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There are various things anyone can do to help the KB grow.

Here are a few... They are not ordered by importance.

  • Send Kevin, Steve and Arnoud chocolate and nice notes of appreciation.
  • Send a little money (we need about 16 euro's a year minimum but funds above that we can use for promotional materials and physical meetings).
  • Tell everyone you know.
  • Nag a leader to write about their key subjects.
Member What you can do
  • Write about yourself in your User page (see little person top right of page!)
  • Make sure your email address is correct and you have agreed to be contacted by other users from the KB site.
  • Watch some Help:Instructional Videos.
  • Ask for help for your day job - YWAMKnowledgeBase:My Question.
  • Try out some Janitorial tasks here.
  • Try to take on some roles here.
Writer Everyone can do this!
Editor (Anyone can be an editor!)
  • Review articles as they are posted - Special:RecentChanges and www.planetywam.net.
  • Assist with articles as they are being written - add structure, suggest changes and clarifications.
  • Transform ideas contained in the stubs to text.
  • Check for bias or sloppy style.
  • Rename (Move) articles to be more relevant.
  • Remove irrelevant articles (by first asking the original writer to expand the article and finally deleting if no progress. Measured in months).
  • Categorise un-categorised pages - Special:Uncategorizedpages.
  • Correct over categorisation of pages and create categories to add structure. Add sub-categories in as the KB grows.
Janitor Simple and not so simple tasks.
  • Improve spelling and grammar of pages.
  • Properly wiki-format pages - Category:Page Needs Much Tidying Up.
  • Harmonise style of writing.
  • Mark pages for deletion {{delete}} or needing attention {{stub}}.
  • Categorise uncategorised pages - Special:Uncategorizedpages.
  • Cross-referencing - examine articles for useful place to cross reference and link them, helping users find helpful routes through the mass of ideas.
  • Check Special:Wantedpages for pages that might be errors rather than genuine desires/intentions.
  • Resolve Dead Links - Category:!Dead Link.
Promoter - Category:Knowledge Base Promotion
Creator Promotional materials - Category:Knowledge Base Promotion.

Pretty Articles

System Administrator Not time consuming but needs multiply people involved (Bus-Factor improvement).
  • Replication of KB in case of disaster.
  • Domain renewal and maintenance.
  • Documentation of modifications to Mediawiki code.
  • Documentation of Extensions used and modifications for them.
  • Software upgrade.
  • Caching and proxy software working.
  • Take the little Robots for a walk.
  • Server love and care!