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Visuals, both pictures and videos are important in todays interactions. What words lack is attraction. But put a colourful creation next to it draws our eyes. Especially when it something that hasn't been seen the day before. That's how we come up with the concept of the Featured Video and Featured Picture. Something new on the KB for every day.

Featured Video

Shift toward Asia

Taiwan is one of these nations that has changed a lot and is still in the process of more change. Is there room to shift toward Jesus as well?


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(If all this sounds too complicated to you, we will be happy to help you.)

Day 1

Why have a YWAM Knowledge Base?

Rodney Blevins (EuroCom), Jonny Clark (YWAM Ireland) and Yan Nicholls (E-Teams) share about how useful the YWAM KB is for them and everyone in YWAM.

Day 2

Living in community

What are the benefits of living together in one community? Here are some tips to create community. more...

KB promo (Used with permission) Community - Newcastle, England
Day 3

Get a taste for the Mission

Getting prepared for full time missionary work or living for God in any other job. Get a first taste of missions by joining a DTS in one of the YWAM Centres around the world. more...

Day 4

A call from Europe

Europe needs missionaries. There is a huge need for people to share and live the Gospel on this continent. more...

DTS England New Team Milan, Italy
Day 5

Movement in Asia

Loren Cunningham tells about the great potential of Christians in Asia. What about 10 million missionaries, although 1 million is already impressive. more...

Day 6

More evangelism

Why is there a need for more Schools of Evangelism and Evangelism Teams? more...

Loren Cunningham - Asia vision Yan Nicholls - School of Evangelism
Day 7

Started some time ago

From the days that it started in the 50s until now, this video shows an amazing footage of how Youth With A Mission developed. more...

Day 8

Share your story

Anyone like Katerine in this video can share their story. God is working in our lives and it is worth to share our journey with Him to others. more videos of YWAM Stories... & more on the KB...

History YWAM YWAM Stories
Day 9


Communicating through movement moves people. Used in street evangelism dance gives a strong expression of God's creativity in life. more...

Day 10

Reaching the Caribbean for Christ

Rodney and Rhodes Gephart are missionaries who have a vision for a YWAM presence in Azua, Dominican Republic. Most of their staff consists of Haitian missionaries hoping to unify Haiti and Dominican Republic under the name of Jesus. more...

School of Dance (Used with permission) Dominican Republic, Caribbean (Used with permission)
Day 11


Day 12

South Sudan in East-Central Africa became an independent state on 9 July 2011. A team from YWAM visited Yei and a few other locations to find out more about the needs of the country. more...

Mission Building, Kona, USA South Sudan, Africa
Day 13

Getting into the Bible

Christ Lautsbaugh, head of School of Biblical Studies in Africa talks about the vision to roll out effective Bible teaching across the continent.


Day 14

Thinking beyond our lifetimes

David Hamilton from the Global Leadership Team encourages us to focus on something bigger than ourselves ourselves and be willing to build something that will outlive us.

more about David...

Chris Lautsbaugh SBS, Africa David Hamilton, Generations
Day 15

Partners in Mission

Mercy Air has been working to bring a better connectedness with the work of YWAM in Marromeu, Mozambique.

more on communications in YWAM...

Day 16

Pioneering in Angola

Marcia Gomes shares about the pioneering work that they are doing in Angola through Pro-Angola, an initiative of YWAM Angola.

more on pioneering...

Mercy Air, Africa Teaching, Angola, Africa
Day 17


Is this the time when sin rules? Or can we make a difference on this day and reach out with hope, love and a warm embrace for those in need. Jesus also rules on the day of Carnaval. Let's go to Brazil. more...

Day 18

Summer of Service - Paris Je t'aime - France

The Summer of Service(SOS) of YWAM is a camp in July that lasts two weeks, which is composed of worship & teaching time (every morning), workshops (every afternoon) and outreaches (five nights a week, just in front of the Eiffel Tower).

It's such a good place to spend quality times with God, to gather other young Christians and to learn how to share the gospel. If you're interested, please come and join us. More info on SOS Paris - France.

Flag French Small.png Le service d'été de Jeunesse en Mission est un camp en juillet qui dure deux semaines, qui est composé de temps de louange et d'enseignement (chaque matin), d'ateliers (chaque après-midi) et de plein-airs (cinq soirs par semaine, en face de la Tour Eiffel).

Ce camp est une super occasion de partager des temps de qualité avec Dieu, de rencontrer d'autres jeunes chrétiens et d'apprendre comment partager l'Évangile. Intéressé ? Rejoins-nous ! Plus d'info sur le site du service d'été.

SOS Paris - France

Outreach Carnaval, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Summer of Service, Paris, France (Used with permission)
Day 19

Shift toward Asia

Taiwan is one of these nations that has changed a lot and is still in the process of more change. Is there room to shift toward Jesus as well?


Day 20

Hear the voice

There is a huge challenge to reach out and speak truth to the people we meet. Both here and on outreach. To exchange stories and let voices to be heard. Especially the voice that we follow. more...

Tapei, Taiwan, Asia Voice for the voiceless, USA (Used with permission)
Day 21

The Future

Raising children is massively important. Pray for them, educate them, spend lot's of time with them. The next generation.. that is the future. more...

Day 22

Big Daddy

The need is huge. Counting millions. Who is going to reach these children? Tell them about the Father who loves them, more...

Children, Mexico (Used with permission) King's Kids, Russia
Day 23

Connecting with YWAM

A short video highlighting the importance of prompt and effective communication. Produced by students of a video production workshop in Kiev, Ukraine. more...

Day 24

Cities are full of opportunities and challenges. Maybe you would like to take it on. more..

Communication "Dear YWAM" Muizenberg in South Africa
Day 25

Impression of India

"I could have stayed in India forever- the rich culture, the friendly people and the desire to serve made each experience so impactful. One of my favorite parts of our work there was the way our team was able to act as the body of Christ. Through our varied activities each of us had a chance to honor God in a way we felt called. Life. Changing." - Elizabeth Falknor. more..

Day 26

Needs are huge. Simply also at the start of life. more..

Impression India (Used with permission) Midwife India (Used with permission)
Day 27

The Harvest

What Jesus called the harvest. What does that really mean? To go out and reach people in your area and beyond. But how? What do you say, or what do you do. A DTS brings a bunch of people together to get to know more that, about God and about Jesus. Come and join, He would say. Come and go out.

Day 28

Go for evangelism on the underground, in front of city hall or near the touristic spots. Any place in the city can be a target. Let God lead you and invest in peoples lives. more..

Jeff Fountain, Schuman Centre, Europe (Used with permission) Summer of Service, Berlin, Germany
Day 29

The party of getting wet. This is also part of starting a new church. See what a blessing it is. more..

Day 30

Baptisms, Asia Dating Jesus, Virginia, USA
Day 31

Haka, Hurlach, Germany