 Next Meeting Monday 8th September @ 16h00 GMT+2"
[17:02:09] the.matrix.is.everywhere: small, fit anywhere, and to remember when you see it again
[17:02:24] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Okay
[17:02:51] kevincolyerwork: Great!
[17:02:57] … I think it is time to say bye!
[17:03:06] … Is this OK for a next meeting date?
[17:03:07] Arnoud van Dillewijn: The 8th of september! That's 3 days before the SOE starts! Nice!
[17:03:15] the.matrix.is.everywhere: ok, will put in in my calendar
[17:03:26] Arnoud van Dillewijn: I think it must be okay
[17:03:37] the.matrix.is.everywhere: (bandit)
[17:03:40] kevincolyerwork: !
[17:03:45] … OK
[17:04:01] … thanks for your input! Glad this is so helpful to you! And thanks for all you do!
[17:04:16] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Thank you too!
[17:04:30] … It has been great to hang out with you 2!
[17:04:36] the.matrix.is.everywhere: ya, was nice chatting with you bandits
[17:05:00] … kev, we'll be in touch to get your hols sorted out
[17:05:26] … (tmi)
[17:05:35] Arnoud van Dillewijn: Haha
[17:05:57] * kevincolyerwork has changed the chat topic to "MEETING OVER"