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  1. Steve Sullivan and Kevin Colyer have been asking questions of how we can use the possibilties the internet offers for collaboration for years now ever since Kevin moved to Belgium in 2004.
  2. After drinking too much coffee together and endlessly discusing their concerns for passing on skills and training to others they thought up the kb.
  3. Steve had been assured for 3 or 4 years that he could have a wiki like thing built into YWAM's 'official' site(s). It didn't quite happen!
  4. They looked at various groupware solutions, railed at the inadequacies and cost of Sharepoint and scratched their heads a lot. Kevin went to a talk in Brussels by Jimmy Wales, founder of the Wikipedia and was very much inspired by the concept of virtual communities.
  5. The Free Software movement also fascinated Kevin especially with its social goals of helping your neighbour, creating communities around projects and the inherent openness. Kevin also switched to a Linux Desktop at work and started a migration process in Brussels to a mostly free software solution.
  6. Kevin then decided to install a mediawiki server (how hard could it be!). He re-installed it after breaking it the next day. After a further few installations and poking and proddings the KB as we know it wobbled into life. They bought the domain http://www.ywamkb.net.
  7. They sort of officially started in May 2006.

Philosophy of the KB...