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Visuals, both pictures and videos are important in todays interactions. What words lack is attraction. But put a colourful creation next to it draws our eyes. Especially when it something that hasn't been seen the day before. That's how we come up with the concept of the Featured Video and Featured Picture. Something new on the KB for every day.

Featured Picture
Spring Game.JPG
Put shavingfoam on Our faces to be a target for flying cheesedoodles.


Crazy, Creative and Community. That's what it is when we jump into mud or put shavingfoam on our faces. Or playing a fanatic game of Settlers of Catan around a table. What about playing Wii, Nintendo or a RPG on your PC? Games connect and are fun. Or does it also stimulate too much living in a fantasy bubble? Well, use it with wisdom.. and try to beat your opponents in a loving way, more...

How To Add A New Picture

  • First upload the picture file, through this link: Upload Picture
  • Don't load up picture that are too big. Keep the size limited to about 100-200 kb. If your picture is 1 MB or more, try to resize it through a program like Paint or others.
  • Pick a free slot (blue link where there is no name after it) in the list below. Write your name or the projects name behind it.
  • Click on it. You will see a template that you should use. Click on edit.
    • Fill in the name you gave to your picture. Tip: Keep the name short.
      • Example: [[File:Uofn_globe_mini.png|300px]]
    • Resize your picture to 300 Pixel.
      • Example: [[File:Uofn_globe_mini.png|300px]]
    • Write an encouraging text, which can also be linked to a page on the KB to tell more about the subject it is related to.

(If all this sounds too complicated to you, we will be happy to help you.)

Day 1
Shield UofN
Day 2
UofN Seal 2015.png

The new UofN Seal

The UofN Seal has been renewed in 2015. Along side with this change the whole website of the University of the Nations has been updated. more...

YWAM Logo Transparent.png


This logo is recognized everywhere. But how is it used and what does it stand for? And wasn't there another logo before? Who designed it? Find out more...

Day 3
Street Preacher - Openairs
Day 4
Okt Fest - Alcohol

The Streetpreacher

Got guts! Are you willing to stand out and preach the Gospel on the street of any town or city. There is a big chance that some day someone asks you to put a message together, giving you a microphone or megaphone and that it is your time to share who Jesus is or to give your testimony. Here are some tips: more...

October Fest.jpg

Is one beer okay?

This is a subject that is a big issue in many YWAM locations. Different policies are made to help give direction and to apply wisdom. So what about reaching out to these Germans who only socialize with a big glass of beer? Let's find out what the answer is or are there only more questions, more...

Day 5
Paint Hands - Creative outreach
Day 6
Guitar player - Worship


There is tons we can do with art. One of the most fun things is to go and paint on the street. To engage people in what you do with your creativity and to invite them to join in as well. Get inspiration from these pictures: more...

OpenAir Guitar1.JPG

Bono on the street

Did you always dream of it to be a musician and play with the wind in your hair on the streets in the city of Berlin. Well, there are tons of opportunities to bring your stringed instrument to the public arenas of the world. Take on the challenge and worship Jesus, more...

Day 7
Free Hugs - Evangelism
Day 8

Free Hugs

Who doesn't need a warm embrace? We humans are good in isolating ourselves from each other, but we can't be apart for too long. How do we fight against the isolation? Well, why not try free hugs, more...

Classic Africa.jpg


The continent which isn't poor, but seen as the most needy. It is struck by misery, but at the same time the place of hope. The most amazing thing is that God can use Africans to bring the change themselves. From the Sahara desert in the north to deep in jungle in the heart of Africa, more...

Day 9
Red Ribbon - HIV/AIDS
Day 10
YWAM Castles
Aids ribbon.png

The red ribbon

Did we find a cure yet? No, not yet. Remember those who are the victims of HIV and AIDS. Learn more about it and how YWAM is involved in bringing hope and love to these people, more...

Castle Hurlach.JPG
Castle Herrnhut.JPG

YWAM Castles

Throughout the years YWAM did receive a whole collection of different properties. One of the outstanding locations are of course the YWAM Castles. It started with the top one in the early 70's and the one below is one of the most recent castles, more...

Day 11
Day 12
East and West.jpg

SBCW on tour

In the School of Biblical Christian Worldview(SBCW) minds are being challenged through learning about worldviews. Like the perspectives of East and West during the Cold War. Or about what Christianity and the Bible did for Europe and the rest of the world. Worldview matters, it shapes society and the lives of the coming generations, more...

Kitchen Jonathan.jpg

In the kitchen

Vital for all, for running schools and also for the survival of many staff: The YWAM Kitchen. What is needed to run a kitchen? What meals are served? How to keep rats out and make sure that the dishes are done. Don't forget to thank your cooks who do an awesome job for you, more...

Day 13
Day 14

The YWAM KB Library

This is the place to share your favorite books. Especially the ones that helped you build up the ministry you are part of. Tons of books can be found here already, but lots more can be shown here. Look at all those rugs. Pages upon pages of useful resources, more...


YWAM Websites

One of the most popular pages on the YWAM KB is this one about YWAM Websites. It contains the most important connections and also includes many of the national websites, more...

Day 15
Youth Culture
Day 16
YWAM/UofN Campuses

Youth Culture

Youth With A Mission, is as the name it says youthful. Which means that many of the people who are part of this movement are young, fibrant, wild, energetic, riskful and passionate for Jesus. This is awesome and scary at the same time. Can the older generations of YWAMers still catch up with the new input? That's a huge challenge, more...

The Oval.JPG

The YWAM Campus

Through the University of the Nations YWAM developed campuses worldwide to equip missionaries for work among any group or sphere of society. Some became huge structures others remained within one building. It is not the size that matters, but the students which are send out like Jesus send them out, more...

Day 17
Day 18
South America
Britt and Lucy.jpg

The School of Evangelism

Also known as the SOE, the first school YWAM ever started! Why? Because that is what YWAM does. Evangelism. Speaking about Jesus anywhere. In Europe a rekindling of the evangelical fire has happened in the recent years. SOE's are popping up again. With the zeal and passion that is needed in every Christian heart, more...

Sunset Brazil.jpg

Hot climate of the Americas

This is what I see and feel when I remember the beauty of the Southern Americas. It is hot, passionate and breath taking. Nature is amazing, the people are kind and very diverse. Behind this paradise, you will quickly see the opposite. Many people are living in miserable conditions. Even though the church has much influence, it is not seen as much in society. How long can we be lukewarm in a hot climate? more...

Day 19
Day 20
Spring Game.JPG
Put shavingfoam on Our faces to be a target for flying cheesedoodles.


Crazy, Creative and Community. That's what it is when we jump into mud or put shavingfoam on our faces. Or playing a fanatic game of Settlers of Catan around a table. What about playing Wii, Nintendo or a RPG on your PC? Games connect and are fun. Or does it also stimulate too much living in a fantasy bubble? Well, use it with wisdom.. and try to beat your opponents in a loving way, more...

Direction Sign.jpg

Connecting & Communication

How far is New York, or Paris? What about the southern tip of Africa? Asia? Or Down Under? Today, the distance is still the same, but connecting is so much easier. It is normal now to have international meetings through Skype, Facebook and Google+. And missions? Well, we are moving on now to have internet on mobilephones, which can almost bring you deep into the jungle, more...

Day 21
Day 22
YWAM Prison
Splash Wave.jpg

Small Waves

These waves are not that impressive, althought the splash against the rock is great. We do want to see bigger waves, especially because we know in YWAM what Loren saw: BIG WAVES. How is God working out that vision today? Are we feeling this roar coming up? Like a pororoca, big and lasting long, more...


YWAM Prison

What does that mean? Well, simple a YWAM Base located in a prison. This is the beautiful brick with bars building in the middle of downtown Skien in Norway. Ever wanted to live in a cell behind a heavy door? more...

Day 23
Day 24
Pretty locations
Big Bible.jpg

Virgin Bible

This is what a new bible looks like before the School of Biblical Studies(SBS). But in 9 months time it will be read more than 5 times, colored on most likely every page and be roughed up. That is the passion for scripture, more...

On a Rock.JPG

Pretty (Scary) Locations

The up and down side of the mission is that we see much of the world. In a sense it looks like the ideal holiday. But it is all but a holiday. Pretty locations we do encounter and also enjoy. The knockout side is what we see beyond the side seeing. It is quite scary, more...

Day 25
Day 26

Hot Spicy Food from Asia

Rice. Rice. Rice. And of course more rice. Although Asia has many different adds with rice and that is the most amazing thing about it. Never boring, unless you have only one add. Like the food, Asia has tons of different spicy flavors, would you like some more...

Movie Crew.jpg

The Film Crew

One of the ultimate ways of being creative is to be part of a film crew. Within in YWAM there are some teams who made some amazing videos and there are even prizes won. Movies and videos are great resources, so let's collect and share them[1], more... & more...

  1. PS. Make sure you buy. Just sharing Movies is encouraging stealing. But you are free to share links here on the KB.
Day 27
Day 28
Outreach life shoes.JPG

DTS means Dirtiness

Or does it? Having a lot of young people gathered in one place does create quite some mess. Knowing that most of them are in their late teens or early twenties, means that their mom did most of the cleaning for them on a daily basis. The challenge now for any school is to teach the basics of order, hygiene and sanitizing. Maybe they should even learn how to cook. Just some basic skills to survive in the world and certainly vital for being in missions, more...

Personal Office.jpg

The Office

Who are does people that stay indoors so much? Who live on coffee and tea? That work with numbers and important documents? Well, the office people. If they weren't around there wouldn't even be a YWAM missionary in the field. And they are far from being boring. They work hard and a lot behind the scene, more...

Day 29
Day 30
Church Ulm.jpg


The body of Christ. Believers and followers of Jesus coming together every sunday in a building like this, with a tower (This tower being the highest ever build). Impressive great halls shaped in a cross. Or just simple shacks with huge speakers preaching the word of God. The church, what a legacy and what an amazing place to meet people, who love Christ, more...

Jesus and Maria.jpg

The Messiah

Hallelujah! All praise to the one. Did you meet Him? Jesus of Nazareth? The son of a carpenter, named Joseph? He is the one of whom the Prophets speak. All scriptures are pointing at Him. He is the Messiah. Our Savior! The Son of God who defeated death by raising from the death after being crucified on the cross. He did that for your sinful life and mine to be reconnected in freedom with God, His Father, more...

Day 31
Loren Cunningham.jpg


Doctor, Reverend.. Cunningham? What were his titles again? No, no, he only wants to be known as Loren. No titles. This humble man started a small wave which became this worldwide movement called Youth With A Mission. And yes, just call him Loren, that's all, more...