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We are sorry that something on this site has caused problems. We invite complaints and criticism.

Some suggestions for action:

  1. If you have concerns about an article please make your concerns known, with suggestions or improvements on that article's discussion (or talk) page. All articles have talk pages. We welcome robust and constructive discussion.
  2. Please make bold edits and adapt and improve the articles
  3. If you want to talk to the original writers or contributors of a page they may be viewed from the History page of the article. Logged in users may email the editors directly
  4. If these steps have failed or you remain with a concern or complaint then the best people to contact are the key editors of the site. The top editors are responsible for overseeing the site and it's content. You can find a list of the top editors here: Top Editors
  5. Finally for specific inquiries please contact the Responsible People for this site (The "About" page) who will be delighted to assist.