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The YWAM Knowledge Base is exploring to have partnerships with different departments within YWAM. Through Skype the KB met with YWAM AfriCom, which is one of the communications Team of YWAM, also called "the Coms". This team is located in Cape Town, South Africa. The team is reaching out to the whole African continent to improve communication for the different locations of where the YWAM bases are established or on the way to be pioneered.

Following are some of the main points that have been highlighted in this meeting.

Looking for goals - short medium and long term...


  1. We have a vision!
  2. Not top down - want everyone to become contributors - grass roots.
  3. Working on the critical mass - contributors to small in prop. to readership.


  • How do people search in Africa: crowd sourcing via Facebook and social media to get an answer
  • Not emailing but social networking messaging
  • Broadcast via radio/podcasts e.g. Ian Muir podcast

Transcribing podcasts/video casts - write basic principles down of the podcast as a synopsis with mp3 together - perhaps on KB. Links to Facebook page.

Aiming for excellence in an area.

Question: role of national leaders - who is giving you the mandate

The outcome

This meeting needs a follow up for sure. We did just start with introducting ourselves and getting the conversation rolling. Next time we will focus more on the mainpoints of setting the goals for short-, medium and longterm. It is exciting for sure!


Website: YWAM AfriCom

Facebook Link: AfriCom Like Page

Facebook Link: KB Like Page