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What are others thinking about this project? We welcome your feedback.

A video from quite a while ago

These leaders (who are all registered users too) explain why they think the KB is great.

Incoming Email

"I have been a fan of YWAMKB for quite awhile now as I helped start our first DTS this year and I wear lots of other hats. The content of your website is invaluable." (27/08/2009)

"... And thanks for the good work on the KB." (Aug 6 2009 in email to Kevin)

"I like wikis: when I discover an spelling or layout error, I can correct it and save others this 'stumbling block'. At YWAM KB I started out at the Password Guidelines, because I somehow wasn't satisfied with the way a 'secure' password is defined." (Pitpat, 04/09/2009)

Found in the web

"Check out this website I discovered recently, known as the YWAM Knowledge Base (ywamkb.net). This is a collaboratively edited site, where anyone in YWAM can find and share information pertaining to anything related to the mission. It contains information on topics including running a DTS, leadership, frontier missions, as well as many other topics. If you want to contribute, the only qualification is that you are on staff with YWAM." (Dustin at YWAM Multiply)