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The meeting is held here: <skype action="chat" style="">kevincolyerwork</skype> at 15h00 GMT on Dec. 03, 2007.


You can put ideas here for what we want to talk about during the KB meeting. Anyone who wants to join in is welcome:

  1. Your ideas here!!! (put ~~~~: before your comment and you have the lead on that discussion!)
  2. Douglass: This idea applies to both this meeting, and the discussion about wiki note taking. While wikis are great for taking notes, they are not so great for taking interactive notes. I sugjest we use Gobby for this purpose, and place the content on the wiki at the end of the meeting. -- Douglass
    • Douglass, can you set this up for the meeting please? --Kev-The-Hasty 13:03, 30 November 2007 (CET)
  3. Kev-The-Hasty 13:03, 30 November 2007 (CET): Can we review how well the wysiwyg editor is doing? I have some problems - it creates quite poor code and I have been cleaning up a lot of stuff. Proposal: Off by default (Currently On by default)
  4. Douglass: How to attract people to the KB (KPC: to contribute)
  5. Douglass: Organizing teams
  6. Douglass: Profile + skill listing section for people Resource People
  7. Douglass: How shall we organize a style guide?
  8. Kevin: Portals and front page

Lots on the agenda. I will be quite strict and limit harmless banter!!! Please come prepared! --Kev-The-Hasty 13:03, 30 November 2007 (CET)


Please write your apologies here and any comments you wish to make but will not be able to. (Please sign by entering a --~~~~)


Please put your name here if you are planning on coming to the meeting. Crashsystems


Present: Kevin Colyer, Douglass, Steve Sullivan, Chris, Sarah Cumming

Minutes coming soon!

Next Meeting: YWAMKnowledgeBase:Meeting 20080107|Monday 7th January @ 15h00 GMT


[16:09:49] * kevincolyerwork has changed the chat topic to "YWAM KB Meeting"
[16:09:52] kevincolyerwork: WELCOME ALL. lET'S INTRODUCE OURSELVES
[16:10:23] ... I'm Kevin and I am feeling calm and relaxed and glad there are 4 people in this meeting
[16:10:33] ... Im in brussels and it is raining!
[16:10:36] Douglass: Ok. I'm Douglass, and I work for the IT department at YWAM Nashville. http://crashsystems.wikispaces.com
[16:11:31] chris: i'm chris, i'm with ywam latvia, but right now i'm in the US... i'm generally facilitating communication for ywam latvia.... i'm in Ohio now... it's cold & windy :)
[16:11:41] Douglass: Is steve still on, or is he just invisible?
[16:11:48] Steve Sullivan, admirer of knowledgebases everywhere (aokbe): i'm steve and chunky
[16:11:52] ... not invisible at all
[16:11:58] kevincolyerwork: He was suprisingly quiet for a moment
[16:11:58] Douglass: ahh, ok
[16:12:05] chris: ;)
[16:12:06] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: good to meet you chris and douglass
[16:12:08] kevincolyerwork: OK EVERYONE.
[16:12:17] ... THE AGENDA IS HERE: http://wiki.ywambrussels.be/kb/index.php/YWAMKnowledgeBase:Meeting_20071203
[16:12:18] chris: you too
[16:12:19] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i live in harpenden, england and work with training and kevin
[16:13:10] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: need to read that page sorry
[16:13:17] kevincolyerwork: I wont shout in capitals all the time just when I want order!
[16:13:18] Douglass: I'll let you know if I think of anything.
[16:13:21] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: did you say 'portals'
[16:13:30] ... and the front page that you and i talked about
[16:13:46] ... i've got gobby up now
[16:13:55] kevincolyerwork: too late
[16:14:02] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: drat
[16:14:18] kevincolyerwork: ok we will add in someting on Portals and Front page at end of agenda.
[16:14:34] ... Chris: what do you want to talk about?
[16:14:47] chris: well... my biggest thing is ease of use
[16:15:02] ... i'm thinking of how can we make this KB something that anyone will feel comfortable contributing to
[16:15:29] kevincolyerwork: Good. Sounds like part of point 4
[16:15:35] chris: yeah
[16:15:41] kevincolyerwork: Perhaps you can ponder the barriers for people
[16:15:53] chris: shall i do that here or in my head?
[16:15:54] ... ;)
[16:16:23] kevincolyerwork: just mutter outloud - they might all think you are mad in Ohio and leave you alone for the meeting!
[16:16:39] chris: :D
[16:16:50] ... well... i am, by far, NOT the typical user
[16:17:02] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: chris, that isn't muttering, it is a picture of someone muttering
[16:17:14] kevincolyerwork: OK
[16:17:25] chris: and my first experience with a WIKI was a bit dauntind
[16:17:27] ... *daunting
[16:17:33] ... the interface was confusing
[16:17:40] kevincolyerwork: Yep
[16:17:42] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: what suggestions do you have then chris
[16:17:43] chris: it doesn't help that it has it's own special way of formatting
[16:17:45] kevincolyerwork: It took me a while
[16:17:53] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: it took me seconds
[16:17:59] kevincolyerwork: a year ful
[16:18:06] ... full of seconds
[16:18:11] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: *a long time
[16:18:23] ... kevin and i are thinking of putting a
[16:18:24] Douglass: I myself use the wysiwyg editor, and use syntax for touch up.
[16:18:26] chris: my suggestion would perhaps be to find something that would be easier to understand... from the little bit that i saw of Deki Wiki that Doug showed me...
[16:18:30] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: 'start here' button back on
[16:18:30] chris: it seems easy
[16:18:54] Douglass: http://wiki.opengarden.org/Deki_Wiki
[16:19:00] chris: thanks
[16:19:29] kevincolyerwork: There are so many wiki's now. About 200 implimentations of them. Plus I wrote a little one in PHP once.
[16:19:54] chris: nice!
[16:20:01] Douglass: I think this one is probably the easyest I've seen.
[16:20:12] kevincolyerwork: Looks good.
[16:20:16] chris: what about maybe using something like Wordpress as an overlay application?
[16:20:23] kevincolyerwork: Can that be done?
[16:20:27] chris: (just as an alternative)
[16:20:36] ... David Couper in Harpenden
[16:20:45] kevincolyerwork: Have you tried the wysiwyg editor yet?
[16:20:47] chris: can tear Wordpress apart & build it back up in an form her wants
[16:20:55] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: wow
[16:21:01] Douglass: I think that would be a lot of coding.
[16:21:06] chris: he did that with the new ywam harpenden site
[16:21:14] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: will it look the same?
[16:21:17] chris: it's all Wordpress redesigned/reprogrammed
[16:21:27] ... Alex Costa also helps him there
[16:21:29] ... with that
[16:21:37] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: yes, but they are very very busy
[16:21:47] chris: well... yes... but i'd have to wonder
[16:21:53] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i have been waiting 2 months for them to set up a sharepoint site
[16:21:54] kevincolyerwork: doug showed my the wysiwyg editor for mediawiki that we are trialing here. I have not found many wysiwyg editors for wikis. Most were designed before blogs.
[16:22:03] chris:  if they have Wordpress wrapped up like that... maybe it wouldn't be hard to integrate
[16:22:17] ... anyway... just an idea
[16:22:17] kevincolyerwork: The problem is that the wiki markup is not html
[16:22:22] chris: right
[16:22:24] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i'd rather stay a little away from ywam it, they are busy
[16:22:25] chris: that is a problem
[16:22:42] kevincolyerwork: and although there are wysiwyg editors for html none really work well with wikis'
[16:22:58] chris: that's interesting
[16:22:59] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i spoke with them for 3 years about setting up this wiki and they kept putting it off -- it is not a priority for them, it is for me
[16:23:06] kevincolyerwork: the one we use now is a beta version and is re-written to squirt out mediawiki code
[16:23:15] Douglass: deki wiki uses regular html, which means that any wysiwyg editor will work.
[16:23:26] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: can we change it easily kev?
[16:23:28] kevincolyerwork: hmmm. I will look into it. I
[16:23:31] ... Not realluy
[16:23:34] chris: what are the pros & what are the cons of using Deki Wiki?
[16:23:40] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: otherwise i'd rathe we trained people to use it?
[16:23:52] kevincolyerwork: we have 263 content pages and hundreds of other pages written so far - that is a lot to change
[16:23:52] chris: that's the thing, Steve... to be honest...
[16:24:03] ... i don't know that folks will have the time or inclination to be trained...
[16:24:08] ... i could be wrong about that
[16:24:11] Douglass: good points, both
[16:24:14] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i love wikipedia and it is very very similar
[16:24:17] kevincolyerwork: you could be right too
[16:24:22] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: and loads have learned to use it
[16:24:26] chris: yes
[16:24:29] kevincolyerwork: loads of techincal people
[16:24:32] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i'd rather we had the
[16:24:38] ... 'where to start thing' work out
[16:24:49] Douglass: what about a script to automaticly take all 200+ articles and convert them to html?
[16:24:50] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: give real thought to how to present it
[16:24:56] chris: what is ywamkb based on? something other than mediawiki?
[16:25:02] kevincolyerwork: Sarah Cumming is joining!
[16:25:08] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: hi sarah, welcome back
[16:25:11] * kevincolyerwork invited eeyorerulez
[16:25:12] Douglass: it uses mediawiki
[16:25:14] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: how was gibraltar
[16:25:20] chris: ah ok...
[16:25:22] ... hi Sarah
[16:25:28] Sarah Cumming: Hi ya
[16:25:40] Douglass: hello and welcome
[16:25:42] Sarah Cumming: Gib is cold today
[16:25:44] kevincolyerwork: Welcome sarah. We are sort of talking about Barriers to entry. Our agenda is here; http://wiki.ywambrussels.be/kb/index.php/YWAMKnowledgeBase:Meeting_20071203
[16:25:49] Sarah Cumming: thanks!
[16:26:04] kevincolyerwork: We jummped to point 3 I guess on the way to point 4
[16:26:26] Sarah Cumming: ok let me just get to this!
[16:26:35] kevincolyerwork: chris: when we set up the wiki the idea was to leaverage the mediawiki knowledge out there.
[16:26:39] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: when i've sat with people and walked them through it they can put stuff on
[16:26:47] chris: ok
[16:26:55] kevincolyerwork: I'm glad we did or we wouldn't have had the editor we have now. Plus there was a lot less choise then!
[16:27:05] ... Keep a sharp eye on it Chris
[16:27:05] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: but still need a clearer presentation
[16:27:12] chris: i have to agree... the editor did help a lot
[16:27:18] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: and i still fluctuate between the wsiwyg and the other one
[16:27:22] ... i use both
[16:27:23] kevincolyerwork: I think he makes a top point here: we must make barriers as low as possible
[16:27:30] ... I only use the text one
[16:27:33] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: very low
[16:27:38] ... low low low
[16:27:39] ... sorry
[16:27:43] chris: :D
[16:27:46] kevincolyerwork: Has anyone watched my Screencasts
[16:27:49] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: yes
[16:27:49] kevincolyerwork: ??
[16:27:53] Douglass: I have
[16:27:54] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i have started to do another one
[16:27:54] chris: didn't know they were there
[16:28:00] kevincolyerwork: On front page
[16:28:05] ... now
[16:28:05] Douglass: how about we focus on ways to improve our implementation of mediawiki, and keep the deki wiki idea on the back burner?
[16:28:08] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: the first one introducing the main page is dated
[16:28:09] Sarah Cumming: are they
[16:28:12] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: and i wanted to renew it
[16:28:28] kevincolyerwork: yes I guss so
[16:28:34] ... I need to rework them
[16:28:43] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: can we then try some teaching pages that really do make it simple
[16:28:50] Douglass: perhaps you could embed the youtube video right in the page.
[16:28:56] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: kev, can i visit with you before christams?
[16:28:57] kevincolyerwork: That would be possible
[16:29:04] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: for 2 days?
[16:29:07] ... or are you too busy?
[16:29:16] kevincolyerwork: most likely - chat later?
[16:29:19] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: ok
[16:29:23] ... low
[16:29:42] kevincolyerwork: Proposal: embed instructional videos in wiki
[16:29:43] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: the dts should have a week on knowledgebases
[16:29:50] ... ok, good proposal
[16:30:00] kevincolyerwork: Has anyone trained anyone else in the KB?
[16:30:02] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: and redo them if they aren't clear enough
[16:30:08] kevincolyerwork: DTS?
[16:30:19] ... You should do a DTS Steve
[16:30:20] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: ok, all UofN courses
[16:30:35] kevincolyerwork: I Has anyone trained anyone else in the KB?
[16:30:38] Douglass: I would love to train people here, but my biggest problem is getting people to see why it is important.
[16:30:59] kevincolyerwork: Why do they struggle with that?
[16:31:03] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: some of my friends plan their dts using the kb
[16:31:10] ... they love it
[16:31:37] ... when the new teams section really takes off it will become really really obvious the benefit
[16:31:40] chris: i like the aspect of document sharing using a kb
[16:31:52] Douglass: the problem is getting people to see that some times they need to focus on not just imediate needs, but things of long-term benifit.
[16:32:06] chris: which is something Rodney Blevins & i did when we started to work on the new ywam.eu site
[16:32:08] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: yes, but also retention of knowledge and sharing of the latest practice
[16:32:21] chris: yes...
[16:32:24] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: documents can be very static
[16:32:43] ... and are often written by people in offices
[16:32:46] chris: i guess i was referring to documents as electronic versions...
[16:32:53] Sarah Cumming: how many regular users are there?
[16:32:56] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: we want the best practitioners writing stuff
[16:33:03] ... not many yet
[16:33:13] kevincolyerwork: i disagree - we want anyone to write stuff...
[16:33:27] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: we want practitioners writing stuff
[16:33:47] ... we want people who know something to write stuff
[16:33:48] kevincolyerwork: hopefully the best practioners will then get jelous and write!
[16:34:02] chris: i know i contributed to the GENESIS pages...
[16:34:07] kevincolyerwork: Me too!
[16:34:12] Douglass: lol, I think there is truth to what both of you are saying.
[16:34:14] chris: but then i heard that some leaders in GENESIS didn't like the idea of putting too much info on there
[16:34:26] kevincolyerwork: Why on EARTH NOT?
[16:34:29] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: they need to be healed
[16:34:35] kevincolyerwork: forgive them lord
[16:34:37] chris: because they thought maybe it would do away the need for the training programs
[16:34:43] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: if it is so good it must be independent of them
[16:34:46] chris: come on guys... let's keep an open mind
[16:34:47] kevincolyerwork: Great - they should be got rid of
[16:34:52] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: good, that is one of the points of the kb
[16:35:09] ... so that it can multiply way beyond us and our ability to control and direct it
[16:35:23] kevincolyerwork: The problem with Genesis is that if they don't multiply it Skype will outmultiply them
[16:35:27] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: proposal: look at front page, videos and ease of use
[16:35:33] ... then move on to next point
[16:35:39] Sarah Cumming: What part of the agenda is this in?
[16:35:40] chris: well... i think it's important to realize that we're dealing with a huge paradigm shift
[16:35:47] Douglass: I think we need to keep in mind that the idea of a wiki is a revolutionary concept to some, and they may be a bit resistant at first.
[16:35:50] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: not so huge
[16:35:53] kevincolyerwork: and the gears are crunching!
[16:36:29] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: for 30 years i've been collecting DTS stuff and putting it in files for the staff. we rewrite them all the time -- it is simply trying to colect everybodies stuff and put it on the internet
[16:36:41] kevincolyerwork: Actually there are a few sticking points: DTS center folks, now some Genesis folks and also some YWAM England staff are all trying to grapple with this!
[16:36:54] ... Only YWAM England are in dialogue about ti
[16:37:07] chris: may i interject one thing here?
[16:37:11] kevincolyerwork: sure
[16:37:12] Douglass: please do
[16:37:36] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i spent time with the entire english leadership team this week showing them how to use the kb and they were thrilled.
[16:37:41] ... oops, sorry
[16:37:48] kevincolyerwork: ssssh
[16:37:55] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: go for it chris
[16:38:10] chris: let's please try to understand that there are many wounds out there regarding communication in general... so i think it's important that we approach this whole thing with an attitude of service
[16:38:22] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: wounds?
[16:38:23] chris: i'm talking about YWAM communication
[16:38:27] kevincolyerwork: Can you explain a little?
[16:38:32] chris: that was the whole reason for the creation of CRIT
[16:38:53] ... Lynn Green felt from the Lord that He wanted to heal the nervous system of YWAM
[16:39:02] ... that's why he created CRIT...
[16:39:15] ... so that we can understand how God wants to heal our nervous system
[16:39:24] ... because without a good communication system
[16:39:39] ... the enemy can very easily divide and conquer
[16:39:56] kevincolyerwork: And that is really the motivation behind the KB
[16:40:07] ... To share, to support and help each other
[16:40:13] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i think Lynn  wanted to create it, it wasn't really there before
[16:40:20] chris: and i guess, we here, in this place... have a responsibility to make sure that we approach this with the utmost of respect of those we're trying to serve
[16:40:28] kevincolyerwork: D'accord
[16:40:54] ... I think it is important to consider the creation of community too
[16:41:02] ... For example
[16:41:20] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: for nearly 30 years people have been asking me the same questions over and over again and i wanted a place for all of us to be able to contribute and share everything we've ever learned that could be a help to others. it is creating a community that shares
[16:41:39] kevincolyerwork: Communication is for the purpose of community. We started the KB to draw those needing help and those offering help together.
[16:42:00] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i think i understand some of your concern chris
[16:42:04] kevincolyerwork: Case in point I have never physically met you Chris or Douglass. Now we have a purposeful meeting together
[16:42:15] chris: i can say that i am honored to even be a part of this... and i am very excited Kevin that you & Steve & Doug are spearheading this
[16:42:22] kevincolyerwork: and you
[16:42:25] ... and sarha
[16:42:41] chris: brb
[16:42:58] kevincolyerwork: I think this is a good discussion
[16:43:03] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: did you know that for 12 years i used to oversee the dtss in the UK and ireland, we worked closely together then, did before that and continue to. working together has been something of a  value for us for many many years. the kb is a way to extend it
[16:43:18] ... i am so so so very excited about the developing new teams network
[16:43:42] Douglass: I agree. I think it is safe to say that the conversation has moved to the area of recruiting.
[16:43:51] ... any ideas on this topic?
[16:43:53] kevincolyerwork: Proposal: If we hear of people struggling with the giving away of stuff on the KB that we encourage dialog. Steve and myself are happy to talk to anyone who has misgivings.
[16:43:56] Sarah Cumming: sorry I'm back
[16:44:01] * kevincolyerwork has changed the chat topic to "YWAM KB Meeting: recruiting"
[16:44:09] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: there are many teams out there with 40 -- 70% of what they need to know to get their team really functioning and multiplying, between us all we know all that we need to know, we just haven't got  a way to share it besides this
[16:44:20] Douglass: I like that idea kevin
[16:44:23] kevincolyerwork: ANYONE IN AGREEMENT WITH MY PROPOSAL?
[16:44:30] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: what about my proposal?
[16:44:38] ... i like mine
[16:44:44] kevincolyerwork: Restate in one sentence pls
[16:44:45] Sarah Cumming: I like both :-)
[16:44:51] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i like sarah
[16:44:55] kevincolyerwork: AGREED]
[16:45:22] ... Steve: do you think Sarah will come and work for me in Brussels and help us with the KB>
[16:45:24] ... ?
[16:45:27] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: proposal: look at front page, videos and ease of use
[16:45:35] Sarah Cumming: Pray and let me know!
[16:45:40] kevincolyerwork: OK
[16:45:42] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: sarah would if she were saved!
[16:45:48] Sarah Cumming: hahaha
[16:45:56] Douglass: I agree steve. The front page is important.
[16:46:00] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: and Kev's about dialog
[16:46:03] kevincolyerwork: Steve: Lets go back to your point about the front page and then go forwrds to recruiting
[16:46:10] * kevincolyerwork has changed the chat topic to "YWAM KB Meeting: Frontpage then Recruiting"
[16:46:10] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: can we agree the two proposals
[16:46:20] ... did we agree before we go back to recruiting?
[16:46:23] kevincolyerwork: Can we be more specific about front page
[16:46:41] Sarah Cumming: whats the problem with it - Clarity?
[16:46:51] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: access to 'where to start'
[16:46:54] Sarah Cumming: aaah
[16:47:09] kevincolyerwork: But where should people start????????
[16:47:19] Sarah Cumming: Ooohhh ok
[16:47:27] kevincolyerwork: More video?
[16:47:38] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: let me suggest
[16:47:43] chris: sorry... i'm back
[16:47:45] Sarah Cumming: video needs to be higher up I think
[16:47:58] Douglass: I think that the front page is a little cluttered. Also, if we could embed the intro video into the front page, that would help.
[16:48:10] chris: i'd like to remind us of the fact that many can't watch video because of bandwidth restrictions
[16:48:18] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: this is 'waht contribution you can make' and this is 'how to make your contribution'
[16:48:18] kevincolyerwork: ;-(
[16:48:30] chris: yeah... that's good Steve
[16:48:35] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: very simple
[16:48:48] ... i think it is a matter of critical mass
[16:48:51] chris: perhaps there could be a short, succint mission/vision statement?
[16:48:56] kevincolyerwork: Chris: lets write the text first and film a video after
[16:49:01] chris: sure :)(
[16:49:08] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: at some point everyone will be able to use it, just like wikipedia, God bless it's holy name
[16:49:10] kevincolyerwork: There is this...
[16:49:15] Sarah Cumming: there is too much text
[16:49:15] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: yes, text first
[16:49:21] ... sorry
[16:49:24] chris: Sarah: i agree
[16:49:24] Sarah Cumming: though
[16:49:30] kevincolyerwork: http://wiki.ywambrussels.be/kb/index.php/YWAMKnowledgeBase:About
[16:49:32] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: sry
[16:49:44] kevincolyerwork: Should I cut out the news bit?
[16:49:55] Douglass: I think we should get rid of the tag cloud. I love clouds, but for most people I think they are overwelming.
[16:50:00] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: no, i think it will catch on
[16:50:08] chris: i think i would agree, Doug
[16:50:22] Sarah Cumming: what are clouds ?
[16:50:24] chris: what is the point of the tag cloud?
[16:50:38] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i wasn't talking about the tag cloud, just the growing ability to use it
[16:50:41] kevincolyerwork: to quickly and visually see the type of stuff there
[16:51:00] Douglass: it is a way to kinda get a snapshot of the entire content. The area with tones of words with different sizes.
[16:51:04] kevincolyerwork: Basically every category over 5 pages apprears on the cloud
[16:51:13] chris: Sarah... the tag cloud is the list of Categories the appears on the right of the front page....
[16:51:14] Sarah Cumming: aaaah that bit
[16:51:20] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: the tag cloud looks good and attractive
[16:51:21] kevincolyerwork: More pages bigger the text
[16:51:32] Sarah Cumming: I like that
[16:51:33] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: but it could be replaced by a snazzy set of major portals
[16:51:45] kevincolyerwork: it could
[16:51:50] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: portals to the major areas
[16:51:52] chris: is there a possibility of maybe using some Ajax there?
[16:52:03] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: ajaz?
[16:52:04] chris: or would that be too narrowing of the audience, as well?
[16:52:06] kevincolyerwork: http://wiki.ywambrussels.be/kb/index.php/Portal
[16:52:23] chris: Ajax... Web 2.0...
[16:52:32] ... interacitve html
[16:52:36] ... interactive
[16:52:38] kevincolyerwork: yep ajax is possible - there is an expanding tree view of content but it is not as nice as the cloud
[16:52:44] chris: ok
[16:52:45] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: [nice portal kev, something like that]
[16:53:00] ... i like the portal and the clouds
[16:53:03] chris: yeah... i really like that, Kev
[16:53:14] kevincolyerwork: it needs some work
[16:53:18] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i like the cloud overview with its emphasis on the specific content
[16:53:39] ... i think access is the issue, how do people access and add to hte content
[16:53:45] kevincolyerwork: I want to hurry people tothe stuff they want and not prescribe the heirachy too much
[16:54:02] Sarah Cumming: ok we like the cloud, can the video be higher up on the page?
[16:54:08] kevincolyerwork: Yep
[16:54:29] ... idea: If steve visits me b4 christmas we make a little video and embed it
[16:54:41] Sarah Cumming: could you reduce the number of points on the syndicated news
[16:54:42] ... ?
[16:54:45] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: ok, i'll come -- i'll just ahve to talk to julie first
[16:54:55] chris: i wish there was a way to detect bandwidth of a user to determine if the video should even be offered
[16:55:05] kevincolyerwork: Sarah: its kind of hard wired but I can try
[16:55:12] chris: maybe that's a non-issue, though
[16:55:16] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: need an alternative option for teaching the basics then
[16:55:17] Douglass: there might be, but I think it would require php
[16:55:38] chris: what about periodic GENESIS links?
[16:55:38] kevincolyerwork: Chris: we can put a link underneath pointing to the text of the movie. Plus text will get translated/shredded by google
[16:55:48] chris: for training
[16:55:57] ... & awareness
[16:56:01] kevincolyerwork: Good idea!
[16:56:16] Douglass: I might be able to do some work on a text/graphical guide.
[16:56:22] Sarah Cumming: But you have to pay for Genesis right? wouldnt that cause a probs?
[16:56:24] chris: well
[16:56:26] kevincolyerwork: I must try to GENESIS myself - I have a webcam after all!
[16:56:40] chris: only if you have to link through ISDN... it can be done over the 'net
[16:56:51] kevincolyerwork: Chris: could you do a GENESIS for cheap page: explain about epigka and webcams and stuff
[16:57:01] chris: it's there, i believe
[16:57:04] ... isn't it?
[16:57:17] kevincolyerwork: Not very clear that ordinary people with broadband can do it
[16:57:26] ... like a recipe
[16:57:45] chris: for fear of getting off topic, though... it's important to understand that GENESIS is not a technology... it's a ministry... & it's not about any one technology either
[16:58:03] ... i think that's why Mike & i didn't go that direction very clearly
[16:58:09] kevincolyerwork: so we can do skype too? ;)
[16:58:28] ... OK
[16:58:31] chris: actually not yet... because, ironically, GENESIS is wanting to stick with industry standard protocols
[16:58:37] kevincolyerwork: Touche!
[16:58:49] ... Openwenga phone?
[16:58:53] chris: ??
[16:58:57] kevincolyerwork: Check it out!
[16:59:01] ... ANY WAY
[16:59:01] chris: ok
[16:59:04] ... right :p
[16:59:42] kevincolyerwork: Proposal: Change front page to more clearly focus on getting people involved, and to information. Cut down words etc. Film and embed a video
[16:59:57] ... Vote? +1 for -1 against
[17:00:01] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: me for
[17:00:04] chris: sounds good
[17:00:04] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i'll help
[17:00:06] ... i was going to do it
[17:00:06] kevincolyerwork: +1
[17:00:15] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: let's do it together then
[17:00:27] kevincolyerwork: We can all write the text - that's what wiki's are for!
[17:00:29] Douglass: sorry, my wi-fi is having issues
[17:00:30] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: it will be great and accessible for all
[17:00:36] kevincolyerwork: Cool.
[17:00:38] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: my wifi hates me
[17:00:40] kevincolyerwork: Next point?
[17:00:42] chris: :p
[17:00:44] ... sorry, steve
[17:00:46] * kevincolyerwork has changed the chat topic to "YWAM KB Meeting: Recruiting"
[17:00:47] chris: i understand
[17:01:04] kevincolyerwork: over to you doug
[17:01:21] Douglass: so, any ideas on how to get people to truely buy into the idea of a ywam wiki?
[17:01:49] kevincolyerwork: doug's wifi's mad with him
[17:01:53] Douglass: so, any ideas on how to get people to truely buy into the idea of a ywam wiki?
[17:02:00] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: my wife is sometimes mad with me
[17:02:04] ... ha ha ha ha
[17:02:11] ... very funny steve
[17:02:21] kevincolyerwork: Recruiting: people are joining about 1 every 3 days
[17:02:24] ... BUT
[17:02:25] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: my wife's dog never liked me
[17:02:28] kevincolyerwork: not all are writing
[17:02:48] ... I want to have a WIKI writing week!
[17:02:50] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: we need to make it easier, we already agreed to do that
[17:03:02] Douglass: so I think there are two aspects to recruiting:
[17:03:06] kevincolyerwork: Invite people to spend a week wherever they are and write for the wiki
[17:03:13] ... sorry doug
[17:03:16] Douglass: getting people to come and "use" the site, and getting people to contribute
[17:03:21] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: yes
[17:03:25] kevincolyerwork: d'accord
[17:03:30] Douglass: both need to be addressed
[17:03:48] chris: perhaps write something as a news article on ywamconnect.net
[17:03:55] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: in business there is some agreement that it needs a core group to write most of it until it reaches a critical point
[17:03:55] kevincolyerwork: good idea
[17:04:00] chris: incl. a photo so it could be in the main news section
[17:04:10] kevincolyerwork: screenshot?
[17:04:11] chris: makes sense
[17:04:11] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: could we find 10 -- 15 people who will contribute a lot
[17:04:17] ... and then see it accelerate
[17:04:25] kevincolyerwork: It is accelrating
[17:04:26] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: kev and i have still put most of the material on, i think
[17:04:28] chris: screenshot could be
[17:04:40] kevincolyerwork: Look at the stat's page: http://wiki.ywambrussels.be/kb/index.php/YWAMKnowledgeBase:Statistics
[17:04:44] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: can we recruit the 15 people?
[17:04:52] ... i look at it every day
[17:04:55] chris: i'm still new to YWAM, so i don't feel qualified to write much
[17:05:05] kevincolyerwork: Steve Goode is adding a lot
[17:05:14] ... Chris: Doesn't matter.
[17:05:16] Sarah Cumming: write about how you got there
[17:05:24] chris: oh
[17:05:26] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i love steve goode
[17:05:27] chris: good point sarah
[17:05:47] kevincolyerwork: Just wirite about what you know. It is suprising how quickly you know a lot
[17:06:09] chris: because that might be something that could be interesting for folks... because my wife & i pretty much ONLY used the internet in our decision making (not in place of prayer, of course)
[17:06:18] kevincolyerwork: there is a section on being a missionary that actually being a new YWAM would help!
[17:06:30] ... We need to know that!
[17:06:43] chris: how do i know where to begin?
[17:06:50] ... AHH... there's the rub!
[17:06:54] ... :)
[17:07:08] kevincolyerwork: Chris: Here http://wiki.ywambrussels.be/kb/index.php/Why_I_joined_YWAM
[17:07:15] chris: like... where would i even classify this kind of thing?
[17:07:19] kevincolyerwork: http://wiki.ywambrussels.be/kb/index.php/Why_I_joined_YWAM
[17:07:33] ... Let others classify what you write.
[17:07:33] chris: but here's my point...
[17:07:35] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: we need to work on classifications to make it easier
[17:07:39] ... yes, kev
[17:07:40] chris: how would anyone else know where to start?
[17:07:52] kevincolyerwork: that is harder to say!
[17:08:02] chris: the thing that was hard for me to grasp right away was that i could simply start a page
[17:08:04] kevincolyerwork: In the welcome message  I make a menu of suggestions
[17:08:11] chris: by just typing in what i wanted to find
[17:08:14] Douglass: I think that is where a good video / text tutorial comes in.
[17:08:19] chris: yes
[17:08:26] ... because that was very easy
[17:08:26] kevincolyerwork: that is why we added the create page button
[17:08:28] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: let's put this all together into the 'how to start' ideas
[17:08:30] ... great
[17:08:35] kevincolyerwork: ok
[17:08:37] chris: but it wasn't something that i would come up with right away
[17:08:45] Sarah Cumming: guys, I'm sorry but I need to go
[17:08:45] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: tell me more chris
[17:08:47] kevincolyerwork: we will try to make it clearer
[17:08:50] ... by!
[17:08:52] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: bye sarah we love you
[17:08:52] kevincolyerwork: bye!
[17:08:57] Sarah Cumming: byeeeee
[17:09:04] chris: i mean... how would i know to simply type something into the search & if it doesn't exist it would create a page for me?
[17:09:05] Sarah Cumming: Kev we'll be in touch
[17:09:07] chris: bye sarah!
[17:09:08] Sarah Cumming: :-)
[17:09:12] ... byeeee
[17:09:22] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i didn't know that!!!!!!!
[17:09:23] kevincolyerwork: c'est ne plus logique!
[17:09:26] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i've never used it
[17:09:29] chris: :D
[17:09:31] kevincolyerwork: I di!
[17:09:32] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i am rubbish
[17:09:33] kevincolyerwork: do
[17:09:36] ... yes
[17:09:40] ... shocking steve
[17:09:45] chris: that's the easiest thing ever
[17:09:48] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i feel ill
[17:09:53] chris: hee hee
[17:09:54] ... sorry, steve
[17:09:58] kevincolyerwork: us young people rule
[17:09:59] chris: ;)
[17:10:00] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i think that's how wikipedia works
[17:10:04] kevincolyerwork: OK
[17:10:05] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: ish
[17:10:05] ... i am young
[17:10:09] ... 53
[17:10:11] kevincolyerwork: So about recruiting new people
[17:10:20] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: though i'm often mistaken for an older person
[17:10:20] chris: i think mediawiki is an extension of wikipedia, isn't it?
[17:10:23] kevincolyerwork: proposal article in ywamconnect.net
[17:10:32] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: no, wikipedia is an extension of ywamkb
[17:10:33] chris: i'm happy to write that
[17:10:37] ... if yo'd want
[17:10:42] ... *you'd
[17:10:46] ... for ywamconnect.net
[17:10:46] kevincolyerwork: mediawiki is the software that runs wikipedia etc
[17:10:49] chris: right
[17:10:50] ... ok
[17:10:58] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: fantastic chris -- could you explain a little of how to acces it too then please?
[17:11:06] chris: access it?
[17:11:14] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: find stuff, add stuff
[17:11:14] chris: (just need clarification)
[17:11:15] kevincolyerwork: Please - check these pages and add your stuff there too YWAMKnowledgeBase:Community Portal
[17:11:25] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: find stuff add stuff
[17:11:34] chris: so basically i'd write a brief tutorial?
[17:11:46] kevincolyerwork: YWAMKnowledgeBase:Community Portal is a good place to put stuff
[17:11:48] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: yes, and how it will help them
[17:12:03] chris: hmm... one thing... really quick
[17:12:04] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: plan dts, outreach, train staff, start new evangelism team
[17:12:19] chris: this doesn't make sense to me... is this wiki markup? YWAMKnowledgeBase:Community Portal
[17:12:25] kevincolyerwork: [mediawiki is the software that runs wikipedia etc . it is in PHP and runs on apache with mysql or other backend]
[17:12:26] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: how it will help ME, is really important. it must scratch where people itch
[17:12:35] Douglass: I think that the ywamconnect article should be more about why ywamkb is so great, and the tutorial should be on the site itself
[17:12:41] kevincolyerwork: http://wiki.ywambrussels.be/kb/index.php/YWAMKnowledgeBase:Community_Portal
[17:12:44] ... sorry
[17:12:44] chris: i agree, doug
[17:12:51] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: yes, i agree
[17:13:00] kevincolyerwork: It would be nice to have an article by you guys and not us
[17:13:04] chris: so tell me... is this wiki markup? YWAMKnowledgeBase:Community Portal
[17:13:04] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: can that be the third proposal
[17:13:13] kevincolyerwork: no I meant :http://wiki.ywambrussels.be/kb/index.php/YWAMKnowledgeBase:Community_Portal
[17:13:31] ... in markup its [[YWAMKnowledgeBase:Community_Portal]]
[17:13:48] chris: so.... i would give them this url? http://wiki.ywambrussels.be/kb/index.php/YWAMKnowledgeBase:Community_Portal
[17:14:13] kevincolyerwork: no. that was for you. I have some promotions pages there.
[17:14:22] chris: ok
[17:14:34] Douglass: Chris:Idea: how about you put up your initial text on the kb, then we can colab on it a bit, then submit it.
[17:14:42] chris: sounds good :)
[17:14:45] kevincolyerwork: That was what I meant!
[17:15:02] ... Back to recruiting: What about getting others to write
[17:15:20] chris: perhaps we could put something on ywamit.com as well
[17:15:22] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: 15 people doing a lot should be enough
[17:15:25] ... ?
[17:15:26] chris: or maybe the same thing
[17:15:31] kevincolyerwork: do it!
[17:15:32] chris: as ywamconnect.net
[17:15:33] ... ok
[17:15:47] kevincolyerwork: I would love to see an IY article on it.
[17:15:53] Douglass: perhaps start off by expanding the section of new content we wont, then contact people outside our little group who have experience in these topics, and ask them to write.
[17:16:00] ... want*
[17:16:15] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: yes, great idea doug
[17:16:24] kevincolyerwork: I am working on Mercy ministries a bit. Steve Goode (Groove1950) is adding a lot
[17:16:34] ... we should ask him to champion us a bit
[17:16:38] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: fantastic
[17:17:05] Douglass: question: Does Lynn Green know about the KB, and if so, what does he think about it?
[17:17:11] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: yes, he has seen it
[17:17:11] chris: he should know
[17:17:13] kevincolyerwork: He like is
[17:17:14] chris: i think it's right up his ally
[17:17:20] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i spoke to him about it on thursday
[17:17:21] chris: :)
[17:17:26] kevincolyerwork: but not written anything yey
[17:17:31] ... I have be invited to the Eurocom meeting in January by Jeff Fountiain
[17:17:34] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: he didn't particularly express an opinion
[17:17:47] kevincolyerwork: Will oyu be there Chris?
[17:17:56] chris: i'm in the US till March, i'm afraiid
[17:18:01] ... i wish i could be there!!!
[17:18:10] kevincolyerwork: Perhaps we should Genesis you in?
[17:18:16] chris: perhaps so!
[17:18:17] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: ywam is both a movement and an organization. i think the kb is part of the movement and the better for it. What do you think?
[17:19:00] chris: it makes sense... anything that keeps our collaboration decentralized fits into the DNA of ywam...
[17:19:01] kevincolyerwork: I tried to explain that so far we have this section: http://wiki.ywambrussels.be/kb/index.php?title=Category:Communication. I think CRITers everywhere could contribute and imporve it
[17:19:06] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: let me say something when there is a free minute
[17:19:26] Douglass: ok
[17:19:30] kevincolyerwork: ok
[17:19:31] chris: listening
[17:19:38] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: most leaders from western eurpe will be together for a week in early april
[17:19:48] ... and it will major on the new teams network
[17:19:51] kevincolyerwork: 31st March - 4 April
[17:20:01] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: we want to committ to starting nearly 100 new teams in the next 2 years
[17:20:02] chris: where will it be?
[17:20:07] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: kev?
[17:20:13] kevincolyerwork: Near Appeldorn, Netherlands
[17:20:25] chris: is this something that you will be at?
[17:20:27] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: we will have a list of about 50 resource people on the kb
[17:20:30] kevincolyerwork: yes
[17:20:34] chris: great
[17:20:41] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: each will identify an area they have learned
[17:20:46] ... startin a new team
[17:20:49] ... raising team money,
[17:20:52] ... starting a project
[17:20:52] kevincolyerwork: You can come as a guest from Europe N
[17:20:54] chris: steve... is that the resource list of people & their abilities?
[17:20:58] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: identifying a new leader
[17:21:03] kevincolyerwork: yes
[17:21:08] chris: ok cool
[17:21:09] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: and they will put material on related to that
[17:21:19] ... and then over the few months after the conference
[17:21:36] * kevincolyerwork has changed the chat topic to "YWAM KB Meeting: Recruiting (10 mins till end of meeting - don't forget your hat and coat)"
[17:21:43] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: they will offer to spend a day or 2 or 5 with whoever will come to them to teach them
[17:21:50] chris: i have a friend who *might* be taking leadership of communication for N. Europe... so i'll be sure to let her know about this?
[17:21:53] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i think it will provide a boost to the kb
[17:22:05] ... and of course, more important, to evangelism in europe
[17:22:11] ... and collaboration on that
[17:22:14] ... finished
[17:22:16] kevincolyerwork: Chris: please invite her to be involved
[17:22:35] chris: thanks Steve...
[17:22:35] Douglass: Misc. Proposal: Create a new section in community portal for brainstorming kb improvement ideas.
[17:22:42] kevincolyerwork: AGREED
[17:22:45] chris: :)
[17:23:16] ... i have a question, if there's space/time
[17:23:31] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: go for it
[17:24:08] chris: what about sensitive info? is there/should there be some leadership involvement to make sure there isn't anything posted that would be damaging to YWAM'ers & their security in sensitive zones?
[17:24:27] kevincolyerwork: We recommend people don't use the KB for that
[17:24:34] chris: is there some kind of accountability for new users?
[17:24:41] kevincolyerwork: Acutally there is little to be gained in posting it
[17:24:51] chris: true... just like... locations
[17:24:53] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: it is the same as the wikipedia
[17:25:12] Douglass: I think that the accountability comes from the fact that anyone can edit it.
[17:25:15] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: as community develops, people check what each other write to improve and look out for it
[17:25:19] kevincolyerwork: so far no-one has done anything like that
[17:25:21] chris: right now ywam kb is manageable with the amount of users
[17:25:36] ... but like... ywamconnect.net now has 16,500 users (or more)
[17:25:45] ... that would be extremely tough to moderate
[17:25:59] Douglass: I think once the kb gets huge, we'll need people that oversee spcific sections.
[17:26:04] chris: yes
[17:26:05] ... ok
[17:26:07] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: there is already someone from the DTS center that looks over dts stuff to make sure it is right
[17:26:10] kevincolyerwork: I can't think why people would make that mistake
[17:26:11] chris: just thinking out loud, as it were :)
[17:26:22] ... i'm just thinking
[17:26:29] ... that if anyone is able to create a username
[17:26:31] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: it may be worth putting a caveat somewhere saying it though chris
[17:26:42] kevincolyerwork: I think it is in the faq
[17:26:50] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: perhaps i wrote it then?
[17:26:55] kevincolyerwork: yep
[17:27:00] chris: great
[17:27:18] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i did write it, i really am rubbish
[17:27:18] kevincolyerwork: It is easy to rollback and delete information
[17:27:27] chris: :D
[17:27:28] Douglass: lol
[17:27:30] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: ha ha
[17:27:35] kevincolyerwork: I did delete a password colin left in his xml stuff!
[17:27:47] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: i'm not even smart enough to be a nerd, drat
[17:27:50] chris: i know one of the issues at the IT forum of CRIT '06 was making sure the websites representing YWAM are doing so with integrity
[17:27:52] kevincolyerwork: But to be honest he could also change his password too!
[17:28:40] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: it is back to the movement and organization thing though
[17:28:43] kevincolyerwork: You could write some guidelines and put in the communications category on the KB
[17:28:45] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: we are ywam
[17:28:46] chris: which, by the way, Kevin, i truly appreciated you coming up with a logo for the KB that was respectful of the original YWAM logo
[17:29:02] kevincolyerwork: I like the new one now.
[17:29:03] chris: yes... you are right, Steve
[17:29:05] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: well done kev on the logo thing, we needed a real ywam thing
[17:29:31] kevincolyerwork: Actually I might add the digital background to it sometime soon
[17:29:37] ... minor point!
[17:29:39] chris: :D
[17:29:41] kevincolyerwork: Suggestion: What do you think of having a face to face week sometime about the KB? I would like time together to enjoy each other, inspire, time to write and worship etc
[17:30:06] chris: well, 3 of the 4 of us who are here are in Europe, right?
[17:30:16] ... i mean, i'm not there at the moment...
[17:30:17] Douglass: I'd have to be in via video link, but sounds great.
[17:30:18] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: yes, could we start at the meeting in April?
[17:30:27] kevincolyerwork: Face to face is important. We could do a "sprint" at the WELC and have an afternoon and evening together and write write write!
[17:30:32] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: or can we do it with genesis?
[17:30:36] kevincolyerwork: yep
[17:30:47] chris: i think it'd be possible, Steve
[17:31:03] ... if i couldn't be there physically, i could most likely do GENESIS
[17:31:07] kevincolyerwork: I wonder as we have 122 reg users now that some might like to come
[17:31:20] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: yes, many
[17:31:21] kevincolyerwork: Brussels is nice in the spring!
[17:31:27] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: especially the 15!
[17:31:32] chris: i loved Brussels the one time i was there
[17:31:39] kevincolyerwork: Come back soon!
[17:31:42] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: it is beautiful
[17:31:44] chris: it was in 1996
[17:31:48] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: nice public transport
[17:31:49] chris: in the summer
[17:31:50] kevincolyerwork: Welcome anytime - we have hospitality rooms here!
[17:31:51] Douglass: I've flown over Brussels :)
[17:31:53] chris: thank you!
[17:31:53] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: it has been too long
[17:31:59] ... i can spell brussls
[17:32:02] chris: :D
[17:32:05] kevincolyerwork: bruxelles
[17:32:11] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: sorre
[17:32:11] kevincolyerwork: brussel
[17:32:15] ... brussels
[17:32:19] ... breussel
[17:32:24] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: words are sprouting
[17:32:27] chris: :p
[17:32:35] kevincolyerwork: hey it think it is time to wrap up
[17:32:38] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: ok
[17:32:39] chris: ok
[17:32:48] ... i will try to write that article really quickly
[17:32:51] kevincolyerwork: chris: you are doing a great job promoting the KB up there. Keep it up!
[17:32:53] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: wonderful to meet you guys and i appreicate what you all do
[17:33:06] chris: :)
[17:33:06] Douglass: likewise.
[17:33:09] chris: you too guys
[17:33:10] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: thanks
[17:33:41] kevincolyerwork: Next meeting will be in Jan I think. Prob 7th
[17:33:44] Steve Sullivan, aokbe: ok, bye all, see you next time
[17:33:57] kevincolyerwork: anything not discussed rolled in to next time!
[17:34:13] ... Thanks doug - we will try to get gobby going next time!
[17:34:41] * kevincolyerwork has changed the chat topic to "YWAM KB Meeting: OVER! see you Jan 7th!"