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Small changes have been made to the Main Page of the YWAM Knowledge Base so far, but more is coming. This is the plan we are working on. The KB needs to become more readable and functional. New exciting features will need to make the website more attractive and serve YWAMers who search for help or who love to share their wisdom and experience.

Here are some plans for the new set up:

Question section

The links of the Questions section have been tested. The testing showed that many of these links didn't make sense. It clearly didn't take the reader anywhere. Although some of them did work.

The picture here is showing what we are working on at this moment. The Question section is shown as Q's. The place it has in the picture is most likely the place where the Question section will go.

The set up of this section will change drastically. First priority is to cut out a lot of questions to make the section less cluttered. In this way it becomes smaller and easier to read. The other questions could be kept, but then this section will need to work like a featured article. Wikipedia uses this as well, to keep the information on their Mainpage organized.


The NEWS section is a new feature which would be great to have to share YWAM NEWS. Working on the Facebook Like page showed that people love to interact. Posting the new changes on the Facebook wall does grab peoples attention. This NEWS section can be used to share what is new in YWAM. On Facebook a lot of YWAM bases are sharing what is happening at their base and ministries. Like a journalist we are able to pick out news that stands out. This new feature is going to give great challenges. But it also has the potential of being fruitful in attracting more users.

Special Feature

Below the video is a box called "Feature". This is the place for special features. It can be used for many things. Here are some ideas:

  • Photo of the Day
  • Article of the Day
  • YWAMer of the Day
  • Quote of the Day
  • Events
  • Etc..

This is still something the KB-staff needs to process and look at. It can even become a combination of different features.


The section which has huge potential are the Languages. What is amazing about Wikipedia is that it crosses many language barriers. These barriers are also found in YWAM. The YWAM KB can be the first website to challenge and conquer these walls.

French, Spanish, Portuguese are having great potential. Chinese and Korean as well. If interested send an e-mail to:adelaartjes@gmail.com


This section is on the edge of being cut out. It depends on the rating system. At the moment it set on non-active. If it remains that way this section will be removed.

Yes, I have set the rating bars to invisible at the momment. It was an interesting experiment, and we can easily keep it going "invisibly" but I can't see it bore any fruit... --Kev-The-Hasty (talk) 13:56, 20 October 2012 (CEST)