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Active Users.jpg

Here below follows some histograms to give graphical examples of what has happened with the YWAM Knowledge Base. Since the start of the YWAMKB in 2006 these statistics have been recorded and resulted into these histograms.


These histograms with the green bars give an overview on how many pages have been looked at. The first shows the whole amount of pages visited and the second tell you how many pages were visited each year. Last year we did hit the 900.000 and this year the total views will be close to a million. We also went past the 4 million marker and will get close to the next of 5 million.

Page Views Statistics.jpg
Views Statistics.jpg


These two histograms show the growth of articles in the last years. The first histogram shows the total number of articles written on the Knowledge Base since the start in 2006. The second histogram shows how many new articles where written each year. In 2015 a mayor shift has taken place with the creation of many new articles, which didn't continue due to projects being cancelled. For 2016 little growth is expected, although this can change when new users start writing and adding new articles. But so far the growth will be minor. On the other hand more work will be done on updating pages and expansion of articles.

Articles Total Statistics.jpg
Articles Statistics.jpg


These two histograms show the growth of users in the last years. The first histogram shows the total number of users who joined the YWAMKB since 2006. The second histogram shows how many new users joined every year. For 2015 we almost reached the expectation for 40 new users. And this year 2016 it really looks positive and the same prediction stands of 40 new users.

Users Total Statistics.jpg
Users Statistics.jpg

Active Users

This histogram shows you how many active users (also known as KBians) have been active. It is a bit of a calculation and it shows the average for a whole year. 2015 was slow, only few active users. So far 2016 is even more quiet. Unless the users wake up or new ones join in and start making edits the average will go up.

If you want to be counted in you only need to make 5 changes this month and you can be called an active user. Yes, even small edits count.

Active Users.jpg


On these histograms with the orange bars you can see the activity of the users (also called KBians) who did add new knowledge to the YWAM Knowledge Base. Even small thoughts, missing dots and spelling correction are added here. The first histogram shows the total edits made through out the years and the second shows what happened seperately each year. The 30000 wasn't reached in 2015, but it remains the aim for 2016. The number of total edits will most likely be less in comparisson with 2015, although it is still significant looking at the slower years. A lot of these edits are made with the general updates.

Page Edits Statistics.jpg
Edits Statistics.jpg