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6-9th June 2006, Etterbeek, Brussels

Official summary page

There is an official summary of the conference available. What follows below and in the following pages are the raw notes and planning details of the consultation.

Some of us on the town
Using Stolons as a biological analogy of growth for us in YWAM. See ConsultationEssentialPrereading for more depth


What is God saying about multiplication and the re-evangelisation of Europe? I felt God say that we in YWAM should spend more time focusing on our 'growing edge'. The place where we have the greatest potential for growth and multiplication is in new evangelism teams -- the growing edge of YWAM. A large base can add, a new urban team can multiply. It is tough starting a new major base and we may not have a lot more, it is tough as you know very well to start a new urban team, but still, much more doable than the big base thing. If we get together we may discover merit in being connected, supporting and helping one another, learning from one another and not reinventing the wheel if we don't have to. We may also discover we have a 'prophetic' word to give to the rest of YWAM about multiplication through new teams. My hope is that it will lead to further knowledge and insight into multiplication of leaders, staff and ministries.

Programme Outline

  • Tuesday: Arrive sometime afternoon or evening and talk, get to know and drink
  • Wednesday: chat early in morning, eat, chat in after noon something in evening perhaps with another drink?
  • Thursday: Chat early in morning, prayer time out and about
  • Friday: breakfast and go home
Day Morning Meal Afternoon Meal Evening
Tuesday Arrival -- Arrival Bread meal (Dorm) Relaxing worship in akaZOE and general direction setting
Wednesday Session 1 in akaZOE Bread meal (akaZOE) 2. Out and about in Brussels Warm meal (akaZOE) Session 3 - cheese and wine at K & N's?
Thursday Session 4 in akaZOE Warm meal (akaZOE) 5. Out and about in Brussels bread meal (Dorm) Session 3 (Dorm)
Friday Farewells Sandwiches (Dorm) Travel -- Home

Other ideas:

  • Prayer around EU Parliament/meet with Care?
  • Evening visit to akaZOE bar
  • Survey and talk to people around the EU area...
  • Evening at Place Jordan - beer and chips
  • Something cool in the city centre (will look for something)
YWAM Brussels building, Av Des Celtes, 19, 1040 Etterbeek

Meeting Logistics

  • Limited meeting space in Av Des Celtes
  • Have a beamer! And a flip chart!
  • Can meet mornings, some evenings
  • Main meal lunch would be good
  • Might need to seek some other meeting places
  • Accommodation is bunk beds - space for 12 in apartments. (We seem to be mostly men with one single female and two couples and one baby!)

The Big Idea and Session ideas

  • There are 2 big ideas really -- the first is: let's get together and see what happens. And secondly, can we influence the rest of YWAM to become more involved with starting new teams to re-evangelise Europe. (And beyond -- shades of Buzz Lightyear!!!)
  • Some aims: to get to know each other and desire to meet again; to see how we can help each other; to see how we can multiply; could we gather enough solidarity to be a prophetic challenge to the rest of YWAM to multiply small teams
  • Reaching Post-Catholic Europe
  • How to multiply teams in YWAM WE
  • How to change a Continent - models from history
  • What is working and how can we have more?
  • SWOT analysis?
  • What is God saying to us?
  • Prayer Times for WE
  • Worship sessions (Brussels could co-ordinate)
  • Latin vs Saxon, French, German and English, Multi-culturalism and the common man
  • Want to talk about recruiting Russian people for western europe evangelism

Participant list

EU Commission Building - Berlyamont
  • Steve Sullivan, YWAM England Confirmed
  • Kevin Colyer, YWAM Brussels Confirmed
  • Britt Solveig Oleivsgard, YWAM Norway Confirmed
  • Anna Erika Myrvold M, YWAM Norway Confirmed
  • Thomas Myrvold M, YWAM Norway Confirmed (Baby Adam - cot from Jeroen and Lizette)
  • Thomas Anton Sandøy, YWAM Norway Confirmed
  • Jonny Clark, YWAM Belfast Confirmed
  • Donovan Palmer, Harpenden, England
  • Yan Nicholls, Harpenden, England Confirmed
  • Erika Haldimann, Harpenden, England Confirmed
  • Brad Gable, Harpenden, England Confirmed
  • Richard Lowe, Carlisle, England Confirmed (Charleroi)
  • Deborah Bathgate, Aberdeen, Scotland Confirmed (Charleroi)
  • From YWAM Brussels - any and everybody but most likely, Steve Philipp (Lux), Jonathan Mark (Bru DTS), Patrick Brandes (Youth and KK), Liam O'Sullivan (distant horse thieving relative)
  • Apologies from Mark and Sue Vening (Wales) -- Sue is sitting her high school Welsh exam! And Carl and Mel Tinnion (York, England) -- Mel is experiencing quite a degree of illness at the moment. And Lance McKinney, Spain. And Anneke and Phill from YWAM in the very north of Sweden -- they can't get reasonably priced flights and Santa and his sleigh aren't out and about yet. Sorry, we shall miss you all.

Cost and Budget

10 euros per day plus 10 for admin and stuff

Stuff to Bring

  • sleeping bag - may help our limited hospitality folks
  • laptop - yes we have wireless!
  • Bible
  • teddy
  • beer money ;-)

General Logistics

Pick up Norwegians from airport (3+baby) 2.15 Tueday - need car seat for baby adam (5mths)

How to get to Brussels

There are many ways and means of getting here. Have a look at this handy list of handy hints.

Menu ideas

Can cook the week before...

  • chicken curry
  • Bolognaise
  • jackets and... salads
  • BBQ
  • cheese and wine evening - wed evening on the base. (K&N's?)

Online Note Space

Consultation Essential Pre-reading

Consultation Notes

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