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New, exciting and great articles should be presented on the front of our mainpage. Fresh news is great. Awesome pages are awesome. So we like to present them as best as we can. Together with the Featured Video and Featured Picture we get the Featured Articles. Something new on the KB for every day.

Featured Articles
How to - Read a lot of hows

NEW DTS Promo's - DTS promotion videos

Update YWAM in Germany - Three new locations in the last years

Update Internet Protection - Put up a defense against sexual content online

Update List of schools in YWAM - Get an overview through this collection

How To Add A New Article

  • First write or pick an article to add.
  • Pick a free slot (blue link where there is no name after it) in the list below. Write your name or the projects name behind it.
  • Click on it. You will see a template that you should use. Click on edit.
    • Fill in the name you gave to the featured article link.
    • Write an encouraging text, which you write around the featured article link.

(If all this sounds too complicated to you, we will be happy to help you.)

Day 1
Church Planting
Day 2
Summer of Service
Church Planting - Start and plant new churches Summer of Service - Organise a dynamic evangelism campaign and serve with love
Day 3
School of Evangelism
Day 4
Leadership Transition
School of Evangelism - Multiply evangelists and teach anyone to take on the challenge Leadership Transition - Pass on leadership of the team I am running to others
Day 5
Day 6
Career in YWAM
Multiplication - Multiply my team into 6 more teams Career in YWAM - Have a career with Youth With A Mission
Day 7
Personal Fundraising
Day 8
Ministry Fundraising
Personal Fundraising - Raise enough money for your living Ministry Fundraising - Do effective fundraising for ministry
Day 9
Being a Missionary
Day 10
Being a Missionary - What do I need to know? Culture - What do I need to know about other cultures?
Day 11
Small groups
Day 12
Small team outreach
Small Group - How to lead one Planning and Running a Small Team Outreach - So you can go anywhere
Day 13
Day 14
Managing in YWAM
Leadership - Be the team leader Managing in YWAM - Be the Base leader
Day 15
National Leadership
Day 16
National Leadership - Be a National leader Boards - Be a Board member in Youth With A Mission
Day 17
Day 18
How to help
YWAM DNA - Discover more about our core Help the YWAM Knowledge Base - In any way possible
Day 19
How to
Day 20
Stress Management
How to - Read a lot of hows Stress Management - What to do when things become too much
Day 21
Day 22
Depression - In the deep, how to get out Help - You like to start a page, but don't know how
Day 23
Lausanne Covenant
Day 24
Adding new School or Ministry
Lausanne Covenant - Big decisions count, so also your next meeting Adding a new school or ministry location to the UofN and YWAM
Day 25
Personal Support Raising
Day 26
List of Schools
Personal Support Raising for YWAMers - A good read List of schools in YWAM - An almost complete list
Day 27
Cross-Cultural Marriage
Day 28
Ministering to Sexual Brokenness
Cross-cultural marriage in missions - Love across borders Ministering to Sexual Brokenness - Receive or give help
Day 29
YWAM on Wikipedia
Day 30
Write in Wiki
YWAM pages on Wikipedia - Quick overview of what you can find on Wikipedia How to Write in Wiki - Get some help
Day 31
Histograms - Follow our statistics