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Invite Who does Invite Done (date) Response?
ywam-announce mailing list Kevin 30/8/2007 We shall see!
Everyone in the UK and Ireland trained to use it Steve
International YWAMER ad/article Any takers?
YWAM England Advance magazine Steve emailed the editor awaiting response
Have a YWAM Belgium day on it Kevin
Promote on ywam-base-announce, ywam connect.net Kevin/Mike by 22/6/2007
Lynn Green Steve Spoke with him 30 June Presentation made to Base Leader training event 5/7/7
Global perspectives Any takers? They are on sabbatical and may not return
Africoms team in S Africa Mike
all the people in ywam who have published a book All of us
Get all 27 Regions onboard - at GLT? Mike
WELT Kevin and Steve 1-4 October
Kerygma teams Sarah C
Tom Bloomer Steve Emailed Thomas 8/7/7 waiting on his response
Laurence Singlehurst Steve Emailed 8/7/7
Barry Austin Steve Emailed 8/7/7
Donovan Palmer Steve Emailed 8/7/7
Stephe Mayers Steve Emailed 8/7/7
Steve Ashworth Steve Emailed 8/7/7
Eurocoms Kevin Already done see EuroCom
Mark Vening Kevin Yes Mark5: Edited article
http://www.ywamit.com Kevin Yes None Yet
Els Haamsoe (Brazil, Street kids) Kevin Yes
Jeff Fountain Kevin Sort of None
Romkje Fountain Kevin and Steve 15/6/2007
Stephe Mayers Kevin and Steve Yes None
YWAM Brussels base Kevin Partially Sheila is helping
YWAM Perth neo Thumbs Up as of 20th August 2 ppl signed up and starting (slowly) to contribute

Open Invitation Letter