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We love to connect with you and help you out. With Skype we can directly connect with you. On Facebook you can find out more what is happening by the updates that are given. And here you can find out who is in the YWAM KB team and you are very welcome to join the team.



As a community we also connect once in a while through Skype and anyone can join to bring questions or other challenges to the table.

Next Skype meeting is scheduled for: Not scheduled at the moment.


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On Facebook the YWAM KB has two pages. One is a Like page and the other is a normal group page. On both of them regular messages are posted about what is happening on the KB. So if you would like to keep being updated click here to join them:

YWAM KB Fan Page 1274+ fans.
YWAM KB Group 225+ members.

The YWAM KB Team

Name & User profile E-mail Skype name Status Facebook Nationality Located
Kevin Colyer Kevin KB-mail kevincolyerwork <skype style="smallclassic" action="call">kevincolyerwork"</skype> Kevin FB UK UK
Steve Sullivan Steve KB-mail stevesullivan <skype style="smallclassic" action="call">stevesullivan"</skype> Steve FB New Zealand UK
Arnoud van Dillewijn Arnoud KB-mail Adelaartjes <skype style="smallclassic" action="call">Adelaartjes"</skype> Arnoud FB Netherlands Netherlands
Pitpat & Pitpat2 Pitpat KB-mail
Pitpat2 KB-mail
German Germany
Peter Clemison Peter KB-mail pclemison <skype style="smallclassic" action="call">pclemison"</skype> Peter FB UK South Africa